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Extra Chapter today


Though she was still standing at the border of Long Xuan Empire, she could already clearly see the dark areas far ahead.


Barren Land.


The largest area in the Radiance Continent. Once the base of the Demon Race, now the paradise of the demons for survival.


Just watching from afar, Shen Yanxiao could feel a chilly air coming from that place.


The entire Barren Land was shrouded with dark clouds. According to the generals in the border, it had already been thousands of years since the dark clouds covered the Barren Land. It seemed that after the defeat of the Demon Race, the dark clouds had never disappeared.


The Barren Land which had been covered by the dark clouds had never been touched by the sunlight for a very long time. Many vegetation there had withered thanks to it. Plants that could grow on the Barren Land were not the normal vegetation.


There were a lot of them that even came from the underground.


Shen Yanxiao needed to meet the garrison at the border to hand over the corresponding procedures. A special permit was required to enter the Barren Land; otherwise, the garrison would not allow the person to enter such a dangerous area.


After Shen Yanxiao gave the corresponding procedures, the general responsible for the procedures looked at Shen Yanxiao and was surprised by her beauty and age, and more importantly, he was surprised to see that she was holding a permit that allowed her to build a city in the Barren Land.


He had almost guessed Shen Yanxiao's ident.i.ty after he first saw her.


She was the Warlock who had won the school tournament.  


The next moment, the smile on the general's face was completely lost, it was replaced by disgust as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. Impatiently, the procedure was quickly completed. The general quickly gave back the procedures to Shen Yanxiao before he walked away without looking back, as if Shen Yanxiao had a terrible disease.


Shen Yanxiao ignored it. She was not stupid enough to convince the citizen of the Radiance Continent to accept the Warlocks in such a short period of time.


Anyway, there would be a lot of time later to do so.


At the border, Shen Yanxiao saw that the 120 people who followed her from the Long Xuan Empire had a strange look as they stared at the Barren Land.


"Sister, are we going there?" Lan Fengli looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked while pointing to the dark area in front.


His keen senses made him aware of the danger in that area.


Shen Yanxiao nodded, a smile was plastered on her lips. She asked, "Little Feng, are you afraid?"


Lan Fengli shook his head and said, "As long as I am with my sister, I wouldn’t be afraid no matter where I go."


Shen Yanxiao laughed. She saw that the rest of the people that came with her had resolute eyes. Perhaps they felt restless, perhaps they were worried. But each of them chose to stand there without leaving. This had already proved their determination.  


"Let's go." Shen Yanxiao no longer hesitated and went straight inside the carriage.


No one could understand the excitement and joy inside her heart at this moment. This piece of land was known as a forbidden area, but this was the place that could help her unlock the seal in her body.


Even if it was a dragon's pond and a tiger's cave[1], she would still dare to go on this trip!


[1] A very dangerous place


One hundred and twenty people boarded the carriages.


The carriage wheels rolled and carried the people towards the unknown area.


Each step they go was a step away from the border of Long Xuan Empire, and a step nearer to the legendary forbidden area.


Soon they stepped into the land that was covered by the dark clouds.


From this moment, their legend was quietly being written.


None of them would have thought that such an adventure would allow them to personally experience the establishment of the “City of the Demons”.


They would also witness with their own eyes the birth of a “Demon Lord” who would be known throughout the continent and who would revise the history countless of times.


All of this was just the beginning&h.e.l.lip;



Once they stepped into the Barren Land, the air around them instantly became murky. Everyone felt the waves of chill entering through their feet.


The dusky land was filled with overgrown weeds and sinister-looking green vegetation hidden in the dark.


Strange plants had grown quietly between rocks, whenever the breeze blew through it, it would release an awful smell.




Mercenary A: Why did I sign into this? Just for the sake of gold and friendship, I went on a suicide just for this. I want to go home!

Mercenary B: Me too!

Mercenary C: You two are weak! If not for SYX, we wouldn’t even be here talking and alive!

Mercenary C: So what if they were demons? What if they outnumbered us? Will you really let our life savor done just because you are too coward?

Mercenary C: I say stand up and lift your swords, let’s fight these demons until our last breath!

Mercenary A & B: YESSS!

*The three mercenaries run through the open yet they noticed something peculiar.*

Mercenary A,B & C: Why aren’t there any demons?

Fu Tu: kekeke...


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