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Chapter 1142 - The Underground Tomb (10)

Chi Xiao Sword was a man's sword. If one could get hold of it, then in the ninth challenge, he would have even more confidence in being able to protect Li Yaoyao.

However, Li Yaoyao completely didn't understand his painstaking effort. Instead, she ruthlessly cursed him in her heart.

When Situ Ming grasped Chi Xiao Sword's hilt, Li Yaoyao's pair of eyes nervously stared at him, as she muttered to herself: "Don't pull it up, don't pull it up, don't pull it up……"

Her voice was very soft, Situ Ming, with all of his attention on the Chi Xiao Sword, didn't hear it. If he had heard it, quite possibly, he would directly spit out a mouthful of blood onto the Chi Xiao Sword.

However, Su Luo, who was standing beside Li Yaoyao, had heard everything clearly. She glanced at Li Yaoyao in disbelief.

Nangong Liuyun also silently shook his head.

"This sword ought to be Third Senior Brother's." Li Yaoyao ferociously glared at Su Luo, "Cheng Ying Sword ought to be mine!"

Su Luo, with sympathy filling her eyes, glanced at Situ Ming: "Li Yaoyao, you'll go to h.e.l.l after you die."

Situ Ming was so good to her, if Li Yaoyao wanted Situ Ming's heart now, he would absolutely do the job himself. With one stab, he would dig out the piping hot heart to personally give it to Li Yaoyao.

However, Situ Ming was so dead set on her, and she would still criticize him so harshly like this, it really was……Su Luo didn't know what she should say about her.

"Only you, the kind that robbed someone of something they cherish, will go to h.e.l.l after death!" Li Yaoyao glowered at Su Luo, "If not for you, how could Third Senior Brother change his affection to love another!"

Nangong Liuyun's thick sharp eyebrows knotted slightly, with one move, he pulled Su Luo into his embrace, and muttered to her: "Don't lower yourself to a madman's level, so as not to lower your status."

"Okay." Su Luo contentedly leaned against his shoulders and smiled brilliantly at Li Yaoyao, freely and relaxedly said, "I'll listen to you, not going to lower myself to a madman's level."

Mad, man?!

Li Yaoyao, hearing these words, only felt all of the blood in her body momentarily freeze into millennium old frost.

She was constantly thinking of everything to do for Third Senior Brother, but in his eyes, she was actually…… A madman?

Li Yaoyao's footsteps staggered, she almost tumbled to the ground.

Her eyes were blank, with a lifeless expression. She stood there dim-wittedly, not much different from a madman.

At this moment, Situ Ming's try at pulling up the sword was already at the end.

"Up!" Situ Ming exploded out in a loud shout.

Suddenly, a powerful force burst out towards Situ Ming's body. This force had astonishing destructive power, it exploded towards Situ Ming's four limbs and hundreds of bones!

Everyone stood close together, they could clearly hear the cracking sound of bones displacing coming from Situ Ming's body.

Situ Ming's complexion swelled red, wisps of blood springing up in his pair of eyes. It could clearly be seen that he had used up all of his strength.

Regardless of how much that force collided around, his legs were solid as a boulder all along, motionless, as if they were fixed in place.

Zi Yan said in a low voice: "Second Senior Brother's strength turned out to already so high to such an extent. It seems that this Chi Xiao Sword will belong to him." From the several challenges before, he didn't display his highest level of powers.

Su Luo shook her head: "I don't see it like this."

Zi Yan asked in surprise: "You mean that he won't be able take away this sword?"

Su Luo shallowly smiled: "The Chi Xiao Sword's haughtiness soared to the sky, cruel and untamed. Situ Ming used 'warm water to cook a frog' method to tame it, how would he possibly tame it? You wait and see, in less than one stick of incense's time, he will certainly give up."

It wasn't because Su Luo's vision was very good, rather, this was the evaluation of the little stone in her s.p.a.ce.

There was no need to doubt the little stone's vision.

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