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Three Senior-level professions. Shen Feng had never thought that such a heaven-defying child would arise in his family.

What was more? Shen Yanxiao was only thirteen years old now and would reach 14 years old in one month.

A 13-year-old youth had actually rushed to the Senior-level of Archer, Warlock, and Pharmacist professions. This was simply unheard of.

If this was spread out, nevermind it becoming a sensation in the Long Xuan Empire, he was afraid that even the entire continent would be shocked by such an astonishing matter!

"Grandpa, I won the school tournament this time and have returned to the Imperial Capital to accept the reward of the Emperor. Before long, I will go to the Barren Land to open up a territory." Shen Yanxiao appeased Shen Feng's emotions while she secretly murmured that she still had not told Shen Feng her ultimate secret. If she told Shen Feng about the existence of Xiu, Shen Feng's veins would probably burst on the spot.

Shen Feng heard Shen Yanxiao speak her real business and hurriedly pressed down the stirred emotions in his heart.

“The Barren Land is not a fun place. The previous victors of the Long Xuan Empire school tournaments went to that place every time. Even if they had a lot of backup, resources and had the support of his highness, the Emperor, none of them had succeeded to be stationed there. Although I'm very happy that you have won the school tournament, this Barren Land matter, you should consider it more carefully. It's best if you just go through the motions. You may do this but don't take this seriously. It's not a place where an ordinary person can stay."

The reputation of the Barren Land had long spread throughout the Radiance Continent. Hearing that his granddaughter would go to such a dangerous place, Shen Feng would naturally be worried. However, this was the school tournament's tradition. Shen Yanxiao was obliged to go. But it was not that there were no other ways. If one wishes, they could work on this matter half-heartedly and be done with it.

Among the previous champions of the school tournament in the past few years, there were also some who had gone through the motions. No one really had the confidence to fight the demons of the Barren Land to death.

Unfortunately, Shen Feng's idea was not the same as Shen Yanxiao's idea.

"Grandpa, I don't mean to just go through the motions. I really want to open up a city in the Barren Land." The school tournament was nothing more than a stepping stone to acquire a Barren Land territory. The Barren Land was her ultimate goal.

However, if Shen Feng knew that his granddaughter actually joined the school tournament so she could enter such a forbidden area, he probably would spurt out blood directly.

“Little Xiao, you don’t know how terrible the Barren Land is. Although your strength is formidable, it’s not something that you can handle. You don’t see any demons in Long Xuan Empire, so you may feel demons are not terrible creatures, but let me tell you that the danger of the demons is far beyond what you can imagine. Although the individual strength of lower demons might not be that strong, their number is very high. When the four nations had dispatched a million troops together, they were not able to eradicate all the demons in the Radiance Continent. And the middle demons have a certain amount of intelligence, they are cunning and vicious, and their strength can contend with the rank seven magical beasts. But what makes people really afraid are those higher demons. They are an existence that goes against heavens will. Don't even mention about you being in the Senior-level profession, even if you have reached the Magic Archer and Summoner of the second stage profession, if you encounter the higher demons, it will still end up in a disaster. Higher demons are equivalent to the existence of rank nine high-level magical beasts!" Shen Feng advised bitterly.

The power of the higher demons could actually compete with the second stage profession Magister? This was simply hard to believe.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes slightly as she remembered the higher demon she had encountered in Mount Ku Luo.

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