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"I'm afraid, I'm not that magnanimous." Shen Yanxiao coldly snorted aloud. She called on Lan Fengli and the two Phoenixes and went toward the group.


That group of people was transporting obsidian using a cart. A handsome young man who seemed to have status stood at the mouth of the cave, directing people's actions.


"What are you doing?" A clear female voice pa.s.sed through the ears of the youth. The young man puzzledly turned around to see Shen Yanxiao who was not far away.


It was just a brief glimpse, but it let the youth gasp for a breath of air.


An exquisite face like it was carved out of white jade, two little charming red lips, a pair of clear bright eyes as if it was speaking, it really made people who looked at them fascinated.


In this Barren Land, there was actually such a charming little one?


For a time, there was a foolish expression on the young man's face. There’s actually such a beautiful woman in the world?


Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. The other person's face had a pig of a brother's appearance, making her very impatient.


Seeing the beauty frowning, the young man's heart was slightly tinged with pain. He quickly showcased his handsome smile to Shen Yanxiao and said, “How could this girl appear in this wilderness? This one is named Qu Rui, eldest son of Marquis Qu Xun of the Lan Yue Dynasty.” Qu Rui pretended to be elegant. His tidy clothes and accurate etiquette made him looked like a n.o.bleman’s son, but his eyes flashing with greed let people feel disgusted.


Qu Rui was secretly pleased with himself. The Marquis of the Lan Yue Dynasty had a very high status. Before, no matter what kind of beauty it was, as long as he brought up his father's t.i.tle, the other party would immediately obey.


Now, he was also waiting, waiting for Shen Yanxiao to show surprise and admiration.


It had to be known how rare it was to be able to meet such a beauty in the Barren Land. If it was not because he was still not clear about the other's ident.i.ty, Qu Rui really wanted to take her away immediately.


Marquis' eldest son? Shen Yanxiao had heard some information about the Lan Yue Dynasty, where the hierarchy differed from that of the Long Xuan Empire. There, it was more like the ancient west of the world before her rebirth. The Marquis was in a high position, second only to the Prince and the Duke. Hearing the self-introduction of Qu Rui in which he did not forget to remove the name of his old man, it was clear that he was a second-generation rich kid.


"Oh? I haven't heard of you. But let me tell you that the eastern region of the Barren Land is owned by the Long Xuan Empire. Yet the people of your Lan Yue Dynasty ran here to mine ore. Isn't it against the Four Nations Agreement?” Shen Yanxiao smirked. She did not care even if he was the son of the Marquis or the son of the Duke. He dared to put his claws on her land, then see if she would not chop them off!


Qu Rui was a bit surprised that the other party not only did not know his ident.i.ty, instead, she even accused him of invading the territory of the Long Xuan Empire


"Haha, young lady, you may not know but this area of the Long Xuan Empire has been abandoned for a long time now. The people sent by Long Xuan Empire are a group of idiots. They are simply unable to open up the resources here. So instead of letting those idiots waste such good resources, isn't it better for me to bring it out for the benefit of the entire continent?” In order to express his broad mind, Qu Rui displayed himself as a fearless and prudent good man.


"Idiot?" Shen Yanxiao sneered and swept her glance to all the people around before it stopped to stare coldly at Qu Rui, "It has been hard for you people of Lan Yue Dynasty, being so thoughtful for our Long Xuan Empire and all. But from today on, all of you will have to scram from the eastern region!"




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