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 This week's extra chapter

First of all, there was a large group of demons in the Barren Land. The moment she brought people to construct the city, the workers would turn into demons' rations in minutes.

Second, the purpose of Shen Yanxiao was to put the demons in her captivity, not to snap every bone in their bodies. So bringing huge forces to slaughter the demons was out of the question.

Now, the problem that Shen Yanxiao had to face was how many people did she have to bring?

After counting with her fingers, the trustworthy people Shen Yanxiao had right now on her side could be divided into two waves. One wave was the group of people with mixed-bloods from the Sun Graveyard who were currently fostered in the casino, and the other one was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

These two waves of people, Shen Yanxiao was sure that they would not bring her any trouble.

And the number of these people added up together was only more than a hundred people. If they were placed before the thousand forces of demons, they really could not create any storm.

Shen Yanxiao decided that before going to the Barren Land, she would first head to the casino at the side of Holy Roland School and to the Black City to take these two waves of people away.

However, to subdue those demons in a short period of time, she alone was still not enough.

That group of people in Uncle Jiu's side was basically a group of rustic villagers. They simply had no idea of their own strength, so she would not consider using them to deal with the demons.

And while the strength of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps was good, if they had a confrontation with the demons, there would more or less be some damage.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao decided, instead of fighting with the demons and reducing their numbers, she would use absolute force to suppress those demons, and at the same time, discuss to them the issue of being under her wing.

And the powers to suppress those demons, Shen Yanxiao only had three in her hands— herself, Vermillion Bird, and the adorably stupid Killing G.o.d.

Stroking her chin, Shen Yanxiao sat up again and felt that the chips in her hands still seemed a little insufficient.

"That’s it!" Shen Yanxiao suddenly thought of something. She immediately stood up and ran to Vermillion Bird's room.

Vermillion Bird was sitting in front of the table and enjoying the table of food. The dumplings stuffed into his mouth had not been swallowed up yet when he suddenly saw his master burst into the room.

The small Phoenix stood on a plate and was struggling with a giant shrimp dumpling.

"..." Vermillion Bird blinked his eyes.

"Vermillion Bird, bring the small Phoenix and take me to your in-laws home." Shen Yanxiao said hurriedly.

"In-laws... Home?" Vermillion Bird was dumbfounded. Numerous question marks hovered in his mind. When did he have this kind of thing? Was not that the term used for the family of the other person once they married?

How come he did not know when he had married?

"Lava Valley." Shen Yanxiao cleared it for him.

"Can't you speak proper words!" Vermillion Bird was speechless. This master of him would pop up one or two ridiculous words from time to time. It made him really sad!

"Hurry up, don't dilly dally." Shen Yanxiao hurriedly urged.

Vermillion Bird could only reluctantly put his chopsticks down. He picked up the small Phoenix who was still lying on the dumplings and threw it on his head.

The small Phoenix immediately became upset. It had not eaten enough food yet, how could you separate it from the food!

This was abuse! Child abuse was subjected to sanctions!

The small Phoenix protested with an open mouth while pulling Vermillion Bird's hair. There was that much food yet you did not let me eat my fill, I would fight with you.

In desperation, Vermillion Bird could only take a dumpling and put it on his head.

He deeply felt that his head would soon become a bird's nest!

The news that Shen Yanxiao was going to the Lava Valley quickly spread to Shen Feng's ear. Shen Feng said nothing and instead directly ordered people to prepare a carriage for her.

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