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In the end, it was completely Yun Hua's victory.

Yun Cong Jun slammed the door shut and left angrily. Yun Hua gave him one day to make up his mind.

Today was Sat.u.r.day, tomorrow would be Sunday, so she expected a decision from Yun Cong Jun on monday. If he agreed, then they would go ahead to legalise the divorce that morning.

After Yun Cong Jun left, Jiang Huan Qing collapsed onto the sofa and weeped silently.

Yun Hua walked over and gently embraced Jiang Huan Qing.

She remained silent.

She had no regrets about what had just happened.

Her mom should be making her own decisions but Yun Hua decided on this one for her!

Yun Hua knew very clearly how much her mother loved Yun Cong Jun…

Today, her mother had just found about about her husband cheating on her with her bestie and then having to deal with divorce so quickly…

The chain of events were heart wrenching for Jiang Huan Qing.

The mother and daughter remained in the embrace for some time before Jiang Huan Qing stopped crying.

She looked at Yun Hua with her red eyes and asked, "Hua Hua, when… when did you find out about…"

"About what? About Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue?" Yun Hua smiled bitterly, "Mom, he has been hiding it from you all these while. You don't know it but he could come to school every one or two days with the excuse of bring me out to eat but each time he would bring those two along as well… Eventually, they slipped up and I overheard their conversation…"

Yun Hua pursed her lips tightly and looked at Jiang Huan Qing, "Mom, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I… I had intentionally sent you to Xiao Qiu Ci's house because I was afraid you wouldn't believe me…"

"Silly girl, why would I not believe you?" Jiang Huan Qing broke out into tears and bitter laughter.

After a long while, Jiang Huan Qing took a deep breath, "Alright, Hua Hua, mom has always been a weak person and did not protect you well, causing you to enduring so much suffering from young…"

"No, you're not weak at all!" Yun Hua's gaze was firm, "If you were weak, how could you find the strength to work so hard to earn money to support Yun Cong Jun! You just love him too much…"

"Don't say that." Jiang Huan Qing looked at Yun Hua, "Even if I divorce him, he is still your dad, you shouldn't call him by his name."

Yun Hua pursed her lips but nodded in the end, "Fine."

Jiang Huan Qing took a deep breath, "Don't worry about me, even if it's for your sake, I will stand up again. So what if I did not go through formal education, I'm sure part-time jobs don't require formal education!

"Mom, there's no need, I think that your dishes are great so I'm sure you can earn money from opening a food stall!" Yun Hua started talking excitedly, "Furthermore, we will have 500,000 soon and a monthly sum of 2,000 on top of that!"

Jiang Huan Qing was a little hesitant, "Your dad… Would he accept? 500,000 is too much. Even if we added up all the money I had sent him back then, it would only be in the 5 digits range…"

"Mom!" Yun Hua stared at Jiang Huan Qing, "You can't compare the money from before to now. Furthermore, if it wasn't for those tens of thousands of dollars, he wouldn't be able to start his business and earn what he now has! 500,000 isn't much at all!"

Jiang Huan Qing was still a little doubtful…

"Mom, let's stop thinking about it, I'm hungry so let's have dinner. Can you make tomato egg noodle for dinner? After we finish eating, let's pack up all his stuff and get him to remove it all after we finish the administrative stuff! It's a ha.s.sle if he leaves it here!"

Jiang Huan Qing looked at her smiling daughter and the heart lightened.


Maybe she should really change herself!

Even if it is for the sake of her daughter, she cannot continue being like her past self!

[] Chapter 49 []

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