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"Ke, so that's how it is... Ha... I knew it, those two naughty brats' characters are so poor. How can they have a good relationship with you?" Tang Nazhi said in an attempt to raise himself because when Shen Yanxiao played on Shen Jiayi before, he had actually sided with Shen Jiayi. Though at that time, Shen Yanxiao had her appearance altered, it was still a very tragic thing.


Shen Yanxiao threw him a glance and grunted.


The four animals trembled and had an awkward appearance.


They were also wronged. They had been looking after Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei because of Shen Yanxiao's face these past few days. For this reason, they also had to endure the temperament of the eldest sister, Shen Jiayi. G.o.d knew that if it were not for Shen Yanxiao, they simply would not bother with that love-struck fool who believed herself to be infallible.


While the four animals were being depressed, the door of the private room was opened without warning, and quickly followed by a series of shouting, making the people in the room stunned.


"Shen Yanxiao you idiot! You think you are something? You think your stinky face is worth a few money?!" Shen Jiayi burst into the room with an angry face. She just witnessed the scene of Shen Yanxiao's victory, and she already felt very upset in her heart.  Then just now, she saw Tang Nazhi on the streets. She wanted to say h.e.l.lo to him so she followed him all the way here, and the results, she found out that he had gone to Shen Yanxiao. She had been standing by the door and she clearly heard the dialogue between them.


It turned out that Qi Xia and the others' care for her was because of this s.l.u.t!


This was simply unbearable for the proud and arrogant Shen Jiayi. She was the pearl of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Shen Yanxiao was just a shame. She was actually relying on her face so that people would attend to her. This was simply unbelievable!


"Don't think that you're amazing now! Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are! I, Shen Jiayi, don't think of your face as anything, you're just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d of unknown origin! Don't think that you now have something to be proud of after changing your skin! Take off that skin and you're still that old shame of the Vermillion Bird Clan, a lowly b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Shen Jiayi's whole body was trembling with anger. She pointed her finger at Shen Yanxiao and yelled at her with some lousy choice of words.


The harsh insults made everyone in the room frown. Qi Xia and others find it even more unbelievable.


Shen Jiayi and Shen Yanxiao were both children from the Vermillion Bird Clan. Even if their relationship was not good, it was unlikely to go so far as to shed all pretense of cordiality. They thought that the so-called bullying that Shen Yanxiao said was nothing more than a slap between children, but after hearing how Shen Jiayi humiliated Shen Yanxiao like this, they would not be so naive.


She could use such unbearable words to insult a woman, Shen Jiayi's temper really underwhelmed people.


Who would connect such a vixen of a girl to a young lady of a great clan?


Shen Jiayi had been mad with rage. After she heard the truth, she just simply wanted to run away. She thought Qi Xia and others were good to her because they admire her beauty, but she did not think that they were actually just considering Shen Yanxiao's face. What made Shen Jiayi even crazier was that the ugly Shen Yanxiao suddenly became so beautiful, and her beauty had even far surpa.s.sed her own.


Why? Why could this trash have Qi Xia and others' concern?


Why could she become so beautiful?!


And on what basis could she become the champion of the school tournament, while she herself was just a magic apprentice who had just broken through the rank six!


Shen Jiayi, who had always believed that she was a hundred times stronger than Shen Yanxiao, was. .h.i.t again and again until there were cuts and bruises all over her body.



At the moment, Shen Jiayi simply could not care about other people's views. She just wanted to tear up Shen Yanxiao's small face!


Shen Yanxiao frowned and looked at Shen Jiayi who was like a vixen and thought whether she should give this idiot a little color to see.


The four animals had also been aggravated by Shen Jiayi's words. They were all ready to teach this woman a lesson.




Qi Xia: Yan Yu, let’s say I accidentally froze someone, can you still fix them?

Yan Yu: I’m not too sure about that myself, how about let’s test that theory now?

Tang Nazhi: Say, Qi Xia if I accidentally hack someone with my sword and you freeze them will they still manage to stay alive?

Qi Xia: For a rusting brain like yours, to get such an idea, you’re improving! How about we test that out now? Yang Xi, make sure no one can get in and out.

Yang Xi: I’m already on it.

Vermillion Bird: I suggest you keep the door open unless you don’t want to be cooked alive.

Yun Qi: You and your silly ideas! In torturing an enemy, attacking their mind is the worst torture of all!


Lan Fengli: If you all kept on planning what to do, then I’ll just beat you all to it!.


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