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Chapter 1141 - The Underground Tomb (9)

Even though there was Beichen Ying's mistakes from before to learn from, Luo Haochen feared Situ Ming could pull out the Chi Xiao Sword, so he clenched his teeth and then stepped forward.

Nangong Liuyun's indifferent gaze swept over him, with a rightfully cold expression, that was profoundly mysterious.

Luo Haochen sucked in a deep breath and concentrated all of his spirit force into his right palm.

That spirit power in his right palm whizzed out and gave rise to a burst of subtle fluctuation.

Luo Haochen wasn't careless, his gaze unwaveringly stared at that Chi Xiao Sword, controlling the rhythm of his breathing. He slowly walked up, step by step.

He very carefully extended out his right palm, his fingers making complicate seals, the restricting ripples around Chi Xiao Sword unexpectedly dispersed to either sides, showing a very small, thin crack.

Luo Haochen greatly rejoiced in his heart!

Didn't expect that his family's secret seals that was pa.s.sed on was actually able to open the restricting ripples. Although it was merely a very small, thin crack, but for him, it was enough!

Luo Haochen's right palm extended towards that Chi Xiao Sword, inch by inch. Finally, he tightly grasped the Chi Xiao Sword's sword hilt!

"Older Brother is excellent!" Luo Dieyi's eyes were opened wide.

Seeing Luo Haochen so easily grab onto the sword hilt, Luo Dieyi happily cheered, loudly clapping with one hand. That appearance of jumping up and down, seemed as if Luo Haochen had already succeeded in getting the Chi Xiao Sword.

Li Yaoyao unhappily gave a cold snort: "Still hasn't gotten hold of it, careful of being happy in vain!"

Li Yaoyao was still holding the grudge from the last challenge when the Luo siblings didn't support her.

Luo Dieyi proudly cast a glance at Li Yaoyao: "You just continue to be jealous oh, too lazy to pay any attention to you." She turned her head around, waving her fist excitedly and encouraged in a loud voice: "Older Brother is the most wonderful!"

She even thought that after her older brother pulled out this Chi Xiao Sword, he would help her again to pull out the Cheng Ying Sword!

At this moment, the gazes of everyone present all uniformly gathered on Luo Haochen's body.

Luo Haochen's eyes were tightly closed, the outside noises and sounds didn't seem to have any effect on him.

He held his breath with rapt attention, poured all of his spirit force into his five fingers that grasped the sword hilt. Suddenly, his eyes opened as if ignited, and he loudly shouted: "Up!!!"

Just at this moment, an unforeseen event suddenly occured.

When everyone once again opened their eyes from blinking, that Chi Xiao Sword still remained motionless in its original place. However, Luo Haochen's figure had already disappeared.

So, it turned out that when Luo Haochen had loudly shouted, the Chi Xiao Sword wasn't pulled up by him. On the contrary, he himself was directly sent flying by the vibrations.

Fortunately, Beichen Ying had prepared earlier, he had already retreated to one side in advance. Otherwise, he would have been the one knocked over by Luo Haochen.

Luo Haochen like Beichen Ying, had his body heavily smashed on the coffin's stone wall, his bones issued bursts of crisp noises.

"Older Brother——" Luo Dieyi cried out in alarm and ran up while loudly shouting.

Li Yaoyao coldly said: "I said he wouldn't be able to do it."

Luo Dieyi used hostile eyes to glare at Li Yaoyao.

"There isn't much time, Situ Ming, you come." Nangong Liuyun directly commanded.

Situ Ming originally wanted to modestly decline, but thought of Nangong Liuyun's abnormal strength. If he let Nangong Liuyun go first, then he wouldn't have any chance of getting it.

Thinking up to here, Situ Ming nodded his head: "Okay, Second Senior Brother will take this small advantage over you."

Situ Ming took a deep breath and walked over to the Chi Xiao Sword.

Li Yaoyao's facial features subsequently changed……

"Second Senior Brother!" Li Yaoyao's tone carried a trace of anger and threat!

Hadn't she already hinted to Second Senior Brother to help her get the Cheng Ying Sword? How could Second Senior Brother be so selfish!

Situ Ming apologetically nodded his head towards Li Yaoyao. Yet, his footsteps were as steady as before as he walked towards the Chi Xiao Sword.

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