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Chapter 18 Unless…

"Boom!" One of the guys got hurt and his rushing was suddenly condensed.

He covered the protection mirror in front of his heart, looking at Dugu Hong with disbelief. Then he gradually fainted away, leaving only his white boots in place.

"d.a.m.n it. He killed 'Three days'!" Another guy shouted out. Then the other people, one carrying an axe and one holding a sword, were fighting down to Dugu Hong.

These people were not coming for me? Dugu Hong was a little shocked and quickly realized.

It turned out Dugu Hong over reacted to these three people.

Think about it. One guy in a torn cloth at a place for the newbies to practice their basic skills. Who would care about a rookie like him?

The most common thing in computer games were newbies. But this time Dugu Hong regarded himself as a main dish.

If 'three days' seriously fought with him, with his current poor synchronization rate, there's little chance for him to win. It was bad luck for 'three days'. He accidentally hit on his Dragon 18 palms.

Not only did Dudu Hong not understand, looking at how 'three days' died, the other two players coming with him reacted instinctively against Dugu Hong. They didn't use any special skills, just swung their weapons.

It was easy to kill newbies with any type of weapon. This was the typical thought of experienced players in computer games.

Thought without any special skills, their high-level weapons and armor made experienced players confident in front of newbies. But, only unless Dugu Hong was a newbie...

Facing the axe and the sword, Dugu Hong got to the side. He only had time to get to the side.

Then he slightly curved his left leg, bent his right arm inside, circled with his palm and hit another palm out.

The Dragon regrets, emphasized on the word 'regrets'. If the palm hitting out had 10 points of strength, the palm also created 20 points of strength in the body. This was the essence of the trick.

So the big axe hit on the 20 points of protective strength on Dugu Hong's body and was slashed to the ground. The player who was holding the axe, got his shoulder shattered. The axe eventually hit on the player's feet.

However, Dugu Hong did not get rid of both the players. The other sword hit right into his arm, killing 500+ points of his blood.

In the game, according to each person's roots and strength, there were extra blood rewards whenever one leveled up. Apart from this, for every increase of 365 channel points, blood level would increase by 1 point. So even though Dugu Hong was only a level 13 fighter, his blood volume was more than 900 points.

The calculation of blood volume in "The martial world" was very strange. It set a maximum blood loss limit at different parts of the body. Once the blood loss limit was exceeded at certain points, the blood loss would stop.

There were only three parts of the body would cause deadly injuries after blood loss, namely the head, heart and neck.

For example, the maximum blood loss on hand and feet was 30% of total blood volume. For the relatively important shoulder, the maximum blood loss on it was 60% of total blood volume. Obviously, this sword had caused injuries exceeding the maximum blood loss set on his shoulders.

The pain from his shoulders was nothing compared to the pain from the meridians.

So after this shot, Dugu Hong was able to react real time: "Internal force burst: Defense!"

Infusing the internal force into muscles would help to enhance one's ability to withstand hitting. The maximum protection was the so-called protection such as golden shield plus iron cloth.

This was a surprising but purposeful move. Maybe there was only Dugu Hong in the world, who would come up with this idea at the moment when a sword hit right into his shoulders.

The man with the sword quickly understood what happened when he realized that his sword was stock in Dugu Hong's shoulder and could not be pulled out.

How could Dugu Hong let go of such a great opportunity? Just as the player was still stunned, Dugu Hong bend his legs and raised his hands, "The Dragon regrets!"

The Dragon regrets did not last long. So it was important to have consecutive hits.

Even with full concentration, it was hard to escape the hit from the Dragon regrets. Let alone that the player was not concentrating.

Without any surprise, the player fell down.

Everything was within Dugu Hong's control. From his sliding to the side, to using the Dragon regrets to protect himself from the big axe, to use the protection shield to stuck the sword…

But, it was not finished yet…

Until, he slowly bent down, picking up the big axe with his right hand and the boots with his left hand, with the sword still sucked in his shoulders. Together with these rewards, he started moving away: "Internal force burst: Agility!"

But, there was one thing he miscalculated.

These dead people were not as strong as the robbers in the town. But they were able to keep chasing after him while shooting weapons on him at the same time.

The Dragon regrets trick was indeed powerful. But it also consumed a lot of internal energy. Each palm would consume more than 10,000 points of internal force. Except for Dugu Hong, there weren't anyone who would be able to afford such a large consumption of their internal forces.

Even Dugu Hong, after four palms and two internal force bursts, had only less than 100,000 points of internal energy left. At such a consumption rate, he would run out of all his internal energies in three minutes and be dead in four minutes.

But, there is no reason for this. How could it be possible that these three people were able to catch up with him?

Dugu Hong was puzzled. In the whole game, there was no one who was able to burst agility except for him.

What did it mean by bursting agility? 100% speeding up!

Only the most powerful flying skill in the game would have a similar effect to the bursting agility. Of course, this skill would consume less of their internal force as compared to Dugu Hong's bursting of agility.

Unless, all these people had chosen 18 points for their innate agility and had chosen to become Mongolian, with a bit of extra agility and move speed and reached the maximum level of the flying skill...

However, there wouldn't be so many exceptions.

Maybe he had ignored some important information!

Dugu Hong looked down with his eyebrows frown, he laughed bitterly.

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