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Chapter 598 – The Crown Prince suffers a calamity (6)

This news was simply like thunderbolts from a clear sky, striking the Crown Prince and stupefying him entirely.

Immediately, the Crown Prince’s face was green, even his voice carried a thread of trembling.

Liangdi Meng completely did not expect that the Crown Prince’s reaction would be this huge.

Her throat was clenched by him, so she was unable to speak, and could only nod her head with all her might.

With this nod from her, the Crown Prince’s entire person seemed to have been petrified into stone. He looked stupefied and stared blankly, momentarily at a loss, not knowing what to do.

A touch of unease flashed through Liangdi Meng’s heart, apparently, she really did make a mistake today.

From this appearance, it seemed the Crown Prince really did owe them something? But——

“Your Highness, why are you so anxious to such a degree? You are the stately and grand Crown Prince, how can you not afford this debt? If there is a shortage in the manor, I, your subject here, also have some gold, silver or precious jewels….”

The Crown Prince was just in the midst of being worried when his ears heard Liangdi Meng’s words that he took exception to, immediately, a portion of anger soared up. He bluntly slapped her heavily in the face: “Idiot!!!”

Liangdi Meng was slapped stupid by this. .h.i.t, her entire person felt dizzy and confused, completely unsure of what reaction she should give.

Instead, the Crown Prince roared and yelled at her: “Gold, silver or precious stones? You idiot! How could this prince not afford to pay back in gold, silver or precious stones?!”

That was crystal stones ah, a huge, enormous amount of crystal stones ah! This idiot, if she hadn’t reminded them, they couldn’t have possibly remembered the debt! Just thinking of this, the Crown Prince was itching to simply choke Liangdi Meng to death. Simply too hateful!

“If it is crystal stones, then, your subject here…” Even though she didn’t know where she went wrong, but Liangdi Meng’s manner in admitting to her mistake was very good. She immediately thought of atoning for her mistake through meritorious acts.

However, the Crown Prince basically didn’t even give her half a chance to explain, pointed at her and furiously snarled: “Idiot! What do you know? How many crystal stones can you take out? Five pieces? Ten pieces? Even if you are able to take out one hundred green-colored crystal stones, that is entirely useless!!!”

The Crown Prince was infuriated until he was nearly insane by this stupid woman!

Just now, hearing the meaning to her words, Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo originally hadn’t thought to demand payment, but was simply infuriated by this stupid woman and then decided to come and demand payment!

“One, one hundred green-colored crystal stones…” Liangdi Meng felt that her head was very dizzy.

“If it was one hundred, then that is still manageable!” The Crown Prince angrily kicked her ferociously. His kick directly sent Liangdi Meng flying into the wall.

The strength of this kick was very great, the kick directly leading to blood pouring from Liangdi Meng’s forehead, immediately, a little steam bun-sized b.u.mp appeared.

The Crown Prince was directly angered until he became muddled, he used his trembling fingertips to point at Liangdi Meng: “You…you this kind of s.l.u.t!!!”

Liangdi Meng really was at a loss, what did she do wrong… boohoo, boohoo.

“You just wait for it! If tomorrow they really do come to demand payment, you just go drop dead! Go die!” The Crown Prince, seemingly electrified, kicked Liangdi Meng with his foot!

After he finished kicking, the Crown Prince turned around and immediately left! His pace was hurried, walking away in a rush.

“Your Highness, where are you going…”

Liangdi Meng propped herself up from the ground, crawled up in a wretched manner, and only saw the Crown Prince turn around quickly to rush outside.

Seeing this att.i.tude, was the Crown Prince thinking of taking the route of running away?

In the end, how many green-colored crystal stones was it? To actually force the Crown Prince to this end?

Liangdi Meng’s eyes was seeped in tears, and wanted to warn the Crown Prince of what His Highness Prince Jin had said. But in a blink of an eye, even the Crown Prince’s shadow had disappeared.

Liangdi Meng covered the wound on her forehead, and with great difficulty, moved to sit on the red sandalwood chair on the side.

Today’s matter was too upsetting, even now, she still hadn’t managed to react fully.

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