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Chapter 626 His Tongue is a Jinx

“When you’re on the battlefield, do look after yourself.”

The Ghost General elder named Zhen Ye cautioned Li Mu.

After saying that, he turned into a column of pitch-black smoke, which shot up to the sky and joined the battle.

Up ahead, flames of war had engulfed the land. Roars of the soldiers had shaken the sky. The Ghost Qi had been surging in the air. It was as if there were a haze between heaven and earth foreboding the end of the world.

All kinds of shrieks had torn through the air and ripped up large areas of heaven and earth.

Ghost cultivators practicing various cultivation methods had a.s.sumed different shapes. All kinds of ghost instruments and magic treasures were emitting dazzling brilliance, as though the gloomy heaven and earth were blooming with gorgeous fireworks. The scene was both splendid and horrifying.

The battle between the Bone Sacred Mountain and the other ghost sects had reached a tragically white-hot state.

It was the 28th day after Li Mu came to the Ghost Rally Star.

Led by the three major ghost sects, the alliance of ghost sects had charged into the heart of the Bone Sacred Mountain. The Bone Sacred Mountain was in a precarious situation.

The newly-recruited disciples of the Bone Sacred Mountain had suffered heavy casualties. More than half of them had already fled.

Not all of the ghost cultivators were willing to fight to the death for the great ambition of the Two Sages of the Bone Sacred Mountain.

But, of course, not all of them were afraid of death, either.

Now, there were still 100,000 ghost cultivators in the Bone Sacred Mountain. They were fighting side by side to preserve this deemed sacred land.

Li Mu was one of them.

However, he was fighting for a different reason.

Li Mu looked back at his subordinates behind him.

Of the previous 100 ghost cultivators at Li Mu’s command, some had died in battles and some had fled. Now, there were less than 50 of them left. Those ghosts had different appearances and were in different age brackets. There were both men and women. There were children in their teens as well as white-haired seniors. Most of those ghost cultivators had retained the appearance and disposition they had when they were alive.

Li Mu noticed that in the squad, there was a young man about 17 years old wearing the ghost armor distributed by the sect. He was weeping and trembling with fear, but he had not backed away.

Those who had died once understood the meaning of death better than anyone else.

People who had died once also cherished the feeling of existence more than anyone else.

The Wandering Souls who had come to the Ghost Rally Star all had certain great obsessions or unfulfilled wishes. They were much more unwilling to die than the living beings.

Still, they appeared on the battlefield.

Looking at those subordinates who had followed him for barely a month, Li Mu suddenly felt that he was really one of them.

“Everyone, follow me and try not to break ranks.”

Li Mu gave the order. Then, he wheeled around and rushed toward the ghost cultivator charging at him from the opposite.

Soldiers fought against soldiers.

Generals fought against generals.

This was the way of battling among ghost sects.

In the sky, the high-ranking Ghost Generals of the Bone Sacred Mountain were wrestling with their counterparts. Their fights had generated horrible energy fluctuations.

The ground, on the other hand, was the battlefield of the ghost cultivators at Li Mu’s level.

The weapon Li Mu was holding was a giant, rusty broadsword best used in beheading enemies. It was a high-quality ghost weapon Li Mu had obtained from the a.r.s.enal of the Bone Sacred Mountain. As soon as Li Mu wielded the broadsword, it instantly chopped more than a dozen Lost Land’s ghost cultivators in white bone armor into pieces. Chips of white bones flew in the air like dancing snowflakes.

Like a sharp awl, Li Mu pushed his way to the heart of the camp of the Lost Land.

His 50 subordinates, including the young ghost cultivator with tears of fear on his face, had followed closely behind him, wielding their weapons while charging forward.

Li Mu had drawn on his experience in the previous battles. He had chosen to be at the front to suffer the biggest impact so as to relieve the pressure on his subordinates behind him and to protect them as much as possible. Only a cultivator as strong as Li Mu could manage this.

