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Chapter 279 Extraterrestrial Devil

The sword was born in the secular world, and its owner was the Sword Whiz.

When Li Gang smashed another two-step Celestial Being for a third time, the second prince appeared stunned—he who thought it was worth killing Li Gang even if at the cost of five Celestial Beings—and his eyes were filled with hatred.




Before the second prince gave any orders, the remaining two Celestial Being withdrew embarra.s.singly and cowardly.

That was not their fault.

They might have the urge to fight due to being at the same level, but they actually couldn't even counterattack once, as if ants were confronting a giant dragon. What could they do? They would seek death if they kept battling.

What was more, although the second prince was kind to them, and was the master to whom they were allegiant, compared with their lives, he weighed little.

After all, they were senior Celestial Beings, not men of sacrifice.

One man with one style. Li Gang, dressed in the light armor made by the Sky-stabilizing Mirror and surrounded by the glaring sword light, was like a G.o.d of war.

“His Royal Highness, do you want to fight again?”

As Li Gang's mask was automatically lifted up, his handsome, jade-carved face showed unparalleled confidence and momentum.

He had said that the second prince wasn't qualified to say those arrogant words. At that moment, the fact was verified. Such a secular sword intent might be ruled only by the emperor. How could a prince convince him to gain his allegiance?

“In accordance with the emperor's edict, I am here for the righteousness of killing the rebellious, so how can I retreat? Li Gang, you even defy the will of the emperor. Can you always be so fierce?” The second prince roared.

As soon as he raised his hand, the imperial edict in the air flew into his hands, and the bright yellow halo shrouded him, he bit his teeth. Later, the power of the imperial edict was completely taken into his body.

The Dragon-commanding Skill, a kind of magical method developed by the imperial court, was considerably powerful. Supported by its energy, the emperor could issue the imperial edict. Besides, anyone from the imperial family who practiced the Dragon-commanding Skill could harness the powerful energy contained in the edict, which was one of the capabilities possessed by the royal family of the Western Qin Empire.

By absorbing the energy in the imperial edict, plus his own cultivation, the second prince could show his trump card.

However, he was completely discouraged by Li Gang's next move.

A bundle of bright yellow light flew out of Li Gang's hand into the air, presenting the mighty momentum of the heaven royal family. It seemed as if a G.o.d had opened his eyes and was overlooking the earth. Thus, a kind of chilling and breathtaking atmosphere filled the area.

“In accordance with the emperor's words, my second son, Qin Fan, as a member of the royal family, is disloyal to me. He colludes with those rebellious subjects to intervene in the military affairs, to secretly collect men of sacrifice, and to kill key subjects… I order Li Gang, magistrate of the Chang'an Mansion, to kill the second prince Qin Fan and to bring his head into the capital. All done!”

The majestic but cold voice echoed above Chang'an City.

That voice was exactly the same as the one emitted by the imperial edict from the second prince.

It turned out to be another imperial edict.

And its content was actually contrary to that one.

The majestic voice reverberated between heaven and earth, which was as powerful as the other edict.

That sudden change shocked everyone in Chang'an City.

Including the people in the main hall of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club and Li Mu.

Two imperial edicts?

Li Mu looked up at the sky.

He did not know whether that imperial edict was legitimate, but it seemed to be real from its breath and momentum. Moreover, from the expression of the second prince in the distance, it might be the case.

Oh, interesting!

That was really interesting.

What was the Western Qin Emperor doing, to issue two completely different imperial edicts?

Or had the political situation of the Western Qin Empire been so chaotic that anyone could come up with an imperial edict to scare others?

“Ridiculous, Li Gang. You dare to show a fake one?” The second prince roared with indignation.

Li Gang calmly and indifferently said, “Qin Fan, this is an imperial edict. Are you trying to defy it?”

The second prince sneered and replied, “You really are a treacherous minister. My father is really wise, to have ordered me to kill you. You are so daring that you would even fake the imperial edict to murder a prince. What else aren't you afraid to do? It seems that you have already cooperated with the Northern Song Dynasty?”

“Ridiculous. I don't know what you're saying.” Li Gang stood with a sword calmly, “In the name of the imperial edict, I will not forgive your words. I don't want to be dyed with the blood of the royal family, but if you are still stubborn, the Secular Sword is ruthless.”

As the long sword moved once, Sword Qi and Sword Intent were flowing.

The field of the Secular Sword intent was widened, and the invincibly terrific power spread under the influence of the imperial edict in the air, blocking the s.p.a.ce within 10,000 meters. The power of heaven and earth was almost solidified, and everything was under Li Gang's control.

Blocked and fettered.

