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Chapter 700 Open and Secret Compet.i.tion


The “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, Duan Shenping, who ranked 19th on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions, thought he heard it wrong. He looked at Li Mu in surprise.

The other Heavenly Legends didn’t get it.

Li Mu ran his eyes over them and said word by word, “I’m saying all-get-lost!”

Those Heavenly Legends suddenly understood what was going on.

For a moment, they were shocked and angry. They didn’t expect that Li Yidao would say something like that on such an occasion.

This meant Li Yidao slapped them in the face and did not take them seriously at all.

“You… Li Yidao, don’t you know where you are? Don’t go too far.” The “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, Duan Shenping, looked at Li Mu in shock and anger.

“Hehe, you rank only fourth, but you are so overbearing. What will you do if you rank first?” The “Purple Flame Divine Spear”, Ye Tianxie, who ranked 15th, sneered.

The “Devouring Demonic Dragon”, Ao Jiuchuan, who ranked 12th, said coldly, “Li Yidao, you should know that we’re at a banquet in the Heavenly Fox Temple. Mr. Bai, the Pontifex Vulpes, introduced us to the little princess, Daji. Li Yidao, you are being overbearing in the wrong place.”

Without saying anything, Li Mu just reached out his hand to grab the handle of the Samsara Knife on the back of his left shoulder.

The faces of the other Heavenly Legends suddenly changed. They backed away as if they were avoiding snakes and scorpions, and kept their distance from Li Yidao.

Li Yidao’s move created a strong psychological deterrent effect on them.

Li Yidao defeated about one hundred Heavenly Legends on the Immortal-slaying Platform by repeating this move hundreds of times that day. It was the signature starting move of the “G.o.d of Broadswords”, Li Yidao, and no one could withstand it. Those who had watched Li Yidao fight had to retreat when they saw this move.

Seeing the look of these Heavenly Legends retreating in fear, Li Mu sneered and slowly withdrew his broadsword.

“A bunch of cowards.”

He certainly would not take real action at the banquet.

Many people had noticed this scene.

Li Mu got carried away when he saw the little princess, Daji, just now. Many people believed that he was distracted by Daji’s beauty. Now the way he acted rendered them speechless. “How could this so-called ‘G.o.d of Broadswords’ be so obsessed with attractive women?”

When the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan saw what happened, he curled his lip and sneered. “This country b.u.mpkin doesn’t know how to impress a woman at all.”

“How gentle I was when I pursued the Lady of the Clouds!

“A beauty is to be courted and doted on. You should court her in a nice and graceful way instead of such a rude and violent manner.

In the eyes of the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, Li Mu acted like a cow chewing on a peony. Given the way he acted, he would not win the beauty’s favor, and the beauty would feel offended.

“He doesn’t know how to be romantic and elegant.”

Deep down the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan had already put such a label on the “G.o.d of Sword”, Li Yidao.

“To be honest, since Li Yidao has performed so badly in front of the beauty, he really doesn’t deserve to be my opponent.”

As expected, all the people at the banquet soon noticed that after Li Yidao scared away those Heavenly Legends in a violent and overbearing manner, the little princess, Daji, did not show any grat.i.tude. Instead, she looked more frightened and stared at him in horror. Then, she stepped back subconsciously, not wanting to see him anymore.


The “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, Duan Shenping, laughed out loud.

Several other Heavenly Legends also deliberately laughed loudly so that Li Mu could hear them.

The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan shook his head and smiled.

The big shots from various tribes and clans silently downgraded the importance of Li Yidao in their hearts.

“Perhaps the obsession of this young “blade” with beauty is his flaw.

“A genius with such a flaw is really very vulnerable. He will never become a hero of great influence in the future. He can only be a watchdog of some tribe at best.”

The look on the face of Bai Yuanshou, who was talking and laughing with a giant, did not change at all when he saw what happened.

“Uh, this…”

Seeing Daji staying away from him and look a little panicked, Li Mu froze for a moment and then smiled bitterly.

“I was still a little too impulsive just now.”

Li Mu was wearing the mask made of silver-mountain-like strange stone, which completely covered up his entire aura. Now he looked completely different from his previous image, so Daji didn’t recognize him and regarded him as a stranger who coveted her beauty like other Heavenly Legends. That was why she had reacted that way.

However, he really couldn’t help it when he saw the unnatural and embarra.s.sed look on the face of this little beauty surrounded by the other Heavenly Legends.

Little Daji liked to call Li Mu “Dad”. To be honest, Li Mu also regarded this little fox girl as his own daughter. It was a kind of pure family affection. Naturally, he didn’t want to see anyone threatening his daughter.

He looked at Daji, who was hiding away from him. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

“How can I reunite with little Daji without attracting attention from others and revealing my ident.i.ty?”

While he was pondering, another person walked slowly to Daji with a gla.s.s of wine in his hand.

Li Mu narrowed his eyes.

“Is there anyone else not afraid of dying?”

He felt killing intent surging through him and wanted to stop him.

However, he froze when he saw who this person was.

He was the “G.o.d of Sword”, w.a.n.g Yanyi.

When the others around Li Mu saw this, they were surprised and began to gloat on him.

“A good show is coming up.”

They were very curious.

