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Chapter 1150 – Cheng Ying Sword (7)

Zi Yan glared at Luo Dieyi fiercely, yet she had no choice but to watch on helplessly as Luo Dieyi's hand grabbed hold of that Cheng Ying sword.

The spirit force on Luo Dieyi's body poured into it in a steady flow.

Everyone's gazes were all fixated on Luo Dieyi's hand, staring fixedly without blinking.

At this moment, Luo Dieyi's expression was solemn and reserved, serious and dignified.

She realized that this Cheng Ying Sword really was a big eater. Unexpectedly, no matter how much she fed it, it wasn't getting full.

As time pa.s.sed, bit by bit, only one third of the spirit force on Luo Dieyi's body remained from being sucked out…

At this time, Luo Dieyi's heart was gradually starting to panic somewhat.

Because she discovered that this Cheng Ying Sword was a bottomless pit. Her spirit force that was poured in was like raindrops falling into the ocean without causing a single ripple.

What to do? Could it be that she had to leave the stage like Li Yaoyao and Zi Yan? No, she absolutely didn't want to be like Zi Yan and have all her spirit force sucked dry.

Just when Luo Dieyi was pondering whether she should give up, suddenly…

She felt the body of this Cheng Ying Sword tremble slightly. Following this, the amount of spirit force it swallowed began to lessen.

Luo Dieyi's eyes lit up in a flash!

The spirit force that Cheng Ying Sword was absorbing became less and less.

Wasn't this the rhythm signifying that the Cheng Ying Sword was already starting to get full?

Oh, heavens. Her decision to go on the stage after Zi Yan was the best decision she'd ever made in her entire life! Now, this Cheng Ying Sword was already pretty much hers.

Thinking up to here, the corners of Luo Dieyi lips raised into a smile. Her hands weren't slow either as her spirit force slowly poured into it like an endless stream.

If the spirit force at the start was like a stream, then the spirit force Luo Dieyi was pouring in now was like the tiny mouth of a fountain.

A tiny amount… little by little…

Then, right at this moment, suddenly…!

All around came a ramming sound which caused the earth to quake and the mountains to shake.

"Not good. The barrier is about to be broken into!" Luo Haochen's face showed a terrified expression as he anxiously called out loudly.

That ramming from just now, because Luo Haochen was closest to the barrier, he was knocked against until his blood rolled over and over. He almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Luo Dieyi's expression grew cold, and she stared even more fixedly at the Cheng Ying Dword.

Soon, soon. Soon she would pull out the Cheng Ying Sword… As long as she pulled out the Cheng Ying Sword, the black streams of air would automatically disperse!

But what she imagined was beautiful, yet reality was very thin.

Luo Dieyi's spirit force poured in non-stop while she urged it continuously. However, the Cheng Ying Sword was just like a naughty child, unhurriedly sucking in the spirit force evenly. Not much, but not stopping either…

This made Luo Dieyi feel like she was about to be driven mad and on the verge of collapse.

Because less than one percent of her spirit force remained…


The column condensed from black air ruthlessly struck towards them.

At this moment, Luo Dieyi was on the verge of exhausting her spirit force. Being jolted by such strong burst of strikes, her body was immediately sent flying and firmly knocked against the coffin.

"No!" A mournful bellow burst out from Luo Dieyi.

Her Cheng Ying sword ah!

That Cheng Ying sword had almost eaten its full!

During such a crucial moment, how could she have been sent flying?!

She really wasn't reconciled ah. This was more painful than killing her.

Luo Dieyi was knocked flying into the ground, but she withstood the acute pain in her body. She did a carp roll and scrambled back onto her feet. Her body was like an artillery sh.e.l.l as she shot towards the Cheng Ying sword.

"Cheng Ying Sword. My Cheng Ying Sword!" At lightning speed, Luo Dieyi's left palm very quickly extended towards the hilt of the Cheng Ying Sword…

However, something that would cause her to fall apart occurred.

She'd forgotten the restrictions surrounding the Cheng Ying Sword. Without spirit force, it's not like she wanted to reach in and could reach in!

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