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Chapter 18 : Encounter


This was seriously bad.

I lost the sight of Velke and now I was wandering around the town, aimlessly.

I felt so close to tears.

Even though I told him I wouldn't let his hand go..

How come I didn't realize that my hand were already empty?

Even though he gripped my hand so hard like that..

I still lost him in the end..

"Hey there, are you alright?"

Someone came to talk to me, they must've noticed I was a lost child.

I looked behind me to see a man probably in his twenties with icy blue eyes.

He looked like a swordsman, there was a worned out swords on his hips.

He also was very beautiful, he looked like a prince from fairy tale with his glowing blonde hair and blue eyes.

The said man approached me cautiously and got on his knees so his eye level was the same as me.

He smiled at me gently, it was a sight to behold. His gaze felt very warm and soothing, like an angel's smile.

"I-I'm lost.." I replied.

Somehow this young man before me, he had this calming radiance with him. I felt calm even though I was panicking just a second ago. Maybe this person would help me find Velke? It'd be nice if he were willing to help me.

"I see, poor you. Don't be sad, I will help you,okay?"

The man wiped my tears with his thumb and linked our hands together.


Suddenly the system blurted a loud warning inside my head, even though the system kept quiet when I searched for Velke frantically.


This person.. The hero..

Oh no.

I felt cold sweat dripping all over me.

To think I would meet the hero at times like this!!


I was speechless.

The difference in our LV was too great.

This person..

This person was the one that exterminated my beloved monsters..

From the bottom of my heart, hatred, vengeance, and wrath surged forward.

But I couldn't do anything.

The current me couldn't do anything to this hero.

I knew this hero could kill me in the blink of an eye.

If I were to die here, the restoration of demon kind would become a pitiful dream once again.

I grasped the hero's hand tightly, my own weakness frustrated me.

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, it's nothing."

The hero stroked my hand kindly.

"Who did you lost, little one?"

"My.. My onii-chan."

My heart was pounding, I hope the hero wouldn't be able to hear it.

Calm down, it's going to be alright.

Right now, I'm concealed as a human, yes a human.

The hero wouldn't be able to know that I was the maou.

I had to be careful so he wouldn't find out!

"I see, let's look for your onii-chan then. What's your name,little one?"

Na..me.. Name..

Ah that's right.

I didn't have a name.

Once again, I was dripping in cold sweat.

Anything.. Yeah, any name should be fine. Anything!






"I see so your name is Mao-kun then. Your black hair .. Somehow it reminds of the time when I was travelling through the eastern country. Now that I think about it, I also met a cat named Mao. You have a really cute name. Well then, Mao-kun let's go find your onii-chan, okay?"

The hero smiled as he took my hand.




What to do???

What should I do ???

Ugh my stomach hurt from stress, d.a.m.n what should I do?!

Th-that's right!

Hey, system!


I want to use 'mind reading' on the hero!

< the="" divine="" protection="" won't="" activate="" except="" during="" combat="" so="" the="" hero="" is="" defenseless="" now!="" what="" a="" great="" idea!="">>

Well of course, I'm the maou after all!

It was the hero's fault for letting his guard down!

I need to check his mind so I could prepare myself if he were to get suspicious of me, I wouldn't be able to win in combat with him but the least I could do was to clear any of his doubt of me!

I focused my own magical power and use [Mind Reading] on the hero.

"Mao-kun, don't worry. I will definitely help you find your lost onii-chan."

The hero voice was full of rea.s.surement.

(Ahhhnng….Nngghhh…Ahnn…Mao-tan, Mao-tan! So cute!! I want to bring you home!! I want to lick your body all over, from your cute navel, to your ear, to your plump b.u.t.t!! Ahnnng!! Nngaaaahh!!)


"What does your onii-chan look like?"

(His ordinary face, his ordinary body..Ahhhnng! I'm going to come!! Mao-tan, so adorable!! Onii-tan is going to come all over your important place you know!!)

"Um.. He's over 2 meters tall.."

"Ah, he's taller than me then."

(Haaaa…Nnnggaahhhh… I want to lick your sweet body, tasting you from the top to bottom.. Mao-tan, mao-tan.. I want to take you home with me. This is the first time I ever feel like this. Maybe this is love at first sight? Ahhhh, that d.a.m.ned onii-chan. If only he weren't here, I would be able to take Mao-tan home. Since I'm the hero.. I have some leeway right? No one would bother searching for a single child, right? I want to bring Mao-tan home… If Mao-tan were to welcome me with naked ap.r.o.n… Ah I'm going to die, yeah I'm going to die instantly. His cuteness is over the chart! Ahh, Mao-tan, Mao-tan!)

"Don't worry, I know the neighborhood. I will go ask the shopkeeper whether they see your onii-chan or not okay?"

(AAhhhnn….Nnngaahhh.. I'm so lucky! To think I would meet such a lovely child like this! I don't think his a.s.s p.u.s.s.y can take my length, I might have to gradually stretch him so he could take me to the hilt. Ah, then Mao-tan can stroke my p.e.n.i.s with his lithe fingers, those sweet and beautiful fingers, stroking my long length.. Ahhnnn I think I'm going to come!!)


Why do I keep hearing this perverted thoughts?

Did I accidentally used 'Mind Reading' on some perverted old man?


"What's wrong, Mao-kun?"

