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Chapter 1100 – The Fifth Challenge (10)

"How many do you have?" Zi Yan impatiently asked Li Yaoyao.

Li Yaoyao's mouth pulled up into a sneer: "What? You want to know?"

"Could it be that you want to keep it covered up?" Zi Yan's mouth twitched in displeasure.

"There's no harm in letting you see it." Li Yaoyao said exceptionally proudly.

She untied the clothing of the makeshift bag, and many Vulture eggs were stacked neatly in a pile. With a visual estimate, the quant.i.ty was not low.

"Fifty-one!" Zi Yan counted and stared at Li Yaoyao with a not-so-good expression.

Li Yaoyao raised her chin proudly: "Of course it's fifty-one eggs, what's the problem?"

What's the problem? This problem was huge!

Su Luo's team only had fifty, okay!

Zi Yan sent a cold glare at Li Yaoyao, turned her head around and then walked back.

She was fine with losing to anybody else, but she just couldn't swallow losing to Li Yaoyao.

Beichen Ying cast a thoughtful glance at Situ Ming, his mouth curling into a taunting and derisive sneer.

Now, the scores for this challenge had also come out.

Don't know how the Nine Different Palace Halls' master had calculated it. The final result was:

Luo siblings team: 30 points;

Zi Yan's team: 40 points;

Su Luo's team: 70 points;

Li Yaoyao's team: 71 point;

The final result was still Li Yaoyao's team being victorious.

"Su Luo, you lost!" Li Yaoyao strutted around to walk to in front of Su Luo, with her head raised proudly, casting sideway glances at her.

Su Luo was unconcerned, she smiled contentedly: "Then indeed, congratulations."

Li Yaoyao contemptuously looked askance at her: "Your heart must be very unsatisfied right? But seeing you unhappy makes me feel especially at ease."

Su Luo's face was indifferent, as she smiled faintly: "Li Yaoayo, do you really feel so at ease?"

"What do you mean? If you have the ability, then say it again!" Li Yaoyao's long, shapely eyebrows knotted, her eyes round from glowering.

How could Su Luo be frightened by her threat? She smiled coldly:

"Li Yaoyao, somebody used the blood sacrifice at the cost of his life, a victory from such a method, you really feel this at ease? So justified and righteous?"

"I don’t understand what nonsense you are saying!" Li Yaoyao face was scary, she heavily snorted, and turned her body around.

"This was said by the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls, are you denouncing the master of the Nine Different Palace Halls for saying nonsense?" Su Luo smiled from beginning to the end with a perfectly composed appearance.

This accusation was really too heavy.

Now, everybody was still trying to muddle along in the Nine Different Palace Halls. The master of this Nine Different Palace Halls had that kind of temperamental and eccentric persona, who dared to offend him?

Li Yaoyao was immediately somewhat alarmed: "I didn't say it like that!"

"Yes, you didn’t say it like that, you just did it this way and nothing more." Su Luo lazily leaned against Nangong Liuyun's body, in a manner of being too lazy to argue with her.

Li Yaoyao was immediately choked off.

In mid-air, that face stayed apathetic: "Before, I forgot to say, but you guys can take these Vulture eggs back with you."

"What? We can take them away?!" Zi Yan exclaimed in surprise.

These were Vulture eggs ah, after they hatched, they were all flying type magical beasts ah.

Usually, on the outside, it was hard to even come across one, now, they actually could bring them all back?

Zi Yan thought miserably, if time could let her start over, she would certainly gather enough Frost gra.s.s in the fourth challenge. Afterwards, she would look for many more Vulture eggs in the fifth challenge.

However, now, it was too late to regret it….

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a glance, a shallow smile floating in their eyes.

They had already guessed it would be this way, so, along the way, they had spent all their energy looking for them.

Among them, the happiest person was none other than Li Yaoyao.

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