No way to flee.

The second prince became a caged bird instantly.

He looked quite indignant.

“Li Gang, you treacherous minister,” The second prince bellowed with his furious and malicious look.

He clearly knew the reason for two imperial edicts to exist.

At the moment, since he could get an imperial edict from the Political Hall, his brother, who was the first prince, could naturally get another. Hence, it was not surprising for Li Gang, the first prince's subordinate, to have one.

The root cause was not whether the imperial edict was genuine.

Instead, the second prince had gradually lost his upper hand.

Before that, he believed himself a hunter, and he went to Chang'an City with full force for a successful hunting. But currently, it seemed that he was playing the role of a prey. Perhaps, before he thought of going to Chang'an City under his perfect excuse of chasing the remaining members of the Tang family, Li Gang and the first prince had already set a trap for him.

The second prince was extremely mad since he was trapped in a plot.

He realized that he was in an extremely dangerous situation.

“You are forcing me…” The handsome face of the second prince became a bit fierce, and he seemed to have made some determination as a malicious intention flashed upon his eyes.

Suddenly, he took action.

Two lines by the golden dragon toes suddenly appeared in the air, directly splitting the last two Celestial Beings into pieces.

Blood was spread.

The two Celestial Beings who were still fighting for the second prince; they were suddenly killed, before they were able to take a breath to respond.

Blood was permeating in the void.

The handsome face of the second prince, at that time, looked as fierce as the devil's.

There was a hint of surprise on Li Gang's reserved look.

On the ground, Li Mu and Zhao Yu, who had been craning their necks tiredly, looked at each other in confusion.

What was going on?

Did the second prince try to kill his trusted subordinates first to accompany his death, when he found that he couldn't escape?

Was he that bold?

It was amazing.

“Die.” The second prince fiercely and directly hit Liu Chenglong.


Before Liu Chenglong reacted, his body was like a watermelon that was blasted open.

“Is he mad?”

Li Mu and Zhao Yu once again had tacitly looked at each other.

Li Gang frowned slightly and seemed to be aware of something.

“Today, let the entire Chang'an City die with you.” The second prince seemed to be crazy.

He fingered several secret seals and attacked all the places in Chang'an City.


The earth was suddenly shaking, and all directions were filled with a deadly atmosphere, with screams all around. Since those were crowded places, flesh and blood instantly covered those areas. Numerous people suddenly burst into pieces after such attack, where a fluctuating energy exploded.

In a moment, numerous people died.

The second prince spit out a b.l.o.o.d.y light cl.u.s.ter; it floated up and turned into a palm-sized, blood-colored statue, with a sheep-like head and man-like body. It was quite abnormal, and a pair of horns were horribly twisted, which seemed to be made of some mysterious red crystal with a strange light. It seemed to be condensed by the blood of thousands of creatures.

“The blood and the souls of creatures as the sacrifice. The supreme demon-cloud sheep G.o.d, please listen to the call of your most loyal servant…” The second prince hummed the ancient song, which seemed to belong to a fanatical cult.

A b.l.o.o.d.y vortex emerged above the second prince.

Time and s.p.a.ce were distorted.

Like a sea maelstrom, a dark black hole emerged.

Behind the black hole was the universe.

A kind of ancient evil force penetrated through the universe behind the black hole.

At the same time, the energy floating in the void and the bones of the dead turned into a visible, red evil power. It gathered toward the black hole, as if it were being swallowed, including Ace a.s.sa.s.sin, Sun Ming, Long-brow Saint, Mu Qing, Celestial Beings killed by the second prince, as well as the dead creatures in Chang'an City whose dead bodies, bones, and blood were turned into a blood river…

The scene was weird, b.l.o.o.d.y, and evil.

“Flesh for sacrifice? You… to even collude with an otherworldly devil?”

Li Gang looked quite indignant.

That was a big deal.

The second prince was covered with a mist-like evil blood, smirking.

“This world is controlled by the otherworldly devil like a toy… I am the heavenly-selected person. I have been chosen by the supreme sheep G.o.d as the spokesperson for the G.o.ds in the world. Can the rules in the world bind me? You all deserve death!”

At that time, in the starry sky opposite the black hole, a huge scarlet eye emerged, indifferent without the slightest human feelings, and like a sea of blood. A demon voice, through the distorted black hole, like a mental storm, came out.

“Lowly servant, why do you call me?”

The different voice was heard throughout Chang'an City.

Li Mu was shocked.

“An extraterrestrial devil?”

“It doesn't belong to this Martial Art Star?”

“This was what the old faker said, the ancient life in the universe and the unbeatable cosmic race?”

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