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Chapter 1417: Escape from the Asura Forbidden Lands

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

However, the remaining grey wizard powers in the middle of the labyrinth now shot out chains of gray and black. They flew towards the blood-colored light curtain and wrapped themselves around it.

The blood-colored light curtain immediately stopped trembling, and the cracks on it quickly smoothened out.

No matter how hard the mysterious monster hit his head on it, the curtain remained unshakeable.

After a few more tries, the mysterious monster gave up his fearless attack. Still isolated within the seal, he said in a majestic voice, “Human creature, put down the crystal ball. If you do, I can grant you benefits that you could never grasp in your eternal life.”

Su Yu asked, “How great are these benefits?”

“These benefits are unimaginably useful. The Lost Nation that you work for would never give you these,” the mysterious monster said indifferently, speaking with a sense of contempt for the world.

What a bold claim!

Upon noticing that Su Yu didn’t respond, he said with indifference, “Why, you don’t believe me?”

Su Yu smiled faintly. “To be sealed here by ancestors of the Wizard Tribe… you must be incredibly strong. While I do believe you can really give me unimaginable benefits, I don’t believe I’ll get them all while I’m still alive.”

Once he finished speaking, Su Yu glanced behind him while seemingly smiling. “I think you’ve been stalling for long enough. Goodbye!”

Four Ferocious Beasts were fast approaching!


Su Yu immediately left and disappeared into the labyrinth. When the four Ferocious Beasts arrived, they couldn’t find any trace of Su Yu being there.

From within the blood-red light curtain, the dark red blood of the mysterious monster flashed and he screamed, “Human, you will regret this!”

His furious voice echoed throughout the maze, shaking the blood-red light curtain like never before.

The remaining gray wizard power on the ground radiated light again, sealing the blood-red light curtain firmly.

Su Yu left the maze and flew straight for the vortex. Without a word, Su Yu grabbed the comatose and severely injured w.a.n.g Qingchen in one hand, while he used the other hand to cast a quick spell. “Yin Yang Wings of Supreme Pole!”

Suddenly, the yin and yang of the world were disordered, and the world was turned upside down.

When Su Yu appeared again, he had teleported hundreds of millions of miles away and crossed more than half of the world within the Level One Realm.

Su Yu decided that he might as well place w.a.n.g Qingchen into the s.p.a.ce ring before immediately concealing his figure and breath. This was to make sure that he would not be detected and therefore captured.

With that, he headed with ease towards the vortex’s entrance.

Along the way, Su Yu tried to avoid the monster-infested places of the Asura Forbidden Lands, so as not to be discovered by them and expose his whereabouts.

Because of this, Su Yu’s was moving forward at an extremely slow speed.

Ten days later, he finally lurked near the entrance of the whirlpool.

He saw the red lightning flashing at the entrance of the vortex from afar. He could use it to leave the Asura Forbidden Lands.

After experiencing the cunning behavior of the four Ferocious Beasts himself, Su Yu would not be fooled.

Su Yu’s eyes flashed slightly as he maneuvered tactics with one hand. A figure of himself appeared beside him; it was one of the tactics of the Divine Skills.

This doppelganger was generally similar to his true physical body. There were no notable differences in its breath as well.

Su Yu controlled it to quietly circle into a forest. Like a sharp arrow from the forest, it suddenly flew towards the vortex in an attempt to escape from the Asura Forbidden Lands.


However, just as it rushed out of the woods, the sky suddenly flashed with an afterimage.

The afterimage was extremely fast, just like a bolt of black lightning. It instantly appeared in front of the doppelganger!

However, the doppelganger quickly reacted to it. When the lightning appeared, it immediately turned around and ran back into the woods.

The lightning-like black figure appeared. It was the giant eagle!

Three other figures also appeared one after another from the darkness.

The green figure sneered, “Hmm! Amazing calculations, Blood Demon! You speculated that this child would come back here. We did not wait here in vain.”

Blood Demon said, “You entered the Asura Forbidden Lands and now you want to escape again. Is that even possible? Hmph! Seize him!”

Blood Demon, Giant Eagle, Frog, and Duckbill Beast chased the doppelganger into the woods.

Hearing the violent movements in the woods, Su Yu thought they must’ve been engaged in a heated exchange.

At last, Su Yu came to the vortex without making a sound and jumped into it with a confident smile.

But alas! A fiery red net had now appeared in the vortex!

The giant net sensed that a creature jumped into it and immediately activated in response. It suddenly leaped out of the vortex, covering Su Yu while he was caught off guard!

“I’ve been tricked!” As Su Yu’s expression changed drastically, he frantically channeled his powers in an attempt to tear the giant net apart.

Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation!

The indestructible Golden Flames Forbidden Wood sword cut into the golden giant net with a low howl, creating a series of sparks. Sadly, it only managed to leave shallow marks on the net.

It would take some time to cut completely through it!

However, it was obvious that Su Yu didn’t have time to waste!

Whish! Whoosh! Whish! Whoosh!

Four figures arrived and surrounded Su Yu as if they had been waiting for a long time.

The green figure couldn’t help but burst out into laughter. “Hahaha! You’ve finally been fooled! The Blood Demon brother’s guess was right. This person is very cunning and will never personally take risks. We knew that he would use something as a decoy to test the exit and lead us astray!”

They had antic.i.p.ated Su Yu’s plan.

Su Yu was trapped in the giant net, and the G.o.d’s Power in his body wasn’t flowing smoothly. There wasn’t much he could do to resist. He gritted his teeth and said, “You are too cunning!”

