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Thanks to Little Phoenix's desperate and brave action, Vermillion Bird’s life was able to be preserved in the end.

The Phoenix's Nirvana Fire combined the spiritual forces of Little Phoenix and Vermillion Bird, but rather than a real fusion, it was better to say that a spiritual link had been established between them.

Shen Yanxiao hugged the small Vermillion Bird and looked at Little Phoenix in the male Phoenix’s arms. This small bird that was going through Nirvana was obviously bigger, and its flaming feathers were similar to Vermillion Bird’s.

"Although, rather than saying they merged, it’s more similar to the contract between a magical beast and a human being. This child and Vermillion Bird have established a spiritual connection and can maintain contact with each other using their spiritual power in the future. And in the process of Nirvana, the flame of Vermillion Bird has had some influence on the little one, which will make the child's flame control in the future stronger than the ordinary Phoenixes." The male Phoenix was calm. Little Phoenix’s death was also a blessing in disguise. Nirvana was a feature that not every Phoenix could trigger at the time of death.

Little Phoenix’s success at this first attempt was likely to be related to its dependence on Vermillion Bird.

Although Little Phoenix was still small and young, its heart had already treated Vermillion Bird as its own relative. Only by having the determination to die could the rebirth through fire be triggered.

"Everything is fine, everything is fine." Shen Yanxiao choked with sobs as she nodded her head. Vermillion Bird and Little Phoenix were still alive; this was the greatest comfort to her.

Perhaps because the ups and downs of her mood were too violent, and perhaps because the Wing of Death had consumed too much of her power, Shen Yanxiao, whose heart was finally calmed, fell asleep in Xiu’s arms.

Xiu bowed his head and kissed Shen Yanxiao's forehead. He took over her place and completed the final task of this battle.

Two consecutive wars had brought an unbearable blow to The Rising Sun City.

The lower demons had been reduced to one-twentieth their original number, and the amount of middle demons had fallen even more. Even the higher demons were now only half of their original number.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps lost more than twenty of their comrades, and the villagers who escaped from the Sun Graveyard with Uncle Jiu had also suffered heavy casualties.

The battle was undoubtedly fierce, but after these two battles, the ferocious name of The Rising Sun City would be spread to every corner of the Radiance Continent.

No one in the four countries would be willing to provoke this terrifying group of people again.

Xiu released Jiang Wan, Elder Wen and Shi Heng. The three commanders in the dungeon had already heard the endless roars of the demon beasts outside. When they walked out of The Rising Sun City and saw the countless corpses piled up into mountains outside the city, they burst into tears.

"Your people will be given a certain treatment in The Rising Sun City; afterwards, you will leave right away. Whether you will honor your promise, we don't care. Only, if any of you, no matter which country, try again to set your hands on The Rising Sun City, then this city will turn out in full strength and destroy that country." Qi Xia issued the final ultimatum to Jiang Wan and all others in accordance with the instructions of Xiu.

Jiang Wan and the other two heard of the fierce battle from the mouth of their soldiers. Jiang Wan and Shi Heng admired Shen Yanxiao from the bottom of their hearts. She clearly could have let the soldiers of the four countries stand at the front to die, but she didn’t use her position to get even with them for a private grudge.

"Please thank Lord Shen on my behalf. I, Shi Heng, sincerely promise that as long as I am still alive, the Divine Wind Alliance will never encroach upon any piece of land under the hands of Lord Shen." Shi Heng was thoroughly overwhelmed by Shen Yanxiao's character and strength.

"After I return to our country, I will tell this to the emperor. I believe that the emperor will definitely understand this clearly." Jiang Wan also showed his att.i.tude.

Only Elder Wen was dull and speechless.

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