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Chapter 652: Dark Cloud on the Horizon

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“All invaders of the Zhenlong Continent should be killed.” Su Yu coldly announced the people’s fates.

He opened his hand, and a black whirling sphere flew out of it. As a strong wind blew at them, their bodies disintegrated and turned into nothingness.

He had already mastered the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Battle Words Technique’s power, along with his First Dragon’s Body’s power, and only the last tier of the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters incomplete cultivation technique, which was called Words User, was left.

Since it was its last level, then it would surely have an astonishing might. Just the Battle Words Technique was capable of confronting a Level One Fairy Realm expert, so the last Words User tier would surely be more extraordinary.

“Alliance Master, isn’t it somewhat inappropriate to just slaughter them like this?” Old Chen asked respectfully. “Besides, we still haven’t gotten enough intel about the enemies from them.” Although it would be satisfying to kill them right away, it was still somewhat improper.

“They are just some trifling Shadow Guards, so how much can they know? If you want to question someone via torture, then isn’t the person before us more appropriate?” Su Yu calmly spoke, while his body gently floated down beside the deep pit.

It seemed like he just softly landed on it, yet the giant pit still crumbled beneath him, and the deep cave created by the bead revealed itself completely. A blue-yellowish bead could be seen calmly, along with a person who had almost been crushed underneath it.

His armor had already been broken into pieces by its powerful strength, and his chest had caved in, while his limbs were burst open and foam and parts of his flesh were coming out of his mouth. He was already at his last gasp, so it seemed like he wouldn’t live for much longer.

When Su Yu landed beside him, he extended his arm and calmly put the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl against the blue-yellowish bead. As a crisp clunking sound echoed out, the bead disappeared.

The bead was extremely similar to the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s blue bead and the Underworld Pearl. As such, it seemed quite odd.

As Su Yu was incapable of storing it while he was away from it, he had to use such an awkward way to get it back to the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. All of the people here were astonished as they observed such a sight. They wondered how many amazing magical treasures Su Yu had.

However, they still focused most of their attention on Xue Wu, who was now already taking his last breaths. He, of course, was the man just spoken of who had almost been crushed! All of them felt like such a sight wasn’t real, and that it was maybe just an illusion.


Su Yu’s gaze became somewhat ice-cold, and as he stepped upon Xue Wu’s belly, the sound of something rupturing echoed. Apparently, Su Yu had crushed his Dantain! Now, Xue Wu just a cripple!

“I will leave his torture and interrogation to you, as you surely know what must be asked. Just don’t forget to report back to me after you have finished,” said Su Yu.

“Understood, Alliance Master.” Old Chen nodded. He, Luo Xiong, and the others, were extremely respectful towards him.

Su Yu nodded, then flew into the air, while sweeping his gaze over all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members. As he observed them, he saw that they were in a distressed state. All of them had pale faces or pained expressions, yet their gazes were still bright and clear.

In hopes to rea.s.sure them, he slowly spoke to them in a calm tone, yet his voice was still resonant and clear, “We won this battle.”

His calm words seemed like a deafening explosion, infusing hope into each person’s ears. That was right! They won! After paying such a high price, they finally won!

They had killed two hundred of the enemies Half Fairy Realm experts, defeated the Saint Master Xue Wu, and taken back a part of the empire, which was in the northern continent. This was the first victory that the Zhenlong Continent had achieved so far.

Such a splendid achievement would surely be engraved in history, and their names would be left for the later generations to revere them. Their sacrifices had not been in vain, as they had given the Zhenlong Continent a glimmer of hope.

The news of such an overwhelming victory for the human race would surely inspire many people to join them. They hoped that this would be the first spark, which would one day illuminate the whole continent!

“We finally got the victory!” someone among the crowd shouted. His shout was filled with inexplicable delight.

“We won!” Another man’s shout was like a pebble falling on water, as it gave rise to countless waves of cheering that erupted from the crowd.

Su Yu chuckled, and the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members were delighted because they had won. Su Yu was delighted because he had managed to save them.

After experiencing such a battle, they would be able to get rid of the pessimism and depression that had plagued them for a long time. This is what Su Yu most cared about.

Currently, Su Yu had flown to now stand on the sky of the Palace Master’s manor. As he looked around the palace, which was once managed by Ling Xiaotian, he found that, although the palace itself was still the same, the people within it were completely different.

“Who are you?” Su Yu looked at the woman and asked.