Blood Demon sneered. “No one said anything about fraud! Besides, we give you what you gave us! You used trickery to steal our crystal ball, and now the same thing’s happening to you!”

“Kill him, find him immediately!”

“Got it!” With beaming eyes, the Green figure licked his lips as a palm of Asura power was brewing. He slapped his palm on Su Yu’s forehead and exclaimed, “I’ll search your soul first, then talk later!”


The green figure stiffened when the palm blew Su Yu into pieces. Without a trace of his flesh or blood, it remained an empty sh.e.l.l.

Blood Demon, Giant Eagle, and Duckbill Beast simultaneously froze.

The Blood Demon flashed around as his expression suddenly turned cold. He shouted, “No! We’re the ones who have been deceived!”

With that, the dreadful claws of the Blood Demon were suddenly caught on the entrance to the vortex without any warning.

There was nothing in the sky, but whatever had caught Blood Demon’s claws made him cry out with a piercing sound.

A figure emerged out of nowhere.

That silver-haired handsome face… If he wasn’t the outsider who s.n.a.t.c.hed their crystal ball, who else could it be?

With a faint smile, Su Yu now faced away from the whirlpool. “Everyone from the Asura Forbidden Lands, this is goodbye.”

With that, he jumped backward with both feet, causing his entire body to fall into the whirlpool!

“No!” Blood Demon roared. He then transformed into a line of blood and moved forward in the hopes of preventing Su Yu from leaving.

Su Yu looked as calm as he usually was. A black scale on his chest spun out to act as a shield in front of him.

Blood Demon’s claws could shred anything in the void, but rubbing them against the scale only generated a series of sparks. It failed to hurt Su Yu at all.

Su Yu’s figure completely disappeared into the vortex. He was gone.

Blood Demon was furious. “The core of the seal control cannot be lost. We must get it back!”

Giant Eagle sneered, “All thanks to the few idiots of the Wizard Tribe for changing the banned seal without permission. They left some loopholes with the Level One Realm, so we have the opportunity to leave from there and reach the outside world in a short time. ”



From his back, he pulled out a b.l.o.o.d.y spine, which contained an astonishing Power of Asura. It was similar to the power of the mysterious monster on the other side of the Blood-red Curtain seal.


The three other Ferocious Beasts also pulled out their spines whilst bearing the pain.

Four spines br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the Power of Asura were intertwined together!


After a round of rotation, Su Yu returned to the outside world.

The smell of the long-lost clear air calmed Su Yu’s heart a little. He felt more at ease.

However, a gloomy voice of anxiety and disappointment immediately landed in his ears. “How did you manage to come out first?”

He opened his eyes and saw Chu Long and Ling Wu, who had been waiting outside the Asura Forbidden Lands for about half a month.

Chu Long’s eyes flickered as he said with a deep voice, “What about Chu Baw.a.n.g?”

“Do I need to answer you?” Su Yu said.

Chu Long was already accustomed to Su Yu’s att.i.tude. He hummed but didn’t say much. Instead, he stared closely at the whirlpool, deeply hoping for Chu Baw.a.n.g’s return.

From beside him, Ling Wu came forward and said, “How many monsters did you hunt down?”

Su Yu said, “One.”

After hearing this, Chu Long chuckled to himself. A huge weight had been completely lifted off of his heart.

Within fifteen days, Su Yu only managed to gun down one Ferocious Beast.

With slight contempt, Ling Wu secretly said, “You do not live up to your name. You should not have only gunned down one Ferocious Beast. Thus, there is no doubt that the Chu Clan has won the game.”

Out of a sense of duty, he still said, “Take out the head of the Ferocious Beast and the jade pendant I gave you. Let me take a look.”

Su Yu fulfilled his request and took out the Jade Pendant along with a huge octopus head.

As soon as the object was taken out, it immediately exhaled an extremely fierce breath containing the residual Power of Asura within. It seemed to be resistant to the effects of Wizard Power.

Startled, both Chu Long and Ling Wu looked at him with horror.

“A Level Three Ferocious Beast?” Ling Wu took in a breath of cool air as he felt his hair stand upright.

To think that he was capable of killing a Level Three Ferocious Beast on his own!

Because the Ferocious Beasts in the Asura Forbidden Lands had been fighting each other for several years, they were far stronger than most of the Level Three Wizards within the Wizard Tribe.

Su Yu was able to eliminate one of them, which meant that if Su Yu could easily eliminate any Level Three Wizard if he wanted to.

Ling Wu kept his distance from Su Yu, secretly remaining vigilant.

Chu Long was also taken aback, given that this octopus was one of the three Ferocious Beasts that roamed the Level One Realm. Their presence here meant that the master of the five clans he sent in did not succeed in catching this eight-clawed octopus.

“Was there some sort of accident?” Chu Long wondered. He then remembered that the five of them acted as they had been told. The five of them should have traveled together. If they encountered any dangers within the Level One Realm, they should have been able to deal with it as a group. With that in mind, he felt more at ease.

Ling Wu said in a serious tone, “For one Level Three Ferocious Beast, you scored ten points! Next, we shall wait for Chu Baw.a.n.g to return.”

He thought to himself, “Even though Su Yu surprisingly beheaded a Level three Ferocious Beast, this will still end as we planned.”

However, Su Yu now pouted and said, “There’s no need for you to wait for Chu Baw.a.n.g’s return. He’s never coming back!”

Chu Long suddenly turned his head and stared at Su Yu. He said, “What do you mean by that?”

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