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"It’s a pleasure to have you here, friends from afar. Did you come here as guests?" Qi Xia lazily supported his chin with a hand as he looked at the many people standing in front of the door. His mouth was smiling but this smile didn’t reach his eyes.

The five members of Phantom sat in front of everyone, which really made the people of the Broken Star Palace slightly stunned. They had noticed that the strength of these five people was more than that of ordinary Second Stage Professionals, especially the teenager who had spoken, whose strength could only be detected by their Senior Brother Qian.

"I didn't expect that there would be a Great Magister in such an insignificant city as The Rising Sun City." Senior Brother Qian determined the strength of Qi Xia with one glance. Looking at Qi Xia, he seemed only seventeen years old, yet he was actually already as strong as him. He could not help but become very surprised.

When Senior Brother Qian had become a Great Magister, he was already 50 years old. Even so, he still had been called a rare genius in a hundred years. But the talent of the youngsters in front of him was unexpectedly on another level. Even in the Broken Star Palace, one could not find a few people who possessed this kind of talent.

Qi Xia slightly smiled.

Senior Brother Qian’s heart was moved. The Broken Star Palace had always attached great importance on recruiting powerful humans in the Radiance Continent. And the strength of these five teenagers in front of him was extremely high. Although he had heard that there were six people at the Second Stage Profession among the people of The Rising Sun City, he did not expect them to be so young.

They were basically still teenagers, but they could already contend with members of their party. If they were to be trained well, they would definitely have great achievements in the future.

Senior Brother Qian stepped forward, quite haughtily looked at the five animals, then said, "All of you have great talents, why should you choose to follow Shen Yanxiao who is ignorant and incompetent? Our Broken Star Palace has always favored talents like you. If you are willing to enter the Broken Star Palace, there will be greater progress waiting for you. Seeing your talents today, I cannot bear to ruin you. If you renounce the dark and seek the light [1], I can give you a way out today."

Senior Brother Qian was not worried about Qi Xia and the others refusing. The strength of the five animals was indeed high, but their number was very small. If they really got into a battle, they would not be their opponent. Moreover, just how n.o.ble was the name of the Broken Star Palace? Even if others smashed their heads to the ground, he was afraid that they would still not be able to enter. But now, since he was personally inviting them, he believed that no one would refuse his offer.

Qi Xia slightly raised an eyebrow and looked at the other four animals.

"The Broken Star Palace... looks like a formidable existence." Qi Xia said with an expression that was a smile, and yet not a smile, on his face.

Tang Nazhi nodded his head and said, "That must be one of the two strongest organizations in the Radiance Continent. It’s certainly formidable."

"Such an organization actually invites us to join? I suddenly feel that I’ve been given a great deal of face." Yang Xi pretended to feel deeply moved.

"Right, I am so honored." Li Xiaowei smilingly said.

"My heart is racing from excitement." Yan Yu rubbed his chest.

Senior Brother Qian showed a little smile. Their main purpose was to fight Shen Yanxiao. Killing off the people around her or digging off the people around her were basically the same to them. The five teenagers in front of him were very much qualified to join the Broken Star Palace. As for the others, they would of course kill them.

"Since you have agreed, you only need to wait for me to kill the other people of The Rising Sun City, then you can formally join the Broken Star Palace afterwards." Senior Brother Qian said, looking as though he were giving them grace.

"Pu!" Tang Nazhi suddenly laughed aloud.

Senior Brother Qian frowned slightly.

Qi Xia lazily fiddled with the white jade bone fan in his hand and smiled at the people of the Broken Star Palace.

"I think you may be mistaken. I have already joined Phantom, and I will not abandon it in this life."

[1] to give up one's wrong way of life and turn to a better one

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