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Chapter 1137 - The Underground Tomb (5)

"That hateful Li Yaoyao!" Zi Yan was so depressed that she almost grabbed her hair.

Beichen Ying anxiously said: "Hurry up and think of a way, when this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d wakes up, who can stop him ah?"

That ancient powerful aura was more and more intense. It made people have the urge to seize control of the situation by fleeing.

Although Beichen Ying didn't know to what extent this venerable guy's strength was, but he could say for certain. That of all the people he had met in his entire life, this aura was the strongest and the most frightening.

Nangong Liuyun's complexion was also gloomy to the extreme, because he didn't even have the slightest certainty of winning.

"Creak creak——" The lid of that heavy coffin sent out these noises, every sound was like a battle drum, ruthlessly pounding on everyone's heart.

"Take precautions, prepare to fight!" Nangong Liuyun took a step forward, standing at the very front of the troops.

At this moment, his expression was cold, solemn and unprecedentedly serious.

That mysterious coffin made several sounds and stopped.

But everyone's heart was nevertheless beating like a drum……

Sure enough!

Not long after, one could only hear a heavy 'bang' sound!

That heavy coffin lid firmly smashed to the floor, smashing the white marble floor into smithereens.

It was extremely quiet inside the coffin, very dark.

There was a weird atmosphere of extreme stillness in the surroundings.

Everyone held their breath with rapt attention, with eyes opened, looking at that very dark inner coffin.

That powerful and frightening aura became increasingly dense.

Suddenly, one could only hear a whooshing sound!

That weird corpse in the coffin unexpectedly stiffly sat upright.

One could only see his whole body was pitch-black, with a triangle-shaped head, eyes bulging out, and garlic-like nose caved in. Based on human standards, it was simply ugly to death.

However, at this moment, no one dared to mock him.

Because this strange corpse, although his eyes were tightly closed, but his nose sprayed out black air.

Don't know if this strange corpse was dead or alive. If one said he was alive, against all reason, he sat stiffly up in the coffin, with both eyes tightly closed, motionless.

If one said he was dead, against all reason, he could still spray out a strange air with a formidable killing power.

After the black air diffused past the night pearls in mid-air, those night pearls and everything within several meters' range all became fine powder.

Seeing this, everyone's complexion all had huge changes, even Nangong Liuyun's complexion sunk.

"The black air has a very strong attack and corrosive nature, everyone must be careful." Nangong Liuyun frowned, his face was cold, solemn and cautious.

That black air stayed in mid-air for a long time and didn't disperse, moreover, in the wake of more and more black air being sprayed out, the safe area then decreased more and more.

"How do we exterminate this black air ah?" Beichen Ying was extremely anxious.

Su Luo's heart was also anxious ah.

The black air wouldn't disappear, there would only be more and more of it being sprayed out. At that time, they didn't need to fight, they would directly be crushed into fine powder by this black air.

Suddenly, Su Luo slapped her head.

The Ginseng baby!

How could she forget this treasure?

Su Luo turned her head and lifted up the Ginseng Baby, impatiently inquiring: "Quickly tell Older Sister, what can block the black air?"

If it was to kill that strange corpse, they didn't even need to think about it!

Because the strength this strange corpse emitted out, was more than one level higher than Nangong Liuyun. It should have entered the legendary saint range. Moreover, it was a very strong existence among the saint range.

The Ginseng Baby sucked on his white, plump little finger, c.o.c.ked his head, and a pair of monochrome huge eyes looked at Su Luo in puzzlement: "Xi qi he ah, bu xi bu."

"What is he saying?" A huge question mark hung over Nangong Liuyun's forehead.

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