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Chapter 1166 – Asura's Purgatory (4)

Li Yaoyao knew, after this iron tower-like strong man was tired of toying with her, her ending would be the same as Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi's!

She would also be smashed into a meat patty.

No no no, she didn't want that! Absolutely doesn't want that!

Li Yaoyao was alarmed, angry and scared, her body trembled non-stop from head to toe.

Suddenly, that iron tower-like strong man felt something was wrong.

Ah, why was it raining?

He lifted up his head, looking at the absolutely empty large palace hall's roof with a perplexed expression.

He, unable to understand it, threw Li Yaoyao to the ground, then in astonishment, wiped his head, to discover that it really was water. Where did this water come from?

The iron tower-like strong man's intellect was very low. He only had the intellect of a human at three to four years old.

He put the finger that touched the water on the tip of his tongue.

"Pooh!" The foul taste of urine directly rushed from the tip of his tongue, making people feel nauseous.

Up until now, this iron tower-like strong man had discovered. What f*cking rain, it was clearly urine!

This hateful woman unexpectedly urinated on his head.

Uncle can endure, but sister-in-law cannot endure!

The iron tower-like strong man lowered his head. His gaze shot towards Li Yaoyao like lightning.

Li Yaoyao was scared until her courage nearly disappeared. Tottering, she crawled up and wanted to run, however, before she could run a single step, she was ruthlessly lifted up by her hair.

The iron tower-like strong man was really furious this time, groaning in his mouth, didn't know what he was saying. It sounded as if he was cursing.

"I didn't do it on purpose, it really wasn't on purpose……" Li Yaoyao cried miserably. This kind of matter, where was she willing? She really was scared to the point of urinating ah……

But this raging iron tower-like strong man was nevertheless completely stirred up. In a towering rage, he lifted Li Yaoyao up over his head and crouched his legs to make the horse stance.

He was clearly going to smash Li Yaoyao to death!

"No!!! Second Senior Brother! Second Senior Brother! Save me ah!" Li Yaoyao mournfully screamed like a crazy old woman, that tone was so high that it almost pierced the skies.

As it turned out, facing death, the legendary Jade Lake's Fairy that was above the common mortals could be scared to the point of urinating, could be scared to the point of acting like a lunatic.

Situ Ming, seeing Li Yaoyao like this, both eyes cracked open with rage, but just when he was distracted, a palm strike ruthlessly smashed towards his chest.

"Pooh——" A mouthful of blood violently rushed out of Situ Ming's mouth.

Having endured the attack from all sides and violently beaten up just now, at this moment, Situ Ming's whole body was seriously hurt from top to bottom, there wasn't a place where his skin was intact.

The Situ Ming that was lying on the ground knew he absolutely could not beat these four people.

For Li Yaoyao, he could, he could do anything, even if it was to die!

A strong killing intent burst out from Situ Ming's eyes.

Suddenly, a dagger appeared in his hand, he ruthlessly stabbed the dagger into his own chest!

"Is Situ Ming committing suicide?" Su Luo cried out in disbelief.

"No, it's a blood sacrifice." Zi Yan's eyes revealed a strong sorrow and despair, "Second Senior Brother is using a Life-stealing Blood Sacrifice to protect Li Yaoyao."

After all, they were fellow students in the same sect, seeing Situ Ming walk to such an ending, Zi Yan's eyes were filled with sadness.

"Life-stealing Blood Sacrifice?" Su Luo muttered.

"Yes, using his own soul as a price in return for a demon's strength. You know, if a person dies without the soul being wiped out, one can go to the ghost world. But if the soul isn't even there, then one would really disappear." Zi Yan's complexion was one of inexpressible grief and sadness.

Although because of Li Yaoyao's matter, Zi Yan didn't have a good opinion of him, however, in the end, he was still her Second Senior Brother.

At this moment, on the stage, the blood on Situ Ming's chest spread out like a blooming, pretty and flirtatious flower.

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