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Chapter 1151 – Unexpected (1)

Luo Dieyi reached out her hand, incessantly wanting to grab hold of that Cheng Ying Sword.

However, what made her fall apart was that the barrier surrounding the Cheng Ying Sword was simply too strong. No matter how she tried, she couldn't reach inside it… This matter was something she had to solve by herself. There was no way for others to help her.

"No, no. My Cheng Ying Sword…" Luo Dieyi was so anxious that she began to cry, like what was before her wasn't the Cheng Ying Sword, but rather, her dead parents. She cried exceedingly mournfully.

Even Su Luo was speechless.

However, regardless of how emotionally Luo Dieyi pounded at that barrier, it was all to no avail.

Luo Dieyi's body only had a tiny bit of spirit force remaining. After tossing it around like that, on top of the huge disparity, her mind couldn't endure it. Her body leaned askew and fell completely to the ground.

For a moment, there was a strange quiet all around.

Out of the party of eight people, seven had already gone off the stage after being tested. The only one who hadn't tried was Su Luo.


Outside, the column of black air collided against the barrier non-stop. Everyone felt their blood roll over and over. They were caught in a dizzy spell.

"Quickly. If the Cheng Ying Sword isn't pulled out now, we are all finished!" Luo Haochen bellowed anxiously.

Luo Haochen's words weren't exaggerated at all.

Following the pa.s.sing of time, the column of black air became increasingly thick and solid. Its colliding strength was also getting stronger and stronger. The protective barrier was on the verge of collapse, as if it would cave in at any moment.

"Ah! No good!" The moment Li Yaoyao woke up and opened her eyes, she saw a thread of black air spread to inside the barrier.

Everyone followed her line of sight and looked. Seeing it, they couldn't help but be greatly shocked.

"Hurry! The black air has already gotten inside. Quickly pull out the Cheng Ying Sword!"

Since a bit of it had already gotten inside, then that meant there would be even more coming in until this clean place would become permeated with black air.


Who would go to pull out the Cheng Ying Sword?

The men definitely couldn't do it. All four of them had been used once and eliminated.

Among the women, Li Yaoyao, Luo Dieyi, and Zi Yan had already tried it. None of them could do it.


Everyone's gazes were uniformly watching Su Luo attentively.

Those pair after pair of eyes, that were like hungry wolves with a glowing dark sea green radiance, stared at Su Luo to the point of making her hair stand on end.

Su Luo scratched her head gloomily: "Are you guys certain you want me to try?"

"There's no harm in trying." Luo Haochen was trying everything in a desperate situation, "Why are you still dilly-dallying? Hurry up ah. All of our lives are in your hands."

Su Luo suddenly felt a great responsibility.

"Alright, I'll just make an effort to give it a try." Truth be told, Su Luo didn't have a bit of confidence in herself.

Of course, others also had no confidence in her. However, they didn't want to abandon their last shred of hope.

"Girl, don't force yourself." Nangong Liuyun held onto Su Luo's hand and brought her before the Cheng Ying Sword. Then, he said determinately, "Try it. If it doesn't work, we'll think of another way."

Even Nangong Liuyun didn't hold a single thread of hope in Su Luo. He was betting on Su Luo's crazy luck.

Because Su Luo's body was weak to this degree, just walking a few steps, she was already gasping for breath. How could she possibly pull out the Cheng Ying Sword?

Su Luo sighed and reached out with her hand…

As expected, just a slight touch of the powerful barrier surrounding the Cheng Ying Sword, and that ripple-like vibration ricocheted back Su Luo's hand.

Originally, everyone was watching Su Luo anxiously, but when they saw her hand get thrown back out so easily before it even reached inside… moreover, her body even fell into Nangong Liuyun's embrace because of the vibration…

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