She seemed to be a commander of some sort, and she completely disregarded the heavily injured old man who was laying in a deep pit. The man had already woken up, yet not a single person was helping him up.

The Palace Master Nan Guan’s heart thumped, as she was quite nervous while facing a peerless expert like Su Yu, who could annihilate dozens of Half Fairy Realm experts with just a wave of his hands.

“I’m one of the Empire of Darkness’ Four Great Palace Masters, Nan Guan. Greetings Alliance Master Su.” Nan Guan didn’t dare disrespect him, so she quickly greeted him per the custom of the day.

Nan Guan? Su Yu calmly nodded. “Our Heavenly Law Alliance will take this branch of the Empire of Darkness, which is in the northern continent, so go report back to the empire.”

What? Nan Guan was quite shocked to hear that Su Yu really intended to occupy this place. However, she couldn’t say that it was totally unexpected.

“But, one of the empire’s branches is situated here, so I’m afraid that..” A cold sweat seeped from the Palace Master Nan Guan’s forehead as she started to speak.

Su Yu tapped the air with the tip of his feet, while totally disregarding her. He then entered the palace and he replied to her without even looking back at her, “I’m just notifying you, not discussing it with you, so go away. Moreover, leave behind all of this branch’s resources.”

After Su Yu instructed her once again, he went into the deepest part of the palace, where Ling Xiaotian’s room once was. The Palace Master Nan Guan was both angered and embarra.s.sed by Su Yu’s overbearing att.i.tude.

However, as she thought about his fight, she quickly quelled her emotions. She then turned to look at the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members.

The way they had fearlessly faced death, even as they died like shooting stars, deeply shocked her. She greatly respected these troops.

“Let’s comply with him.” The Palace Master Nan Guan sighed, while she handed over a glittering key to Old Chen and the others.

“Citizens of the empire, let’s leave!” The Palace Master Nan Guan shouted in a deep voice. She then led the people out of this place.

After they had distanced themselves from it, anger appeared on Inspector Bai Yun’ face. “Nan Guan, how can you hand our land to him readily? Are you tired of living? If this was to become known by the Seven Lords Palace, you would surely be put to death.”

Palace Master Nan Guan couldn’t suppress her anger when she heard him, so she spun around to face him. With narrowed eyes and a sharp tone, she ridiculed him. “Well, Inspector Bai Yun, when Su Yu was here, why didn’t you utter even a single world? You remained silent, yet now you are blaming me?”

Inspector Bai Yun’s old face became somewhat flushed as he angrily replied with a question, “How can you speak to me in such a way?”

Palace Master Nan Guan still continued to berate him. “Inspector Bai Yun, you should think about how you will explain yourself to the Seven Lords Palace, as you can’t evade your responsibility in all of this.”

Inspector Bai Yun’s lips quivered for a moment, yet he still didn’t speak, as he found himself at a loss for words. His face became filled with anxiety. Deep down, he feared that what she had just said was true.

“Well, Su Yu’s power surpa.s.sed all of our expectations, and we can only truthfully report exactly what happened once we get back. I believe that the Seven Lords Palace will surely understand our situation.” Inspector Bai Yun sighed again, hoping this really was the case.

To his relief, Palace Master Nan Guan was also of the same opinion, “As the Seven Lords Palace is indeed amazing, they could surely see through any lies that we would make up, so we can only truthfully report everything that happened here to them. Dealing with all of them will be easy, but it is the Third Lord who will surely not let us off easily.”

She then added, “As the Third Lord is extremely severe and strict, it will be difficult for us to escape taking full responsibility. Hence, we can only resign ourselves to our fates.”

As Palace Master Nan Guan gazed at the palace, she sighed softly. “Yin Yu, I hope that you can fend for yourself.” She knew that the other lords might give up on this matter, but it would be impossible for the Third Lord to take things lying down.

After such a b.l.o.o.d.y battle had just occurred in the central city, the extremely noisy surroundings had descended into complete silence after night fell. No one could forget the valiant army that had fallen down from the sky, which was led by the new Alliance Master of the Heavenly Law Alliance. After all, they had achieved the first victory of the Zhenlong Continent, which had allowed them to back a part of their lands!

Even in the dead of night, there were still people coming and going from Su Yu’s room. Some of them were the supervisors of the city, who had come to report all of the city’s matters to Su Yu.

