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Take a look at the fun? Who would believe that!


Almost no one would believe Ye Qing’s words. Who didn’t know that Shen Jue, that loathsome brat, was Ye Qing's disciple. That Ye Qing would appear here today, in all likelihood, was because of Shen Jue!


Before Ye Qing, who the heck was Pu Lisi? All the other Pharmacists could only stand aside and remain obediently in the corner before Ye Qing.


Shen Yanxiao looked somewhat surprised at Ye Qing. She did not think that Ye Qing would come. Shen Yanxiao's heart was very respectful towards this mentor of her in pharmaceutics. She could guess some of the reasons why Ye Qing would appear here.


Her heart was unavoidably filled with some grat.i.tude. Although she did not fear Pu Lisi’s prestige, Pu Lisi would certainly give her a hard time in this compet.i.tion.


But now, Ye Qing’s appearance was undoubtedly telling everyone that Shen Jue was his disciple. He had no opinion about having a fair match, but wanting to play dirty on his disciple under his nose? Then ask him first if this old man would agree or disagree.


Even Pu Lisi had to think twice.


Pu Lisi’s complexion somewhat changed. But in front of Ye Qing, he really didn’t dare to act unreasonably.


However, even if he didn’t do some tricks, he still believed that the two negative potions that he had taught Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao were enough to keep that loathsome brat Shen Jue busy.


Because of the advent of Ye Qing, there had been subtle changes in the atmosphere inside the Pharmacy Room, and Luo De finally felt relieved.


And the match officially started!


“This match is only for comparing notes in Pharmaceutics. Please observe the appropriate behavior," Pu Lisi opened his mouth pretending to be fair. In his heart, he was depressed that he was unable to give Shen Yanxiao any obstructions.


Shen Yanxiao did not say anything and just waited for the compet.i.tion bell to ring.


The three people in front of their refining tables immediately took action.


Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan took an entire day and night to prepare for today's match. The negative potions that they were going to concoct were already engraved in their hearts. They first rushed to the place where the herbs were placed and picked the herbs they needed.


Shen Yanxiao unhurriedly walked behind the two with an easy-going and indifferent expression.


Luo De walked over toward Ye Qing’s side and then stared at Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan's actions. Shangguan Xiao had selected 17 kinds of herbs, and the vast majority of those herbs had a very strong toxicity. Once those herbs were refined, their effects would be absolutely terrifying.


"Master Ye Qing, the herbs in Shangguan Xiao’s hands are very toxic. Is he really planning to make just a negative potion?"  Refining so many toxic herbs enough could create a poison. Luo De poured out a cold sweat for Shen Yanxiao.


Ye Qing's face was very peaceful. He was very clear about Luo De’s worries, and he also noticed Shangguan Xiao’s collection of herbs. According to Shangguan Xiao’s herbs, he was almost certain what kind of negative potion Shangguan Xiao was going to concoct.


Ye Qing couldn’t help but slightly frown at this moment. He turned his gaze to the side of the audience and looked at the sneering Pu Lisi. A displeased glint flashed across his eyes.


In this negative potion compet.i.tion, it could be said that only a few potions could really cause fatal harm. But the potion Shangguan Xiao was going to concoct would cause great damage to Pharmacist's five senses. Such a vicious potion was really not suitable for the compet.i.tion.


Luo Fan's side had also collected as many as 19 kinds of herbs, but the herbs he had collected were not all extremely toxic. Rather, those herbs had a certain heat property. For a time, Ye Qing wasn’t sure what he was going to concoct.

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