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The Tree of Life was the foundation of the Moon G.o.d Continent. Only when the Tree of Life grew healthily could the elves have a stable life.

"In addition to guarding all the entrances we, the Silvermoon Guards, are also responsible for guarding the dungeons and protecting the safety of the Lady Saints and Elders. The Elf King does not need us small soldiers to worry about him. That is the Chief Commander’s duty, who is always at the side of the Elf King. Later, he may summon you." Mo Yu said.

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly. Vermillion Bird was in her body at this moment. When she heard the word "magical beasts", she got curious.

"Will there really be magical beasts invading Moonshine City?"

Mo Yu nodded his head.

"Our protective enchantment can only defend against the elves. It is ineffective for other races. Not to mention magical beasts, human beings can break in unscathed. That’s why the existence of Silvermoon Guards is also quite necessary."

"There shouldn’t be any magical beast really trying to break into the Moonshine City, right?" An Ran did not know much about magical beasts. The only magical beast he ever saw was Vermillion Bird around Shen Yanxiao.

Mo Yu stopped his footsteps, looked at An Ran and said, "There was. More than a hundred years ago, there was once a Mythological-level magical beast that broke into the Moonshine City. It caused great damage to Moonshine City and took the lives of countless elites. Even the Elf King had personally taken action at that time, only then was the magical beast subdued. Now, that magical beast is being held captive in the dungeon. The Tree of Life has a great growth effect for the Elves; the same effect is true for magical beasts. So, oftentimes, there will be some injured magical beast who will venture into Moonshine City. The fruit of the Tree of Life can also bring a great healing effect for these magical beasts."

The speaker had no particular intention in saying it, but the listener read her own meaning into it.

Shen Yanxiao’s heart jumped slightly.

The fruit of the Tree of Life had a great healing effect on magical beasts?

The injury on Vermillion Bird’s body had not been good at all. Shen Yanxiao had been trying to find a way to cure Vermillion Bird.

If the fruit of the Tree of Life was really that useful...

Why didn’t she go get one?

If Mo Yu knew that his own words made Shen Yanxiao, who had just entered the Moonshine City, set her mind on the fruit of the Tree of Life, it was feared that he would slap his own mouth.

"However, there haven't been many magical beasts that have appeared in recent decades, so you don't have to worry too much." The silence of Shen Yanxiao and An Ran made Mo Yu think that they were worried about magical beasts. After all, their experience with magical beasts was really very little.

"We are now taking you two to the dormitory. The accommodation of the Silvermoon Guards is good. It is one person per room. You can be at ease." Mo Yu said with a chuckle.


On the way, Shen Yanxiao saw a lot of members of the Silvermoon Guards. They all wore silver light armors and carried an exquisite long bow on their backs. A quiver of arrows hung on one side of their waist, while on the other side hung a small dagger.

After a while, Mo Yu brought Shen Yanxiao and An Ran to their rooms.

Because the two of them joined in the same period, their rooms were adjacent.

Mo Yu was right. The accommodation of the Silvermoon Guards’ members was really good. Even though the room was not very big, it was complete in every detail, and all the daily necessities were available.

On the bed, a silver light armor had been placed.

"You should first take a break for a while. Later, the Commander will a.s.sign you an area you will be in charge of. Because the new Lady Saints entered the city yesterday, the Commander is still occupied with arranging things for them." After Mo Yu finished speaking, he left the room alongside Mo Yan and and others.

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