(Ahng, Mao-tan, Mao-tan.. Your lips is so tiny and cute.. Ah I want to pour my drool inside and have you drink it all and then you will be dyed in my color. Ah, so adorable, so cute, Mao-tan!)


I think it'd be better if I stopped using 'mind reading' on the hero.

The more I heard, the more the hero's image crumbled.


"I see. Well let's continue searching."

The hero smiled warmly at me.

Yeah, it must be a mistake.

No matter how I thought about it, everything didn't make sense.

There was no way those perverted voices came from the hero, right ?

Yeah, I must be imagining it.

But at least I knew the hero didn't get suspicious of me so I didn't need to read his mind anymore.

When I was searching for Velke with the hero in hands, I saw someone moving his hand while speaking frantically at the other person.

It was Velke!

He ran to us with all his might, he was covered in sweat and panting heavily.

It looked like Velke had been searching for me desperately.


I yelled and Velke immediately noticed me, he turned his head to me and his eyes widened.

His desperate expression turned into a relief as he stared at me but when he looked at the person beside me, his expression turned stiff.

"Is that your onii-chan?"

"Yup, it's my onii-chan!"

"He doesn't resemble Mao-kun at all.."

"Because we're from a different family but he's still my onii-chan nonetheless."

I took my chance to let my hand go from the hero and bowed my thanks.

"Are you Mao-kun's guardian?"

The hero asked Velke, his expression was as stiff as Velke's.

Velke looked bewildered for a second before he realized that Mao was the alias that I used.

"Ah..Yeah that's right, I'm his guardian. Thank you for taking care of him."

"For you to lose sight of this cute little Mao-kun, you're not suited to become his guardian."


The hero scolded Velke and then he crouched down to me once again.

"Mao-kun, if you feel like you're being neglected by your family, please don't hesitate to call out to me okay? I will take you under my wings, no need to feel reserved at all! I would be more than happy to help you!"

This person… I didn't even need to use mind reading to know he had been thinking of doing many unpleasant thing to 'mao-tan'.

"Okay, it's going to be alright. Onii-chan is taking such a good care of me!"

"I see, I'm glad if they're taking care of you properly."

The hero smiled warmly, he was the epitome of the ideal hero that people would think of.

I ran over to Velke and hugged him real tight to show the hero that I had a good relationship with me 'onii-chan'.

"Velke, up please?"

I raised both of my arms to Velke which he complied readily.

He carried me in his arms sideways and I leaned forward to wrap my arms around Velke's neck.

"Onii-chan, I'm sorry I got lost."

"I was worried about you.."


We showed him the beautiful relationship between brothers!

I looked up to the hero and said, "Thank you kind Onii-chan, for helping me out."

"No no, the pleasure is mine and my name is Killatur, please call me Kira. I hope we can meet again one day." (T/N: the hero's name is キルラトゥール -> kiruratuuru, I don't know what to make of his name so yeah if anyone have better suggestion, hit me up!)

The hero replied while stroking my head.

"Bye bye, Kira onii-chan."

Until we meet again, my greatest enemy.

Maybe when we meet again, we will be fighting for our lives.

Yes, no matter what, we were bonded to meet again.



Velke called out to me with his sub zero voice.

"Ugh. I'm sorry.."

He must be angry, even though I told him repeatedly that I won't let his hand go, in the end I got separated from him.

"That person.. He's the hero."

"Velke you know him?"

"Even though he has been reincarnated, I will still able to differ him apart. His magical power.. There's no one else like him in this world."

Velke hugged me in much force than usual.

Yeah, 500 years ago Velke was sealed by the hero and had to suffer a lifetime of loneliness and grief.

He must be feeling none than hatred for the hero.

"Do you know how dangerous it was? Do you?"

Velke's beautiful face turned frightening.

Y-yeah.. I knew..

I got lost and furthermore, the hero was the one that found me. Me, the maou was being helped by the hero to find my attendant because I got lost.

"I-I'm sorry.."

I couldn't say anything but sorry.

"A punishment is necessary for you."

Velke teleported back to the maou's castle and brought me to his room. He never let me go even for a second.

Um… Umm..

By punishment.. Was it s.e.xual punishment…….?

Velke threw me on the bed nonchalantly and loomed his body over me.


"Do you even understand how worried I was?"

Velke asked as he removed my clothes one by one.

When I was buck naked, Velke pressed our mouth together.

"I will make you understand, through this punishment."

Then, Velke proceeded to pound on me relentlessly, filling me up with his seeds until I had a stomach b.u.mp.

He spanked my b.u.t.t as he thrusted his length in an out of my b.u.t.thole.

I couldn't even count how many rounds Velke went out, my brain went hazy halfway through, Velke's hot s.e.m.e.n melted the memories I had with the hero.

I didn't even understand what was going on, which part of my body was being thrusted into, every pores of my body became an erogenous zone.

One thing for certain was, Velke wouldn't allow to me to go to the market again.


T/N: This is my last update for this year! Ah I think I'm starting to like this series better than I expected. To think that at first I was afraid to pick this project up since biolumi has done such a good translation! I'm afraid I would make everyone's disappointed because of my subpar skill. But I guess everyone doesn't seems bothered by it? Which is good! Anyway the hero is so funny, his thoughts is simply too perverted! It's amazing how he can keep his calm and beautiful hero facade while thinking of ravishing the poor shota in front of him!

Anyway! Have a nice holiday everyone~ As always please don't forget to leave a rating or review for this monster s.e.x novel~

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