For this reason, for quite a long time, Li Mu’s squad had been the one that had suffered the least loss.

Li Mu’s fierce fighting style had won the praise of the high-level management of the Bone Sacred Mountain and had also attracted the attention of the enemy.

In the sky.

A giant Dragon Skeleton that was hundreds of meters long was flapping its fleshless wings.

On the back of the Dragon Skeleton stood a figure who was in black-and-red armor and surrounded by thick Ghost Qi. It was apparent that he was a ghost with a highly respected status.

Behind him stood dozens of ghost masters from the Lost Land. One of them was a giant ghost cultivator as tall as a hill. He was carrying a pair of crossed giant axes on his back. Beams of blood-colored light were twirling in his eyes, giving off daunting pressure.

“Is it him?”

The figure in black-and-red armor looked down and fixed his eyes on Li Mu, who was on the killing spree.

A ghost cultivator of the Lost Land reported, “Head, that’s the man we’ve talked about. He also goes by the name ‘Wild Broadsword’. He has excellent broadsword-using methods and strong combat capability. These days, he has killed many of our masters. Words on the street are that he is a newly-enthroned Ghost General. And he has joined the Bone Sacred Mountain for barely a month.”

“Xing Man, go kill him,” the black-and-red armored figure ordered.

The giant ghost cultivator licked his lips and said, “Yes, sir.”

He jumped straight off the back of the Dragon Skeleton. Like a meteor, his body fell from the sky with a streak of sparks in his wake. As if a big fireball, he swooped down. Before anyone noticed, the double axes on his back were already gripped in his hands. He held the giant axes crossed, which emitted murderous light that seemed to be able to cleave heaven and earth. With unparalleled killing intent, his axes directly hacked at Li Mu, who was leading the squad.

“Xing Man’s Axes Cross Hack is getting more and more sophisticated and powerful. Head, I’m sure he can kill that Wild Broadsword for you,” a handsome master of the Lost Land said with a smile.

The head of the Lost Land, who was wearing a suit of black-and-red armor, nodded. “Well, Xing Man is gifted…”

But before his voice died away—

Li Mu, who was battling fiercely on the ground, suddenly jumped up and raised his broadsword at the huge fireball that the giant ghost cultivator had turned into. Next second, the fireball was cut in halves.

At the same time, the body of the giant ghost cultivator was chopped into pieces.

He had been killed in just one second.

Dead silence fell on the back of the Dragon Skeleton.

The master of the Lost Land who made that remark only a moment ago felt rather embarra.s.sed.

As for the head of the Lost Land, the corners of his mouth also twitched behind the black mask.

Xing Man’s cultivation was already at the middle stage of the Ghost General Realm. Although he was not a top master in the Lost Land, owing to his innate talent, simple mind, and absolute loyalty to the head, he had long been favored and trusted by the head. He was also one of the head’s personal guards. If he was sent to the battlefield on the ground, he would definitely be a tough combatant who could crush all the minions there. He was supposed to be unbeatable on the ground. However, he had just been killed by the Wild Broadsword of the Bone Sacred Mountain with just one hack.

It seemed that the strength of this Wild Broadsword was higher than they had imagined.

“Head, please let me snuff this Wild Broadsword.” Another lanky master of the Lost Land volunteered to go to the battlefield.

The head of the Lost Land nodded and said, “Well, Elder Zhuo Bie, your strength is fundamentally outstanding. Since you are already at the peak of the middle stage of the Ghost General Realm, you are surely able to kill this Wild Broadsword to avenge our Xing Man and boost the morale of our army on the ground… Go ahead.”

The lanky ghost cultivator nodded. In a flash, he disappeared from the back of the Dragon Skeleton. The next moment, he reappeared on the ground right in front of Li Mu. The Blood Dragon Ghost Spear in his hand stabbed straight at Li Mu’s forehead. His move and timing were both impeccable. His attack came without any warning. This was really a stab made for the kill.

