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The appearance of the Wing of Death had made all magical beasts and demon beasts fearful. Even the arrogant Yazi had to succ.u.mb to the majesty of the king of the phantom dragons.

Yazi felt a more powerful force from the black dragon than from their father, the Dragon G.o.d.

"Guji!" Mini Dragon struggled to wave its wings and flew toward the Wing of Death.

In the contrast to the Wing of Death, Mini Dragon was just like a speck of dust, small and negligible.

But the Wing of Death seemed to be able to see this speck of dust. It quietly stood still in midair until Mini Dragon laboriously flew over its horns and made a sad cry.

"I am the King of the phantom dragons, the Wing of Death, and whoever hurt my child, I will kill it!"

A voice that did not belong to any race reverberated in the air, shaking every man's soul.

The Wing of Death pounced on the ground with a dragon's breath, and hundreds of thousands of demon beasts turned into blue smoke in an instant, disappearing without a trace.

Shen Yanxiao trembled on the ground; the power on her body had been completely drained. Not to mention making an attack, it was even impossible just to stay awake.

Shen Siyu was seriously injured. He was kneeling on one knee and looking at Shen Yanxiao’s situation with an unceasingly anxious heart.

Satan looked at the phantom dragon in astonishment. He did not expect at all that this battle would actually provoke the Wing of Death.

The power of the Wing of Death was not weaker than his own!

Satan was the G.o.d of the Devils, and the Wing of Death was the King of Phantom Dragons!

"When did a human gain the ability to summon the Wing of Death?" Satan frowned and muttered to himself. He looked at Shen Yanxiao who suddenly fell miserably on the ground with uncertainty in his eyes. He could sense that the same breath, that seemed to exist and not exist at the same time, lingered between the Wing of Death and Shen Yanxiao.

"This mixed-race has the ability to summon the Wing of Death?" Satan raised his eyebrows, then suddenly walked toward Shen Yanxiao.

"But as long as I kill you, that guy will roll back to his other world, right? Although killing you will destroy the agreement between me and that guy, I don't want to fight with the Wing of Death now, so... you have to die." Satan ruthlessly hooked up his lips, condensed a sword in his palm, and slashed at Shen Yanxiao!

But just as Satan’s sword was about to hit Shen Yanxiao, her body was suddenly shrouded in a black mist.

Arms made of black mist completely wrapped around Shen Yanxiao and then the mist gradually became a slender figure.

White clothes like snow, black hair like satin, and a pair of golden eyes carrying a faint anger.

"Asura..." Satan looked at Xiu, who had suddenly appeared, in surprise.

Xiu narrowed his eyes and glanced at Satan coldly, and then picked up Shen Yanxiao.

"Satan, you should die." Xiu stared at Satan and coldly said.

Satan clenched his teeth then once again stabbed his sword toward Shen Yanxiao in Xiu’s arms.

Xiu immediately condensed a sword in his palm and directly blocked Satan’s attack.

Xiu held Shen Yanxiao with a hand and held the sword deflecting Satan’s attacks in the other hand, yet there was no sign that he was falling into a disadvantageous position.

The emergence of Xiu made Satan fall into a hard fight.

After all, right now, he was only relying on a human body that simply could not support him in displaying his true strength.

Satan pulled himself out of the battlefield and stared at Xiu, saying, "Asura, today I made a bad move. After three years, I will lead the devil army to return to the world! I would like to see if this world can still be defended now that there is no longer the protection of the G.o.d Race!"

Xiu swung the sword in his hands and directly cut Satan's body in half, simply ignoring his clamoring.

A touch of black mist sprang from the corpse and escaped from the battlefield without stopping for a moment!

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