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Chapter 24 The monks and the lamas

In the blink of an eye, it had come to the 19th round of the 'Cangshan Swords'.

With Dugu Hong slowly started to retrieve his move, the red Lama looked fierce and said, "Canny trick!"

He pulled his palm out from his sleeve. As he stretched his arms forward, his palm turned from white to reddish and then blood red. It quickly squeezed into half of its original size, "Banruo Palm!"

During the fighting just now, it was not the case the Lama didn't have the chance to attack. But he saw that the 'Cangshan Swords 'were such a nice set of swordsmanship and wanted to observe the whole set. Dugu Hong actually figured out the lama's thought so he simply played the swordsmanship for 19 rounds.

During formal fight, fighters usually used the defensive or attacking tricks from the set of swordsmanship, based on the actual situations. It was very rare for them to complete all the tricks of a swordsmanship in the formal fight.

Originally, there was nothing special to finish the full routine of a swordsmanship. But only 'Cangshan Yunxue Swords 'was different.

All the attributes— waving speed, synchronization rate, critical hit rate, special effects trigger, were ordinary for this set of swordsmanship and were no different to from those of any intermediary level swordsmanship. But the only part special about 'Cangshan Yunxue Swords'was that if it was played out completely, it would result in reduced agility and determination of the enemies. This might be an effect of the combination of the chillness and dazzling tricks in this swordsmanship.

Determination was not a big deal in fighting. But agility was too important to anyone. It affected the speed of one's movement, sword waving and heavy hits. Especially when the two sides has similar speed. Hence, now Dugu Hong was in an invincible position—with reduced agility, the red Lama would be slower than him. Dugu Hong could always run away if he could not win the fight.

This was also why the red Lama said the appreciation.

With victory in hands, Dugu Hong was very calm now. He saw the red Lama's palm smashing over. It was right at this time, he launched the'Dragon Regrets'skill by pushing out a fist.

Seeing Dugu's 'Dragon Regrets', the red Lama suddenly paused his palm half-way, holding his left hand with his palm and made a new gesture with his fingers. The gesture hit on the middle of Dugu's palm, "Out Lion Palm"!

The two fists clashed together, making a thundering crack. Dugu Hong succ.u.mbed a few steps, waving his right hand to relieve the pain on his right palm. The red Lama took an overturn in the air and landed on the treetop. He shouted, "Good palm skill!"

At this time, Dugu Hong and Niuhuang had their first chance looking at the Lama's appearance...

This Lama had big eyebrows, a cheeky nose and clear eyes. When he landed on the top of the tree, it was like a jade G.o.d. Even the savage lama dress couldn't cover up his temperament.

Niuhuang blew a scornful whistle: "Handsome guy!"

The lama ignored the teasing, "Two donors, why did you kill so many of my disciples who were on patrol missions?"

Hearing this, Niuhuang and Dugu Hong exchanged a look.

Most of the monsters in "The martial world" were human-shaped. But they couldn't talk. They were just like those models in movies, who had a fixed set of sentences installed in them.

There were only four types that were able to converse with humans: Boss, mission issuers, Boss with mission issuing responsibility or mission issuer who also share some responsibility as a Boss.

The red Lama had a one-in-ten-thousand temperament, he must be one of the latter two types.

Ordinary mission issuers would give gamers the options of do it or not do it. But the latter two types would give out a different set of options, do it or die, to gamers.

So, there were too much information in the look the two exchanged.

"You answer first."

"You answer first."

"You are the boss, of course you go first."

"You are my follower, of course you should go first."

"At critical moment, the boss must lead by example, don't' back off!"

"Isn't it your job to be the attractor? How can you push this duty to others?"


While the two kept arguing, far away, in the darkest part of the valley, there was a fiery red firework shooting into the sky with a piercing scream. The scream kept echoing in the valley.

"Not good!" Seeing the fireworks, the red lama's calm face showed some horror. He also couldn't care about the two men in front of him but opened up his sleeves and flew over to the fireworks.

Niuhuang and Dugu Hong looked at each other. It was lucky they kept quarreling just now. It turned out there was a third answer—waste time till new situation happened. They were really lucky. If either of them answered the question just now, no one could have imagined the results.

Seeing the red Lama flying away like a meteor, the two were very curious. They didn't know what was going on? What was the thing that could make an experienced boss worry to such an extent?

Without discussion, the two started tacitly to catch up.

The speed of the lama was far beyond imagination. They both tried their best to keep up with him. They were astonished. Note that the Lama's speed had been slowed down after his agility was reduced by 3 points by the 'Cangshan Yunxue Swords'...

The sky was getting dark. The cliffs and forests in the distance started to become blurry. Dugu Hong burst his vision skill. Now he could see that there were countless yellow and red monster shadows all over this place. It was hard to imagine how many monsters were there, at a place where gamers usually needed to search for monsters.

From the direction of the fireworks, there were faint noises of screaming and weapons clashing into each other. With the noise getting louder, the lama's speed also rose up.

In the end, they two simply were not able to keep up with the lama. So they had to squat down and sneak over quietly.

In the end of the valley, at the deepest part of the rock, there was a temple, a magnificent royal temple, with red walls, yellow tiles. The temple was grand, especially when it had lights on, as if the sky was full of stars.

At this moment, what was going on inside the temple had made the two men stunned.

A dozen of monks in green, were fighting with dozens and hundreds of lamas in yellow.

What was even more surprising was the it was the monks who were at an advantageous position. Some of them moved in pairs. Some of them acted alone. But they all were freely moving around in the group of lamas. Any lamas who got close to the monks would be put down in two or three rounds.

The lamas were crying out louder and louder. They were filled with enthusiasm and unfairness. Many of them were not speaking Chinese. They tragically slammed themselves into the wall of monks, until they died.

The monks in green did not seem to have the so-called compa.s.sion. Though they were not holding any weapons, there were sounds of bone cracking and spray of scarlet blood from every touch they had with the lamas.

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