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Chapter 283: The love parasite 

"Oh G.o.d! This is a miracle! Yu's poison has been dissolved!" Dongfang Bai exclaimed. The entire room cheered.

Currently, it was evening. After Le Yao Yao encountered Yu, she brought him to one of Dongfang clan's side clinics.

After all, the Dongfang clan's medical expertise was famous throughout the whole country. They had a branch in every city. From time to time, members of the Dongfang clan would come to patrol and see how their physicians and patients were doing.

Since they have been searching for traces of Yu the past month, Le Yao Yao would regularly be with Dongfang Bai in his Dali branch. Leng Yi Xuan was taken care of by a few of the older female servants.

Right now, Le Yao Yao was anxiously waiting as Dongfang Bai took Leng Jun Yu's pulse.

When they heard the news, everyone relaxed. Le Yao Yao was ecstatic. "Yu! Your poison has dissolved! This is great! I'm so happy!!!"

Le Yao Yao was very emotional and thankful. Seeing her like this made Leng Jun Yu felt very sweet on the inside.

Maybe they were once a couple. 

The way Leng Jun Yu was gazing at her caused Le Yao Yao's cheeks to flush. Now, her white skin turned red like a wintersweet.

The two of them made intense eye contact. It was as if they had forgotten that there were other people in the room. They didn't snap out of it until Qi Ying Ying purposely coughed out loud.

Le Yao Yao's pink cheeks turned even redder. Now, she looked like a cooked shrimp. She lowered her head and avoided looking at anyone. She wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Seeing this, Qi Ying Ying giggled. "Sister Yao Yao, isn't this what you wanted? The G.o.ddess of Mercy actually brought your brother Leng back!"

"G.o.ddess of Mercy?" Leng Jun Yu was confused. What does the G.o.ddess of Mercy have to do with him? 

Qi Ying Ying teased, "Brother Leng, you have no idea. Ever since you fell into the currents, sister Yao Yao have been searching for you day and night. She lost an entire size. I was so afraid she would collapse at this rate. So, I suggested heading to a famous temple in Dali to pray for your return. Who would've thought that we would encounter you right after? The G.o.ddess of Mercy is so kind. Now that you're back, sister Yao Yao can actually live in peace and take care of her body."

"Ying Ying, don't exaggerate."

Leng Jun Yu turned to look at the woman in white. Although Le Yao Yao was gorgeous, she looked very frail and weak. It was as if she could be blown away by the wind.

Furthermore, she had huge eye bags underneath her eyes. It was obvious that she had been sleep deprived. Her smile couldn't hide her exhaustion.

Leng Jun Yu's heart ached for her. "Sorry for causing you so much pain…."

"No, as long as you're back, it's worth it. Yu, I feel so happy right now. While I was praying to the G.o.ddess of Mercy, I sincerely said even if I have to die ten years younger, I would be willing as long as you came back safe and sound." Le Yao Yao choked.

Leng Jun Yu lifted his head and opened his mouth. "Silly girl, don't say such ridiculous things!"

It was so easy for him to joke around with her. For some reason, he could be himself around her. Perhaps, he actually loved her in the past? 


Suddenly, he felt a torturous pain in his heart.

"Arrggghhhh!" Leng Jun Yu's face turned white as a sheet.

In addition, his forehead was filled with sweat and his five facial features were twisted.

Everyone began to freak out. "Yu, what's going on? Brother, please take a look! Yu looks like he's in ma.s.sive pain!"

"Calm down, Yao Yao. Let me see."

Dongfang Bai could tell Le Yao Yao was about to turn hysterical. He quickly eyed Qi Ying Ying.

"Sister Yao Yao, uncle is here! Although uncle's personality is not that great, his medical skills are not bad! Don't worry!"

Dongfang Bai rolled his eyes at Qi Ying Ying and then focused on Leng Jun Yu's pulse.

Le Yao Yao held onto her breath. She could see Dongfang Bai frowning. Her heart began to beat irregularly.

"Brother, tell me! What's going on? Why is Yu in pain? Didn't you say his poison has dissolved?" Le Yao Yao was very anxious.

Right now, Leng Jun Yu had closed his eyes and looked like he was resting. He didn't seem to be in as much pain, but his face was still pale. Leng Jun Yu wanted to lessen Le Yao Yao's concern, so he tried to rea.s.sure her. "I-I'm fine. Don't worry…" he weakly stated.

"How can I not worry? Look at you right now!" Le Yao Yao burst into tears. She could see the cold sweat on Leng Jun Yu's forehead. So, she took out her handkerchief and began to help him wipe it.

But the moment she got close, Leng Jun Yu's pain worsen. He screamed.

Le Yao Yao's eyes grew big. She was confused.

Dongfang Bai pulled Le Yao Yao away from Yu. "Yao Yao, I would advise you not to get so close to Yu."

"Why? Does he have a contagious disease?"

"No!" Dongfang Bai was worried that Le Yao Yao's imagination was going to go wild again. He quickly denied.

"Then why can't I get close to Yu? Brother, what type of illness does Yu have?"

"Yu doesn't have an illness. Instead, he has taken a love parasite."

"What? Love parasite?"

Le Yao Yao and Leng Jun Yu yelled and gazed at each other.

Dongfang Bai sighed and explained. "The Miao people specialized with their parasite magic. I have read about this in books before. Basically, Yu is fine. But if you get close, he will suffer tremendous heart pains. So, I'm quite sure he has swallowed the love parasite."

"Brother, how do we get rid of this parasite?"

Dongfang Bai shook his head and looked depressed. "Sorry, Yao Yao. I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Perhaps, only the person who made him take it will have the cure for it."

"The person who made him take it? …who?"

"Sai Qi is the one who gave me the love parasite."

"Sai Qi?"

Le Yao Yao was the jealous type. She hated how her man was talking about another woman in front of her. But this was not the time to be jealous. "Sai Qi is Sai Ya's older sister, right?"

"Yes." Leng Jun Yu nodded and continued, "A month ago, I woke up with no recollection of my past. Sai Qi took care of me day and night. She is very medically skilled and managed to dissolved my poison. Sai Qi treats me very well."

Le Yao Yao was both thankful and jealous of Sai Qi. She was glad Sai Qi saved Yu's life. If she hadn't found him, perhaps Yu would already be dead by now.

But knowing that Sai Qi had been taking care of him day and night worried her. They were together alone in a room together for a month, perhaps feelings might have developed? 

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao bit her lips and asked. "Umm. Yu. Do you like Sai Qi?"

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