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Chapter 346 – Fright on board (5)

Only at this moment did she find out, that Anye Ming had the water attribute and Lan Xuan had the wind attribute.

Anye Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly as he condensed all the spirit strength in his body. The resulting radiance seemed to contain an inexhaustible force, directly containing the waterspouts ahead of them. This caused the sea surface to become tranquil.

And Lan Xuan followed with controlling the wind speed in their surroundings. He concentrated all the wind speed to the rear of the yacht, making the yacht advance forward with great speed.

Since this was area of water filled with waterspouts, then there wouldn’t be merely one waterspout, rather, it was continuous and with no end. It was rows on top of rows, practically unable to see the end.

With regards to Anye Ming’s strength, he was unable to control all of the waterspouts, but he could control the ones within the range of one hundred meters in front of them on the sea surface.

Therefore, the scene right now was established by Anye Ming concentrating his spirit powers to open up a straight line of tranquil areas of water that was one hundred meters long and fifty meters wide.

Lan Xuan, meanwhile, hastened the wind speed to blow the yacht to move at its best and fastest speed.

In this situation where the huge waves overflowed to the sky, wanting to create a region of tranquil areas of water, what degree of difficulty must it be?

In less than a quarter of an hour, Anye Ming’s face was coated in a thin layer of perspiration and his complexion had also become paler.

Lan Xuan’s complexion was not that much better than Anye Ming’s. His expression had a touch of being in a difficult situation.

But the energy they sacrificed was worth it, because even if the surroundings were full of huge waves that covered the sky from endless waterspouts, yet their yacht continued to advance forward at a smooth and rapid speed. It wasn’t being thrown around left and right like before, causing injury and deaths among the crew.

Under this kind of situation and silence.

“Ah——” A sound of alarm was suddenly shouted out from among the crowd of people.

Su Luo looked towards the source of the sound, momentarily, her expression became a little complicated.

To the left side, not far away, a ship sailed continuously towards their direction.

Su Luo guessed, the other side might have seen their yacht float across the sea surface in a straight line on a calm sea, and thought that this was a route to flee for their lives. As a result, even if they were slapped around by the huge waves, they would still try to draw close to their side.

The other side, with great difficulty, arrived behind the yacht. However, before they could give voice to their joy, in an instant, they were swept up by a huge waterspout into the darkness of the underworld!

It was a pity that the other side did not know, this area of tranquil water was not naturally created by the heavens, rather, it was brought about by an expert water element mage. Furthermore, the sustainable time was over in a blink of an eye.

After their yacht sailed past, that tranquil area naturally was again restored into a treacherous waterspouts.

It was unfortunate that the other side had strived for a long time to finally arrive right behind the yacht, but was still buried at sea.

Su Luo frowned slightly: “Even though everyone knows that to cross the areas of water filled with waterspouts is very treacherous, why would they still come to throw away their lives?”

It seemed to her that people who could cross this body of water were like Anye Ming and Lan Xuan kind of people. One was a water system expert, another was a wind system expert, both of them acting in concert were able to get them safely through.

Nangong Liuyun smiled while shaking his head: “Human beings will die for riches just as birds will for food.”

Su Luo thought about it and felt that it was just like this. On this continent, how difficult was it to find the green crystal stone, but one Amethyst Thorned fish was equivalent to the value of one piece of green-colored crystal stone. And it was also an opportunity that came only once a year, if you could cross the waterspouts to catch an Amethyst Thorned fish, even if it was merely one fish, you would have also made a fortune.

Nangong Liuyun faintly smiled while lifting an eyebrow and lightly said: “ Actually, how could Amethyst Thorned fish be hooked so easily?”

“It isn’t easy to hook?” Wasn’t it merely a fish that swam in water? If you couldn’t hook one, then couldn’t you just throw a net to catch it?

With one glance. Nangong Liuyun was able to see though Su Luo’s thoughts and slowly shook his head: “An Amethyst Thorned fish, how intelligent is it? How sharp is its teeth? How could a fishnet trap it? Only if it wants to take the bait, otherwise, n.o.body could capture it.”

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