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EMHS – ch374

Posted on June 7, 2019

Chapter 374: Just thoroughly waste him


    There's completely no effort put into it, and there's no shifting from a parry at all.


    But against reason, his hand is restrained by this void, and it's like his Mysterious Energy has been sealed – he couldn't use even a little bit of it.


    Shen Jinglin raises his head to look at Di Ming Jue in horror and amazement.


    This man is too strong!


    He's even so much stronger than his little sister! Soon after, he can't help but look at the two people that are very close to each other.


    Truly made by Heaven and arranged by Earth, an unparalleled match.


    Shen Jinglin has this vague illusion – that the man in front of him is the only one in the world who can stand by his sister's side, without getting himself overshadowed.


    And vice versa.


    Di MIng Jue lets go of Shen Jinglin's hand.


    The pride and n.o.bility on his body become somewhat restrained, "Ben Jun also believes that without the parents' blessing, nor the matchmaker's words, it is a very irresponsible act to have intimate relations. As long as Muyan is willing, Ben Jun is ready to rectify this at any time."


    Shen Jinglin stares blankly, "You mean to say that you want to marry my sister?"


    "Of course. As soon as Yanyan is ready, the wedding ceremony can be held at any time."


    Saying that, he even leans down to look at Muyan, "Say, Yanyan, are you still unwilling to take responsibility for Ben Jun?"


    Muyan grinds her teeth: Can this scoundrel get even more shameless?


    And who are you calling Yanyan! Am I that familiar with you?




    In the end, with his exceptional appearance and shamelessness, Jun Shang-daren successfully enters Junji Medical Center's rear courtyard.


    Moreover, he gets a room next to Muyan and Xiao Bao's.


    At her side, Muyan a.s.sures Shen Jinglin over and over again that she and Di Ming Jue are innocent, and they're still not planning to get married for the time being.


    Only then does Shen Jinglin walks away with some hesitation.


    Before leaving, he nags, "Yanyan, even if you really like that person, you must still consider it properly, and you absolutely shouldn't get married so casually and carelessly. If by any chance, you put your trust on the wrong person, like Jingya's encounter with that devil, then you…"


    Muyan mouth stretches up to show a gentle smile, "Then I'll just thoroughly waste him."


    Shen Jinglin shudders, he almost forgot how valiant an existence his sister is.


    In this world, how can a man just bully Yanyan?


    It's only when Shen Jinglin has left, does Muyan let out a sigh of relief.


    Brother is now more and more inclined to act like a nanny, going on and on with his questions, quickly overwhelming her.


    But despite getting overwhelmed,


    This kind of annoyance is mixed with even more sweetness.


    Because only those who really care about you, would keep worrying about you over and over again – worrying about your happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy; worrying about your future.


    Muyan lets out a sigh of relief, and sees that Xiao Bao is somewhat sleepy in her arms.


    She conveniently sends him into the s.p.a.ce, placing him together with the fat rabbit, which is sleeping sprawled on it's back and facing the sky.


    She returns to the front hall and calls in Yan Haotian, Feng Haitang, Ru Yan, Old Tao, Chang Yu, and Chen Qingfeng. 


    "Did anything happen these past few days?"


    Ru Yan bows and replies: "For the past few days, the Medical Center has been operating normally, but Mr. Yan said that there seems to be a strange and powerful unit that has appeared in the vicinity of the medical center – origins are unknown, objectives are also unknown."


    Muyan turns to Yan Haotian.


    Yan Haotian raises his hands and signs: "There are several people among them that have higher cultivations than me and Old Tao. We cannot match them."


    Muyan slightly furrows her brows.


    Maybe Qian Qing's side had received the news that his Poison Man, as well as his apprentice, had been killed – so he sent some people to come and scout for information.


    "Then next time, you should all be more careful." Muyan raises her hand, and dozens of bottles of draught are densely laid out on the table, "In these medicines, there are healing draughts, antidotes, as well as cultivation supplements. Distribute these to the Ink Camp and the Tianji Unit."

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