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Chapter 1161 – Unexpected (11)

Everywhere in this h.e.l.l Palace Hall gave off a strangeness, even he was unable to see through it clearly.

After the Nine Different Palace Halls' master left, a strange quietness was once again restored indoors.

In the center of the h.e.l.l Palace Hall, suddenly, a huge stone stage emerged.

The two people across from them that were st.u.r.dy as towers directly jumped onto the stone stage.

They stood, one on the left, one on the right, and then beckoned Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi with their fingers.

The Asura's Purgatory was about to begin.

However, everyone discovered that the d.a.m.ned Nine Different Palace Halls' master still hadn't explained to them what was called Asura's Purgatory.

There was nothing to be done, everyone could only quietly watch the changes.

Although Luo Haochen was somewhat nervous, however, matters had already arrived to this point, so he had no other choice. He could only brace himself and go up.

Luo Dieyi, dilly-dallying, didn't want to go up, but ultimately, was still pushed up by Li Yaoyao.

Luo Dieyi a.s.sumed a lovely pitiful appearance, aiming for the sympathy of that iron tower-like man across from her, trying to make him let her go.

However, Luo Dieyi didn't know that these iron tower-like men were completely under the control of the Nine Different Palace Halls' master. They were merely human-shaped battle puppets.

Therefore, even if Luo Dieyi's tears flowed until they dried up or threw flirtatious glances until her eyes cramped, it would all be usefulness.

"This elder brother, may I ask……" Luo Dieyi weakly asked.

However, without waiting for her to finish asking her question, that iron tower-like strong man directly lifted up both hands. He lifted up the thin and weak Luo Dieyi with his hands and held her up high!

"Ah!!!" This unforeseen event that suddenly occured made Luo Dieyi completely lifeless.

Her reaction was considered fast, she suddenly flipped out a dagger from her sleeves. Her hand carrying the dagger directly stabbed towards the iron tower-like strong man's wrist.

Cutting the vein on the wrist, if it was cut, the main artery's blood would then violently rush out.

What Luo Dieyi thought up was actually a good plan.

However, the facts were extremely far from what she imagined.

Luo Dieyi really cut the iron tower-like strong man's wrist, but!

Don't know what's going on with the skin on his arm, its defense was extremely abnormal, even though Luo Dieyi condensed all her spirit strength on that dagger, it still couldn't break through his defense.

"Die." The iron tower-like strong man indifferently declared Luo Dieyi's death.

One only saw him lift Luo Dieyi up high without the slightest tenderness, and then heavily throw her forward!

Over there, was the very hard wall made of deep sea black iron.

Luo Dieyi's dainty body was directly tossed out, with a 'bang' sound, she heavily smashed onto that wall made of deep sea black iron!

The time between was very fast, so quick that everyone didn't have enough time to react. Everyone only saw a blur before their eyes and Luo Dieyi had hit the wall!

No one had expected, this iron tower-like strong man's arm strength would actually be this astonishing!

Luo Dieyi was directly half-embedded into that wall, she couldn't fall down nor stand up.

There was a kind of strange quietness all around.

Li Yaoyao's position was very close to the place Luo Dieyi got thrown to.

She, filled with questions, tensely took two steps and quickly walked to Luo Dieyi's side.

However, Luo Dieyi was embedded in the wall just like that, without a trace of movement.

What was going on, in the end? Li Yaoyao suddenly had a bad premonition in her heart. She thought for a moment, then extended her little finger to poke Luo Dieyi.

Poked a few times, no response.

At this moment, everyone's attention was all focused on that place, including Luo Haochen, who still hadn't started.

"What's wrong with my younger sister?" Luo Haochen's voice carried a hint of trembling.

Li Yaoyao, having been a.s.signed by everyone, was helpless, and could only extend her hand to pull Luo Dieyi.

However, with this act of hers, a huge unforeseen change suddenly occured.

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