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Chapter 12 Supernatural power

In the twenty-second century, human science and technology had progressed to an advanced level beyond earlier imagination.

However, no matter how the society developed and the technology advanced, there were always unsolved problems—

For example, internal force, magic, supernatural power... Were these imaginative existence real?

There seemed to be good answers for these question. The contradiction between imagination and rationale always left these questions unanswered.

"I can only tell you half the answer."

"Half?" Sinuo couldn't figure it out.

"As for the other half..." Dugu Hong took a few steps further to a man who seemed to be asleep on the bench, "Maybe you can tell us?"

"How did you find me?" The man sat up and asked. He didn't look sleepy at all.

This young guy looked as old as Dugu Hong. He had a handsome look but ordinary dressing. He lied on the bench like a homeless person.

"You didn't move at all during the sudden brake just now." Dugu Hong said easily.

"Hahaha, I see." The young guy check Dugu Hong out carefully and shoo his head with smile. "Well, I can tell you the right answer. But it is only half of the story. The story of my side."

"Your definition of good people is very interesting. Unfortunately, you are not a good person with the required capability. So, you can only be counted as a half-good person." The young man stood up and pointed his head. "Good people are capable of identifying other good people."

"You have the potential to become a good person. But unfortunately, you don't have the talent." He extended his hand to Dugu Hong: "But it is still nice meeting you. My name is Moye."

"There's no need to know each other." Dugu Hong did not shake hands with him, but took a step back. "It's our stop soon."

In fact, after the sudden brake, it would take at least another one minute for them to get to their stop.

Sinuo gave Dugu Hong a dissatisfied look, unhappy with his impoliteness.

"Mr. Moye, is that really supernatural power?" Although Moye was as old as the two, Sinuo still called him in a polite way. She tried her best to sound cheerful, so that the awkward atmosphere created by Dugu Hong was eased.

"Well, supernatural power. I like this t.i.tle. At least it sounds nicer than the strange ability. I'd give you a small gift for the nice t.i.tle you named it." Moye had a set of cards in his hand all of a sudden.

"A gift for me? I can't accept it?"

"No, no, I just want to invite you to play a game with me."


This was a beautiful set of cards. They were not made of paper. The texture was not ordinary. At the beginning, Sinuo thought it was a set of playing cards. But after she saw it clearly, she no longer thought so. They had patterns that she had never seen before. Moreover, the number of cards were also less than ordinary playing cards.

"Hey, beautiful girl, if you had an opportunity to know about the future, what do you want to know most?"

"I want to know most..."

"You don't have to say it out, just think about it in your heart."

Sinuo glanced at Dugu Hong and nodded: "I have decided."

"So fast?"

"Even if this is the case, it is too late to finish it before we get off the subway." Dugu Hong suddenly spoke.

"That's not necessarily the case." Moye smiled slightly.

His gaze was so solemn that the small cards on his hand were like a thick book.

Then, he suddenly moved his hands. The movements were so fast that others couldn't see it clearly. They only knew he was washing the cards in a certain way.

All the cards were floating in the air, beneath his hands. The cards were rotating in circles with the movements of his hands and then slowly gathered into a stack.

"That was really supernatural power!" Sinuo had her mouth wide open and did not close until after Moye handed her the cards.

"Thinking about your question, pick up a stack from the above and put them in my hand." Moye said.

"Ok." Sinuo were stumbled and did what Moye ordered.
"Now take another stack and place them on my right hand." At this time, the first stack of cards had floated into the air.

Sinuo affirmed his judgment. It was not a magic. It must be supernatural power. The cards were really floating in the air. There were no ropes or airflow that supported them. The cards were just floating there for no reason.

Moye looked serious and folded the cards on his two hands into a stack. He then put the stack on top of the floating cards. Though all these were simple movements, he seemed to be doing it according to some certain rule, making it look mysterious…

Then he reversed the cards and slowly unveiled the answer...

"The Wheel of Fortune, G.o.d of Reverse Death, Stars... represent, what you want to get. You need to seize the opportunity, act decisively. Although there will be temporary troubles or even setbacks, as long as you persist, your dream will come true."

Right after the wizard unveiled the fate of the diviner, he disappeared from the subway door that was just open.

The way he disappeared reminded people of a long popular comic image in the West Union—the Spider Man. But this time, the Spider Man did not have a thread in his hand.


"That is the Tarot, an ancient divination tool. Its origins are unknown."

"Some people say that they originated from Egypt. Some people say that they originated from Gypsy. Some people say that they originated from Italy. Others say that they originated from China... In short, no one knows clearly where it was from."

"There are a total of 78 tarot cards in a whole set, divided into 22 large Alcana cards and 56 small Alcana cards, each representing big secrets and small secrets."

"For the purpose of pure divination, the big Alcana is enough, and the little Alcana is just a supplement."

In the subway tunnel home, Dugu Hong answered Sinuo's question about the cards like reciting textbooks.

"Ah, I really can't believe it. There is really supernatural power in this world!" What Sinuo was muttering was a completely different thing.

"Right." She suddenly stopped. "Why are you so cold to him. At least, he also helped us."

"I don't need to thank him. Without this help, we can still get out of the subway easily." Dugu Hong frowned.
"You are jealous. Oh, no, you are angry. Did his words offend you?" Sinuo yelled as if she figured out Dugu Hong's real intention.

"No, I am only stating the facts." Dugu Hong answered calmly.

"Is it?" In the girl's voice, there were full of doubts on Dugu Hong's denial.

Dugu Hong sighed: "Stupid woman! If someone tears your clothes up and then fixed them up, would you appreciate him?"

"What do you want?" Sinuo had her arms crossed in front of her check. Because Dugu Hong kept looking around on her chest. "What do you mean with what you just said?"

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