Others were from the great clans in the city. They all brought gifts with them as they arrived to see their new governor. While some of them were experts, who had come to join the Heavenly Law Alliance on account of its newly elevated reputation, others had come mainly to report on the handling of the battle’s aftermath.

As such, there was a long line in front of Su Yu’s door, which stretched all the way to the gate of the palace. This reception ritual continued till midnight. In fact, this same scene had continued for ten days straight! As such, Su Yu found it somewhat tedious and unbearable!

Su Yu, who was in a courtyard, let out a long breath as he stretched. His bloodshot eyes were bleary and he felt very drained. After all, this was more exhausting than going through a great battle!

“Your decisions as Alliance Master are surely great and wise.” The eyes of Old Chen, who stood behind Su Yu, were filled with admiration for Su Yu. “There are currently just a handful of places that are still fighting back, besides the Empire of Darkness.”

He was affirming Su Yu for decisively having led them to the northern land, even though

there were many who had questioned such a decision at the time. He had proven himself to be wise in thinking of the best long-term solution, as they have solved the issue of finding some domain and resources for the Heavenly Law Alliance in the end.

Although he was still young, he had already proven that he was capable of considering the overall picture of matters. In this way, Su Yu seemed more like a shrewd old man than a youngster.

Su Yu waved his hands at him in a somewhat dismissive manner. “From today on, all of the miscellaneous matters of the Heavenly Law Alliance will be managed by you and the elders. Only important decisions should still be given to me.”

“Understood.” Old Chen respectfully complied.

“So, what info did you get from Xue Wu?” Su Yu asked. Since ten days had pa.s.sed since they had captured him, Su Yu figured that they should have already gotten a wealth of detailed information.

When he heard his question, Old Chen’s complexion became somewhat gloomy as he spoke in a deep voice, “Alliance Master, I actually came just to report this matter to you.”

From his expression, it seemed like Old Chen had received some bad news from Xue Wu. So, Su Yu braced himself and ordered Old Chen, “Say it!”

“Alliance Master, the current situation of the northern continent is far from good, and it may even soon become the most dangerous region!” Old Chen replied, not mincing words.

“How?” Su Yu raised his brows, not understanding what he meant exactly.

Old Chen said in a deep voice, “According to what Xue Wu said, he came here from the western continent because he was a.s.signed to destroy the northern continent’s Phoenix Cabinet and the Empire of Darkness’ branch. Apparently, this was because the Fifth Saint Master is expected to soon come out of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.”

The Fifth Saint Master, who possesses the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm? Su Yu’s heart slightly shuddered, as according to what Wu Hen had said, while using the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, the Fifth Master could confront even someone at the later stage of the Fairy Realm! Thus, his strength was extremely powerful.

“After the Fifth Saint Master comes out, he will take a tour of the continent, and the first one to face him will be the northern continent, as it is the closest. As they understood this, the other Saint Masters tried to take precautions by setting up obstructions,” Old Chen explained.

This was the reason why the Heavenly Law Alliance, the Phoenix Cabinet, and the Empire of Darkness branch in the northern continent had suffered intense attacks at the same time! It was all because the Fifth Saint Master would shortly arrive here!

As Su Yu was processing this new revelatory information, he found himself at a loss for words for a short of time.

Old Chen then added, “Moreover, Xue Wu said that there are more than a thousand Half Fairy Realm experts accompanying him, which is half the amount of all of the otherworldly experts here.”

More than a thousand? Su Yu’s pupils contracted upon hearing the number. He was still at a loss for words.

So, Old Chen continued in a deep voice, “More than half a year has pa.s.sed since the last great battle, and if they weren’t obstructed by anyone, then half a year would be enough for them to teleport more than a thousand Half Fairy Realm experts from the other world. If those thousand Half Fairy Realm experts left the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, and came here, along with the Fifth Saint Master, our Zhenlong Continent wouldn’t have any hope of survival!”

Su Yu became even more serious, as no one would disregard such a great army. Moreover, they had the Fifth Saint Master among them, and he had a strength of unfathomable depths!

“How long do we have before he comes?” asked Su Yu.

Old Chen spoke in a deep voice, “No longer than two months, but no shorter than one month. Then, he will first fight the northern continent…”

Such words made Su Yu’s heart shudder once again, as a mere month was not enough time to properly prepare!

“This is extremely bad news!” Su Yu could already foresee a battle that would be more tragic and strenuous than all of the previous ones!

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