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Chapter 1099 – The Fifth Challenge (9)

Li Yaoyao was dead set on winning against Su Luo.

Time gradually pa.s.sed.

In the end, Li Yaoyao could not put anymore Vulture eggs into her makeshift bag.

Seriously speaking, the Vulture eggs still took up a lot of s.p.a.ce.

"It would be great if we also had a s.p.a.ce bag." Li Yaoyao recalled Nangong Liuyun's s.p.a.ce bag, and she couldn’t help but be extremely envious.

"I think that Su Luo also has one." Situ Ming's eyes flashed slightly.

"What? Su Luo, that little s.l.u.t, also has a s.p.a.ce bag?" Li Yaoyao's heart immediately felt uneven.

"It should have been given to her by Nangong, otherwise, with her strength, it is impossible for her to obtain it." Situ Ming nodded his head with certainty.

However, when he was speaking, his gaze stared fixedly on Li Yaoyao, paying close attention to the expression on her face.

Nangong clearly didn’t like Li Yaoyao, because of these circ.u.mstances, Situ Ming decided not to give up on her.

What he needed to do now was to scoop out Nangong from Li Yaoyao's heart bit by bit, to scratch it clean. Afterwards, he would avail himself of the void to enter.

"Su Luo, this vixen, don't know how, but she got Third Senior Brother bewitched and going around in circles. He even gave her such a precious s.p.a.ce bag!"

She, as the majestic princess of the Jade Lake's Li family, didn’t even have a s.p.a.ce bag, why should Su Luo, that little s.l.u.t, have one?

Li Yaoyao was nearly mad from jealousy.

If she knew what Su Luo had wasn't a s.p.a.ce bag, but rather an entire s.p.a.ce, don't know if Li Yaoyao would pa.s.s away on the spot from jealousy.

Without a s.p.a.ce bag, Li Yaoyao and Situ Ming could only take as many Vulture eggs as they could carry in their arms and on their back, before withdrawing using their original route.

They had already used up their Frost Gra.s.s, if they didn't leave now, they would be poisoned again.

The last to withdraw was Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun.

Su Luo saw the pile of Vulture eggs by Li Yaoyao's feet, and her eyes blinked slightly from surprise.

Li Yaoayo saw Su Luo's astonishment, her feeling of being proud of herself, became clearer and clearer in her eyes.

This time, Su Luo, that little s.l.u.t, lost for sure!

Just at this moment, s.p.a.ce twisted, and that enormous face appeared in mid-air.

"One of the teams among you actually completed the task better, above the quota, not bad, not bad."

Li Yaoyao lifted an eyebrow, being proud of herself.

The team that completed the task above the quota was definitely them.

"Method of blood sacrifice is the same as self-mutilation. To treat oneself so cruelly, however, I like it. Ha ha ha——"

This face that was in mid-air burst out in mad laughter.

The s.p.a.ce around them went through a period of turmoil. Momentarily, the earth quaked and the mountains shook, with crashing sounds echoing.

With great difficulty, he stopped laughing.

"Come, turn in the goods from this task, let this master of the palace have a look to see who won this time."

Vulture eggs were easy to count, you could do it at a glance.

Luo siblings only had three.

Beichen Ying and Zi Yan only had six.

In this challenge, the most important was to look at Li Yaoyao's and Su Luo's teams for the winner.

The winner would emerge among these two teams.

Seeing those two huge bags next to Li Yaoyao, Su Luo's heart also felt unsure.

But, the matter was already at this point, there was no way to change it.

Who told Li Yaoyao to have Situ Ming at her side, who didn't hesitate to use his life to pay for it all?

Su Luo waved her hand and the Vulture eggs she collected piled up neatly on the ground in front of her.

These Vulture eggs, every one of them was sparkling, translucent and pure. On them, were faint spiritual energy flowing all over.

If you looked carefully, you would discover that the Vulture eggs that had stayed in her s.p.a.ce, were a bit whiter than others not from her s.p.a.ce.

However, n.o.body was aware of this minute detail.

"Fifty vulture eggs!" Zi Yan cried out in surprise!

With this comparison, Zi Yan immediately felt like crying.

Her team only had six ah, only six ah!

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