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Devouring the pollution of the Tree of Life was an incredibly painful thing for Taotie.

As a "foodie", he was very resistant to the food he did not like, but under the command of Shen Yanxiao, he had no choice but to open his big mouth and bite the Tree of Life.

However this time, Taotie did not gulp down the Tree of Life directly. Instead, he used his sharp teeth to pierce the bark of the Tree of Life and slowly absorbed the pollution.

‘It tastes awful... It tastes awful... Wu…’ Taotie swallowed the pollution while br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears and complaining to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao sat at the side of the Tree of Life. For the sake of cleaning up the pollution from the Tree of Life, the Elf King purposely removed the Lady Saints, who looked after the Tree of Life, for a while. Around the entire Tree of Life, except for Shen Yanxiao’s party, there was only the Elf King; even Fen Chu had been transferred away by the Elf King.

"Taotie seems to be... in too much pain?" Wen Ya looked at Taotie who was in the form of a beast. She did not know, but somehow she could feel Taotie's miserable heart at this moment.

"It’s just that it doesn’t suit his taste. It doesn’t hurt him at all.” Shen Yanxiao propped her chin up. She found it embarra.s.sing to say that Taotie was crying to her through their spiritual link while eating.

Taotie's stomach was a huge bottomless pit. No matter what he ate, even if it was the number one poison of all, he would not suffer any damage in the slightest.

Vermillion Bird sat on the side and held the fruit of the Tree of Life, which he hesitated to eat for a long time.

He could see that Shen Yanxiao had a great love for adorable things; Lan Fengli, Yin Jiuchen, Taotie, even Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon had been greatly loved by Shen Yanxiao. Vermillion Bird was very worried that after eating the fruit, his cute young boy form would become a handsome young man, and his master would no longer be so fond of him!

Shen Yanxiao did not know Vermillion Bird’s inner thoughts. She only thought that Vermillion Bird was mulling over something.

It would take a long time for Taotie to thoroughly clear the pollution in the Tree of Life. During this time, Shen Yanxiao also intensified the cultivation of her source of life.

On the day when Taotie officially began to absorb pollution, the Elf King issued an announcement that the Moonshine Tribe had been reinstated to the highest rank and that the tribe could move back to their original place, which was Wind City.

After going through more than ten years of exclusion and oppression, the Moonshine Tribe finally ushered in the dawn of a new era.

The Moonshine City took on a strange state. The plantation of the Tree of Life was sealed off in all directions. Except for the Elf King, no other elf could enter. All members of the Silvermoon Guards were arranged outside the plantation to stand guard.

The Lady Saints gained a short period of freedom and could temporarily return to their tribe to rest.

No one knew what was happening within the plantation of the Tree of Life.

Although the elves were all curious, they still followed the instructions of the Elf King.

This period of time, Taotie desperately sucked the pollution in the Tree of Life, praying to end this tragic life sooner.

One month was like quicksand between the fingers, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The last layer of Shen Yanxiao’s seal finally showed signs of loosening. She believed that soon, she would be able to completely unlock the last layer of the seal and gain a powerful force that she had never had before!

However, just when everyone thought that the days would pa.s.s peacefully...

An incredible change had appeared in the Tree of Life!

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