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Chapter 304 – Returning to Su Manor (4)

Su Luo washed off her disguise and changed back into what she normally wore everyday. She quietly and without rest slipped back into Su Manor.

Seeing Su Manor’s current condition, Su Luo couldn’t help but to suck in a breath of cold air.

She hadn’t left for that long, counting with her fingers, it was only one night and nothing more. However, wasn’t Su Manor’s change rather too large?

Originally, Su Manor had a towering, majestic and luxurious atmosphere, but owing to the berserk fifth rank fierce panther going crazy, more than half of Su Manor had been destroyed. Now, what appeared before her eyes was an ash-gray scene of devastation that made people unable to bear to look.

However, Su Luo’s luck was still considered pretty good.

Because the fierce panther was collared by Su Qing, therefore its hatred for her was the greatest. So it had only attacked the courtyards surrounding Su Qing’s. Su Luo’s courtyard, meanwhile, was separated from Su Qing’s courtyard by a huge distance, therefore, it had avoided the main disaster area. Her courtyard appeared to be undamaged.

Originally, when she saw this kind of situation, Su Luo’s mood was still very good. However, when she entered Wisteria Park, in a split second, her face pulled down.

At this moment Lu Luo’s hand and foot were being forcibly held down by two maidservants. And in front of her, Su Xi was just standing there, strutting around while bl.u.s.tering to the servant Xiao Yu at her side: “Beat her, heavily beat her for this Miss! Today if this loathsome girl is not beaten to death, then this Miss won’t go back.”

While speaking, Su Xi was also satisfiedly sitting on a chair holding a little teacup leisurely and contentedly sipping tea.

As she listened to the crisp and melodious sounds produced from Lu Luo being slapped, her mood became even better. It seemed that her face was simply glowing and she was even leisurely crooning a little song.

When Su Luo took a step to walk into her courtyard, the first thing she heard was the sound of Lu Luo being slapped.

Her long, shapely eyebrows wrinkled slightly, as she coldly shouted: “Stay your hands!”

Seeing that Su Luo had appeared, Su Xi seemed to be somewhat surprised. But very quickly, the corner of her mouth was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a mysterious sly grin, “Oh? Take a look, who is it that had come back? You still know this is your home? Still know to return to the manor?”

Su Luo’s eyes indifferently swept a glance at her, her thin eyebrows knotted. She also swept a glance at that Xiao Yu: “This lady told you to desist, didn’t you hear?”

Who knew that Xiao Yu would lift her head and mockingly smiled at Su Luo: “Is the fourth Miss speaking to this servant? This servant is not your servant girl. Naturally. I do not need to listen to your orders.”

Even though she kept using the courteous ‘you’ for Su Luo, yet at the same time. Xiao Yu’s expression didn’t have a little bit of respectful deference. While returning Su Luo’s words in a subversive manner, at the same time, she lifted up her palm to slap towards Lu Luo’s cheek!

She was certainly not a good-for-nothing who didn’t know any martial arts. Not to mention, even she was a first rank martial artist, which was far more impressive compared to this good-for-nothing fourth Miss.

Just when Xiao Yu’s hand was only a tiny distance away from Lu Luo, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into an apathetic sneer. Not knowing how she moved, one could only the brutal afterimage of a leg float pa.s.s. Then afterwards, was only a violent blood-curdling shriek that came from Xiao Yu’s mouth.

At this moment, the Xiao Yu who hadn’t had time to react was kicked flying by Su Luo. After that, her back heavily smashed on top of the wall, finally, she slid down tumbling to the ground, motionless from pa.s.sing out.

Momentarily, almost everyone stared at Su Luo with an incredulous expression…with a kind of expression like seeing a ghost, they appallingly staring at her. Their eyes were opened wide into huge circles.

Wasn’t Su Luo a good-for-nothing? Wasn’t it that she didn’t have a little bit of cultivation strength? When all was said and done, how did she accomplish this? How could she directly kick a first rank Xiao Yu flying and unconscious?

Was this still a good-for-nothing?

Su Xi’s reaction was the largest, first she stared blankly, then a sinister expression flashed through her eyes and she angrily ranted: “Su Luo you s.l.u.t, you dare to hit my servant girl? I will kill you!”

Hardly finished speaking, Su Xi directly slapped towards Su Luo with her palm.

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