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Chapter 10 The world upside down

It was till the mid-summer time. Though the sun had done down, the temperature didn't come down. There was no air-conditioning at the entrance outside of the market. So all the girls were in shorts.

Sinuo wore a slanted white silk shirt, revealing half of her white shoulders, and the other half of her slender waist. Her had a long dress like a wedding gown. She was exuding a shining glow.

The existence of Sinuo made other pretty girls next to her look ordinary. Even the beautiful women who had thick cosmetics were n.o.body compared to Sinuo.

Dugu Hong kept checking out Sinuo ups and downs, until she had a blush on her face. Then he said with no emotion "You look very beautiful."

"Thank you." Sinuo nodded.

The meaningless greetings ended with no surprises or shocks. Dugu Hong entered the market with no expression. A figure came from his side, blocking his way "So you are little Sinuo's cla.s.smate. She always mentions about you to me. It's nice to meet you!" He was such a good-looking elegant man that there was no defect on him.

"I am the general manager of the market. This is my business card. Since you are little Sinuo's cla.s.smate, I will give you a 20% discount."

Dugu Hong didn't shake his hand or receive his name card. He looked at Sinuo and saw that she looked very nervous.

"No wonder the market looked awkward. Do you have a feedback book? I want to complain." Dugu Hong said to the other hostesses, ignoring the manager's conversation.

"I am the manager here. It's the same complaining to me." The man changed his expression slightly but still held his basic demeanor. "What are you dissatisfied with?"

"I think..." Dugu Hong glanced at him, "Having the hostesses is a good idea. But the male host is a little disappointing, especially when he stood among the girls."

"Male host?" The manager had a bad look and stared at several girls who laughed at what Dugu Hong said. The girls immediately stopped laughing and became serious.

Dugu Hong turned to face the man and said "Oh sorry. I was wrong. It turned out you are the manager. Then the matter is even more serious. This general manager is using the company's money to…hook up with girls?"

"I don't know if there is any rule in your company that forbids employees fall in love with each other. But anyway, no company would allow such behavior with or without regulations?"

"Giving a discount to attract more customers is the company's strategy. It is also the legitimate right of me as a manager. You shouldn't..." The manager's face looked very ugly. He didn't expect to encounter freaks like Dugu Hong, not accepting benefits.

"Well, I did see you give out discounts. But is it to attract more customers? Excuse me, I really think there are other intentions behind you."

"There is no other customers around. You should know that the discount I gave you may not bring you any actual or potential benefits."

"Why don't we be frank to each other? You only had two purposes doing so: first, you want me to help you hook up with Sinuo and give you more information about Sinuo; and second, you may consider me as a threat to you so you want me to feel self-abased and automatically step back."

"Now, for a beauty like Sinuo." Du Guhong said with a hand gesture on Snow and continued in a cold way, "If it is the first case, your offer price is not enough; if the second... then that's way not enough."

"However, anything can be discussed." Dugu Hong and seemed to wait for the manager to offer a better price.

Indeed, anything was negotiable, as long as it was not said out blatantly.

Everyone was stunned, the manager's face was blushing. People like Dugu Hong were really rare…


On the subway home, Dugu Hong and Sinuo sat opposite to each other.

In the empty compartment, only they two were sitting down. There were many other people lying on the benches of the other compartments.

When the night started, the subway became home of the homeless people. It provided countless homeless people with a shelter from the winds and rains.

At the same time, it also became a paradise for criminals.

Any metamorphosis fantasies were allowed to become reality in the night subways.

It was better during the daytime. But at night, it became another world where robbery, rape, drug trafficking and arms trade all happen here…This was a world that unveiled its hypocrisy cover and ignored moral laws.

It was said that this was why the government intended to abolish the subway and convert it into a sewer.

Although they knew this well, the two people, one was forced by poverty in life and other was forced by the consequence of his past life, had to rely on subway.

Dugu Hong wore a T-shirt and a pair of slippers. There was absolutely nothing on him that anyone would be interested in.

The new computer brain he bought would probably soon be sent home by the courier company.

Sinuo took off the eye-catching clothes on him. She wore thin and loose long shirts and trousers. It seemed that she also did something to cover up her chest. Her hair was tied in her hat. The big eye gla.s.ses covered up her beautiful face curves. She looked like a small role.

The light in the subway was bleak. Neither of them was talking. The atmosphere between them was a bit dignified.

Dugu Hong acted as if there was nothing special. He just didn't want to talk.

Sinuo looked serious and sat there straight. She seemed to be considering some serious matters in her mind.

After a long while, her eyes seemed dim and sighed "In fact, that person was not a bad guy. At least he did not take advantage of me like the others."

She had already resigned. It was unlucky that Dugu Hong had seen her work.

Since her appearance had changed, resignation had become a common event. But this was the first time she resigned without being s.e.xually hara.s.sed.

"He is not as good as you thought. The more suppressed he is, the more metamorphosis he could be. He hasn't started hara.s.sing you because he has not yet ready. Once he planned everything, you would have nowhere to hide. You should feel lucky that you leave him early." Dugu Hong said easily.

"Don't underestimate those who look like a good person. They might also be evils. Only the evils survive well in this world."

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