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Shen Yanxiao and the higher demon Futu had an agreement. Once she had obtained the three plants, Futu would cooperate with her. After obtaining the Barren Land territory, she planned to go to Mount Ku Luo and take Futu to join them. With the existence of this higher demon, she believed that there would be some reliance on dealing with other demons in the Barren Land.


Shen Feng was worried that she would be defeated by the demon's attack and would be injured. He had no idea that the ultimate purpose of Shen Yanxiao was to pull in those same vicious demons into her own city and put them under her captivity.


Of course, Shen Yanxiao could not tell Shen Feng these crazy things now. She reckoned that if Shen Feng knew about it, it would be a wonder if he would not break her two legs to shut her at home, and just call for the country's famous doctors to visit her!


"Cough. Grandpa, I will act appropriately. You might as well let me try. If it doesn't work, then I will withdraw from the Barren Land, okay?" Since she could not tell the truth, Shen Yanxiao could only use persuasive methods to persuade Shen Feng.


Shen Feng hesitated again and again, but he could not help it once Shen Yanxiao pleaded like this. So he could only nod hesitantly to express his compliance.


But on the premise of complying, he gave Shen Yanxiao three conditions.


First, after entering the Barren Land, Shen Yanxiao must send a letter to him every month to ensure her safety.


Second, once Shen Yanxiao suffered any harm in the Barren Land, she must immediately evacuate.


Third, Shen Feng demanded that Shen Yanxiao must hire a reliable mercenary corps to go to the Barren Land and not to explore on her own.


These three points, Shen Yanxiao should have no problem agreeing.


She knew what Shen Feng’s fears were, and she naturally did not want to sadden the old man. Anyway, it was originally her plan to call on the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps once she was to go to the Barren Land. After all, opening up a city was not a thing she could accomplish alone. In addition, she had already cooperated with the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, so they already had a certain understanding between each other. Plus she had always admired the Seven Wolves. Therefore, she immediately included them into her team that would go to the Barren Land.


Shen Feng and Shen Yanxiao talked for a long time about the future of entering the Barren Land.


Shen Yanxiao's Warlock ident.i.ty could not be concealed because it had something to do with the school tournament. But Shen Feng demanded that if it was not a last resort, Shen Yanxiao should not reveal her Archer and Pharmacist ident.i.ty to outsiders. Although Shen Yanxiao was very strong right now, there were many hidden and powerful experts on the Radiance Continent. Excessive showing off of power could not guarantee that it would not invite the pressure from some people.


Regarding the Barren Land, Shen Feng provided her all the financial and manpower support of the Vermillion Bird Clan.


Shen Yanxiao would like to tell Shen Feng that there was no need to worry about money. Because her return meant that the treasury of Long Xuan Empire would be ransacked once again.


It was not until nighttime that Shen Yanxiao and Shen Feng ended their conversation.


Clutching her hungry stomach, Shen Yanxiao and Shen Feng, together with Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli sat down before the table and ate a sumptuous meal.


Shen Ling and others received the news that Shen Yanxiao was back. At night, only Shen Ling was present in the dining room. Having been informed by multiple people early, he was able to accept the fact that the appearance of his little niece had changed.


As for Shen Yue and Shen Duan, they had never shown themselves.


Shen Siyu, who was always so hard to meet, was of course not at home as well.


Shen Yanxiao was already tired from the long journey, then she talked with Shen Feng for an afternoon. She was already very exhausted.


After eating her dinner, she returned to her room early and rested.


As for Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli, Shen Feng also arranged a room for each of them.



 Shen Yue and Shen Duan, who did not appear at dinner, sat in the same room at the moment.


Shen Yue was full of fury as he clenched his fists.


Shen Duan's vision was deep.



Shen Yanxiao: I guess this is what they called the loser’s club meeting, huh?

Sky: It’s rather the enemy’s meeting in planning out how to defeat the main protagonist.

Shen Yanxiao: Well regardless, I will still win.

Sky: Oh, but their plan will hugely affect you though.

Shen Yanxiao: ????

Sky: Hehehe.

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