“Good. This time, Elder Zhuo Bie will definitely return victoriously.” The handsome master of the Lost Land who had spoken earlier immediately whooped.

This sneak attack was really brilliant.

The cultivators of the Lost Land on the back of the Dragon Skeleton also revealed a trace of a smile.

However, the next moment, their smiles froze on their faces.

Because even though Zhuo Bie’s move was almost flawless, the Wild Broadsword seemed to have foreseen this. He hacked his broadsword at Zhuo Bie’s face again. Even though Zhuo Bie launched the attack first, Li Mu’s blade was much quicker, which instantly cut the Blood Dragon Ghost Spear in two pieces from the middle. It was exactly the same way he used when he killed Xing Man. At the same time, Zhuo Bie, who had shoved his spear forward, was also split in two.

The handsome master who had cheered twice in a row instantly looked as if he had eaten a dead mouse.

The other masters all turned their heads to look at him.

“Perhaps he kind of jinxed this task with his comments.”

Behind the black mask, the veins on the forehead of the head of the Lost Land were on the verge of standing out.

“Head, I’ll go slaughter him,” a man shrouded in dense black Ghost Qi said in a voice as freezing as shattering ice. He had taken the initiative to ask for the chance to battle.

The head of the Lost Land nodded and said, “Well, Elder Li Lin, you’re my right-hand man. You seldom battle. But when you do, you always win… Off you go. Take care.”

Seeing this, to ease his embarra.s.sment, the handsome master of the Lost Land hurriedly said, “Now that Elder Li Lin is going out to battle, then it must be…”

Elder Li Lin turned his head, threw him a nasty look, and shouted, “Shut up!”

The handsome master of the Lost Land quickly shut his mouth out of fear.

It was not until then that Elder Li Lin leaped off the Dragon Skeleton and went to kill Li Mu.

Shortly after, sporting a horrible broadsword wound that almost cut his body into two halves, Elder Li Lin fled back to the Dragon Skeleton. Thick, liquid-like black Ghost Qi was spilling from the wound. For ghost cultivators, this was their kind of “bleeding”. If one lost too much Ghost Qi, not only would his strength be reduced, but his life might also be on the line.

Fortunately, at the last moment, Elder Li Lin escaped from the deadly broadsword of the Wild Broadsword and fled back.

“Head, I…” Elder Li Lin uttered with a guilty look.

The head of the Lost Land said, “Never mind. Elder Li Lin, you’ve tried your best… Go to the side and heal your wounds.”

Elder Li Lin nodded in shame and retreated to the side. Then, he glared fiercely at the handsome master of the Lost Land.

The handsome master of the Lost Land felt quite wronged. “I didn’t get to finish my words a moment ago, did I? You’re wounded because you are strong enough. But why are you blaming me?”

However, the other masters of the Lost Land all felt that Elder Li Lin had made a wise decision by not letting that handsome master finish his words. Otherwise, he would probably have already been reduced to ashes just like Xing Man and Zhuo Bie.

“That man’s tongue is a jinx.”

The head of the Lost Land also looked back at this handsome subordinate and said, “This time, I’m going to kill him myself. Elder Xingfeng, do you have anything to say?”

Without thinking, the handsome Elder Xing Feng made to say something. But when the words were on the tip of his tongue, he caught the glowers of the others. So, he immediately covered his mouth again for fear that he would say anything to jinx it. If even their head couldn’t handle the Wild Broadsword and retreated in defeat, would others let him keep breathing?

The head of the Lost Land smiled. Then, he remarked, “Just say it. I won’t mind.”

He made that remark in a very final sort of way.

Elder Xing Feng had no choice but to say, “Head, now that you’re taking things into your own hands, your will definitely return in triumph.”

The head of the Lost Land nodded and said, “Great.”

He was going to fight Li Mu in person.

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