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Chapter 75 A lot of rewards

When the Dali city was far in sight, Dugu Hong took the human mask from his arms and changed into another person.

Gamer: Tiandi Birdy, nickname 'Water tipping', level 38, freeman.

He chose this ident.i.ty for a reason. Though his appearance was way different from last time, n.o.body would have remembered him.

After several months, Dali city was a different place.

There were people coming and going in the city. It was a busy place. A most crowded place in the world.

Gamers all came to town for the martial compet.i.tion. On the other hand, the rewards for this compet.i.tion were so great that no one could resist.

n.o.body knew how the compet.i.tion would be carried out. It was heard that gamers would be competing in groups and then the winners would be divided into three categories.

The first category would be rewarded with a heart protection mirror with 200 defense and 80 quality.

With this mirror on, it was like having one less shortcoming.

The second category would be rewarded with a rare medicine from Tibet.

This medicine could add several thousand points of internal strength to gamers and to help gamers escalate to their all-round skills.

The third category would be rewarded with Shancha flower, which was extremely rare.

99% of gamers were attracted here by the Shancha flower. There were two ways for gamers to get Shancha flower. One was to plant and develop the flowers themselves. The other was to purchase from the market. But given the fact of how rare this flower was, it was extremely expensive.

There were several strong groups in this compet.i.tion. They could leverage on npc to compete against the government and to distinguish the other small groups.

There was also the Huiyan master, whose name was Duan Yanqing. He used to be an extremely bad person in the market. After being shocked by some events, he left the city and opened a place in the valley to train bad guys to do good things.

So all gamers knew that this master was the direct ancestor of the Dali royal family. It was for sure that his group could be treated differently by the Dali government. Though the valley had now become a place where bad guys do bad things, the government still allowed their existence near the capital city…

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