On the one hand, they wanted to see if the two super Heavenly Legends, the “G.o.d of Broadswords” and the “G.o.d of Sword”, would fall out with each other because of this matter. On the other hand, they wanted to know if w.a.n.g Yanyi, who was much more elegant and handsome than Li Yidao, could win the favor of the little princess.

They soon got an answer.

Li Yidao didn’t step forward to drive w.a.n.g Yanyi away like he did to the other Heavenly Legends.

The little princess, Daji, didn’t hate w.a.n.g Yanyi like she resented the other people.

Everyone looked dumbfounded, as if their eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to fall out. To their great surprise, they saw that w.a.n.g Yanyi said something to little Daji, and the latter, who looked frightened and embarra.s.sed just now, put on a happy face. She suddenly held w.a.n.g Yanyi’s hand like an orphan who had found a long-lost relative.

“What’s going on?”

Many people found it unbelievable.

The Heavenly Legends like “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, Duan Shenping, and the “Purple Flame Divine Spear”, Ye Tianxie, looked at each other in disbelief.

The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan also felt surprised.

The eyes of the Pontifex Vulpes, Bai Yuanshou, who had been calm and collected, flashed with confusion.

Only a few people knew that little Daji had never felt so closely attached to anyone in the Heavenly Fox Clan.

“Could it be that he is an old acquaintance of Daji?”

Bai Yuanshou and some other seniors of the Heavenly Fox Clan began to wonder about it.

Li Mu was even more shocked.

“Could it be that Daji and w.a.n.g Yanyi already know each other?

“No matter how crazy w.a.n.g Yanyi is, it’s impossible for him to use the Charm Spell on little Daji at such a banquet. However, Daji looks so closely attached to him. There is only one reasonable explanation for this. In little Daji’s mind, w.a.n.g Yanyi is not only someone she trusts, but also a person to whom she feels close.”

Li Mu was very puzzled when he saw Daji holding w.a.n.g Yanyi’s arm, talking and laughing.

“Could it be that little Daji met w.a.n.g Yanyi by chance and got to know him after she entered the Star River?”

Li Mu knew that after little Daji entered the Star River, she had stayed on the Governing Star of the Heavenly Fox Clan for some time. Later, the Heavenly Fox Clan began to value her because of her pure and primitive bloodline. They took her to the White Earth and trained her, and she became the princess of the Heavenly Fox Clan.

“This is embarra.s.sing.”

Li Mu did not rush over to little Daji to reunite with her.

He held a gla.s.s of wine and observed secretly, trying to come up with a feasible plan.

However, in other people’s eyes, Li Mu looked a little “frustrated and lost”, just like a male animal feeling embarra.s.sed and depressed after being rejected.

“Hehe, isn’t your broadsword very powerful?” the “Seven Luminaries Divine Bell”, Duan Shenping, intentionally came over to Li Mu and mocked him.

He felt a little ashamed that he had been scared away by Li Mu’s move.

Li Mu glanced at him and silently wrote the word “death” on his face.

“I will settle everything in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm.”

As the banquet reached its climax, someone suddenly suggested that the famous G.o.ddess in the Ziwei Star Zone, the Lady of the Clouds, perform a dance to add some zest to this grand event.

“Haha, I’ve heard that the Lady of the Clouds is a rare and unparalleled dancer. She happens to be visiting the palace of the Heavenly Deity Clan. Why don’t we ask her to come over and show her unparalleled dance skills to add fun to today’s banquet?” The person who spoke was a strange young man. He looked as if he might disappear into the darkness at any time.

He was the “Nether Ghost”, Feng Xingyun, who ranked second on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions.

He did not get along well with the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan.

There couldn’t be a second sun in the sky, and there couldn’t be a second place in martial arts. As the two most outstanding persons of the new generation in the entire Ziwei Star Zone, the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan and Feng Xingyun had been contending against each other for a long time. Therefore, it was commonplace for the latter to say those words suddenly.

When the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan heard that, his face immediately darkened.

He regarded the Lady of the Clouds as a G.o.ddess and piously worshipped her. Even if an outsider cast a glance at her, he would consider it a kind of blasphemy. Now someone wanted to ask her to perform a dance in the presence of so many people. It was as if someone asked him to take out a rare treasure he carefully cherished and let others appreciate and play with it. How could he ever agree?

However, before the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan could reject the suggestion, some other people cheered on Feng Xingyun’s proposal.

The Pontifex Vulpes, Bai Yuanshou, smiled and said, “That’s good. The Heavenly Fox Temple should deserve a dance by the Lady of Clouds. What do you think, Mr. Huangfu?”

The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan was called Huangfu Chengdao.

Upon hearing Bai Yuanshou’s words, the young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan, Huangfu Chengdao, could not find any way to say no.

With a gloomy look on his face, he cast a glance at the “Nether Ghost”, Feng Xingyun, and finally nodded. Then he asked one of his trusted followers to go to the palace of the Heavenly Deity Clan to invite the Lady of the Clouds.

Li Mu suddenly began to look forward to it.

“It turns out that the Lady of the Clouds is Hua Xiangrong.”

He had been trying to find her, but unfortunately, he hadn’t seen her. Was he going to see her again at today’s banquet?

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