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In the afternoon of the second day, the team finally reached the outside of The Rising Sun City.

It was used to be one of the five bases of the Demon Race. Whether it was the area or the buildings, it had the most among all the cities in the Barren Land.

However, after the start of the war and the thousands of years of desolation, the once prosperous city became a run-down scenery.

The broken walls were filled with cracks. The tenacious weeds were strewn all over the city walls. There was a huge gap at the gate, like the result of an artillery bombardment.

Standing at the gate of the city, if one were to look inside, one would see a deserted and dilapidated sight, where an intact building could hardly be seen anywhere.

It could be said that the current city of The Rising Sun was just a ma.s.sive pieces of rubbles rather than a city.

Du Lang and the others stood in the front of the broken entrance, looking at the devastating sight before them. They could not imagine that this was the city they were going to rebuild.

Don't even mention that they only have more than 100 people. Even if thousands of people were dispatched to rebuild these ruins, they feared that even after three or five years, it was still absolutely impossible to accomplish it.

During this time, they also needed to be careful to prevent the attack of the demons.

But what really worried them was the next words from Fu Tu.

"There are many higher demons stationed in the main cities of the Barren Land. In The Rising Sun City, there are one hundred and eighty higher demons at the least."

Just how terrible was the existence of a hundred higher demons?

The power of a higher demon was already enough to destroy a city!

Even if all of them in this team were in the Senior Profession, they probably could still not fight so many higher demons!

At this moment, there was unease and panic in everyone's minds, subconsciously, they looked at the pet.i.te back in front of them.

Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the team, and everyone behind her was not making a single sound.

Du Lang secretly clenched his fists. He feared that in the face of such difficult issues, even this little guy would feel a lot of pressure.

"Had his highness Emperor's head short-circuited? He actually arranged such a dangerous place to her, does he have some animosity with the little guy ah?" Vicious Wolf could not help but whisper. The cities that were a.s.signed to the champions of the previous school tournaments were generally not large, and whether it was geographical location or other things, it was far better than The Rising Sun City.

In the Barren Land, the five main cities were the five pieces of bones that were most difficult to chew. Even the other three countries that had been stationed in the Barren Land for so long had yet to succeed in reclaiming the main cities in their areas.

And now, Shen Yanxiao, the little fellow who still had no foundation in the Barren Land, needed to rebuild The Rising Sun City which was one of the five main cities. Such an arrangement, even a fool could tell that it was deliberately making things difficult for her.

In the eastern region of the Barren Land, there were more than twenty cities and no matter which one, the situation was better than that of The Rising Sun City.

People watched Shen Yanxiao's back feeling very worried. Watching her not making any sound, they all felt that she must be having a headache.

Unfortunately, they were all wrong.

If some of them dared to take one step forward and looked at the expression of Shen Yanxiao at this moment, their eyeb.a.l.l.s would probably jump out of their socket.

Facing the dilapidated city of The Rising Sun, Shen Yanxiao's face was full of enthusiasm and joy.

More than a hundred higher demons!!!

This simply was a big jackpot ah!

Others dreaded the demons, but Shen Yanxiao had a bias liking to them.

The purpose of her trip was to hold these demons in her captivity! The higher demon was just like a rare breed of giant panda for her!

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