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Chapter 1153 – Unexpected (3)

But, how could this sword be so easily drawn out?

That Cheng Ying Sword still needed to swallow more spirit force!

You, Su Luo, couldn't even stand steadily. How could she have spirit force for it to swallow?

Everyone gazed at Su Luo with a regretful expression… It was a waste of effort for Seventh Young Master to personally bring over the Golden Silk Gloves. In the end, Su Luo still couldn't draw it out.

At this moment, the corners of Su Luo's lips raised into a faint smile.

Indeed, the spirit force in her body was not sufficient to draw out this Cheng Ying Sword. However, just now, before leaving, Seventh Young Master had told her a really simple solution.

Su Luo took out a bottle of Celestial Spirit Water from her sleeve as well as a Grandmaster grade Spirit Restoration Pill and threw it into the bottle. Then, she picked up the small porcelain bottle and gave it a shake.

"What is she doing?" Luo Dieyi still didn't understand.

"Perhaps… she wants to drink it?" Luo Haochen said, somewhat lacking any confidence.

Based on Su Luo's body's current condition, could she even withstand this kind of spirit energy battering? Regarding this, Luo Haochen was very doubtful.

However, what he said was only half right.

They only saw Su Luo's left hand lift up that already completely dissolved Celestial Spirit Water and pour the medicinal water, bit by bit, onto Cheng Ying Sword's only clear spring area on the sword blade.

"Could it be that she thinks doing this will fill up the gap in spirit force on the body of Cheng Ying Sword? Hahaha, this is simply hilarious!" Luo Dieyi placed both hands on her hips and sneered in a poking fun manner.

She understood very clearly just how frightening that Cheng Ying Sword's requirement for swallowing spirit force was.

However, just as Luo Dieyi parted her lips to laugh, very quickly, that smile froze at the corners of her lips.

Unexpectedly, she stared blankly as Su Luo drew out that Cheng Ying Sword!

How was this possible?!

Luo Dieyi rubbed her eyes in disbelief, when she opened her eyes again to look——

Sure enough, it wasn't that her vision had blurred!

Su Luo had really pulled out that Cheng Ying Sword!

To think that the method she used was so simple and yet immediately effective!

Luo Dieyi's eyes were opened wide, momentarily unsure as to how she should react… If she'd only known this earlier… if she'd known it earlier…

Luo Dieyi wasn't the only one thinking this way. Everyone present had an expression full of amazement as they looked foolishly at Su Luo.

This was simply a f*cking miracle. Don't you think so? All the people with high cultivation had already tried it, and their efforts had been useless as they'd been unable to do anything about it. However, at the final moment, the sword was unexpectedly picked up by Su Luo who couldn't even walk.

That wasn't any other sword, but the Cheng Ying Sword ah!

Thinking of this, Li Yaoyao and Luo Dieyi covered their chests with their hands, almost closing their eyes and fainting away.

Just when Su Luo pulled out that Cheng Ying Sword, the black air in the atmosphere began to be slowly inhaled back into that weird corpse, mouthful after mouthful.

"Luo Luo, congratulations, congratulations!" Zi Yan smiled from the bottom of her heart. She was truly happy for Su Luo.

Chi Xiao and Cheng Ying, these formed a pair of exceptionally famous swords. Now, they were separately held in Nangong Liuyun's and Su Luo's hands. Wasn't this the most suitable?

Su Luo wiped away the sweat on her forehead and said with a smile: "It's luck. It's nothing more than luck."

"Luck is also a part of one's strength, Moreover, it's even more important than strength itself." Nangong Liuyun rubbed Su Luo's head.

There was nothing special about the strength of his Luo girl. However, the greatest benefit would always somehow end up in her hands. On what basis did this happen? Wasn't it because of luck?

"Luck is illusionary. Strength is still the most reliable." Su Luo smilingly said.

Just now, if Seventh Young Master hadn't rushed over at the crucial moment, then she would have been caught unprepared.

The black fog dispersed. Originally, they should hurry up to look for the ninth challenge's portal, however, at this moment, everyone was injured or fainted, with their fighting strength exhausted. So, Nangong Liuyun declared that they would rest here at the eighth challenge for a night and advance tomorrow.

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