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Chapter 1612 – Master being partial (4)

Su Luo's words almost choked Dongfang Xuan to death.

Dongfang Xuan's eyes were sharply provoked up, as he stared at Su Luo. In its depths, lava seemed to erupt out, like fire snakes dancing in the wind.

Su Luo was too lazy to even look at him, she was completely focused on staring at the teleport gate. But people could only come out of the gate, and she couldn't go in, otherwise she would have already rushed in.

But waiting back and forth, Nangong Liuyun's figure still didn't appear, and a killing intent flashed through Su Luo's eyes.

"In the end, what happened inside? What did you guys encounter?" Su Luo's gaze was sharp as a dagger, fiercely stabbing towards Li Aochen, who was closest to her.

Now, Su Luo and Zi Yan were unharmed, while Li Aochen's body was covered in wounds. This was what was called a wise man submits to circ.u.mstances. Li Aochen, at this moment, didn't sulk about his body. His tone was icy but he still told her everything that happened inside: "We entered the left pa.s.sageway. Just when we entered, we were attacked by an eighth-ranked four- eyed green cicada. After that, was a ninth-ranked hidden viper, later, it was a tenth-ranked golden armed brown bear."

Li Aochen's gaze swept over Su Luo and Zi Yan, seeing their dress was clean without a speck of dust, he suddenly realized: "Your pa.s.sagaway didn't meet with these things?"

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance.

They didn't even encounter an ant in their pa.s.sageway, let along to say what four-eyed green cicada, ninth-ranked hidden viper, tenth-ranked golden armed brown bear. There wasn't even a shadow, Zi Yan really said it correctly, Master really was too partial to her.

Su Luo's heart surged like a gathering storm, but her expression was calm like water, and she unsympathetically swept Li Aochen a glance: "Afterwards?"

Li Aochen gave a cold snort: "Afterwards, we saw the light of the teleport gate, and also at this time, we encountered an expert of saint strength."

"What?" Su Luo and Zi Yan cried out in alarm.

Saint-ranked expert? What kind of concept was this? Completely the recreation of Elder Ancestor Mo's original strength. Last time, in order to save her, Nangong Liuyun forced out the mysterious strength sealed in his body and fought tyrannically with Elder Ancestor Mo. He was heavily injured as a result, all the bones in his body fracturing. Such serious injury, it had just completely healed after the Roaming Dragon list compet.i.tion. Now, he was going to fight with another saint-ranked expert again.

When Su Luo thought of this, her heart became extremely anxious.

"You guys left him inside and ran out by yourselves?" Su Luo's palm was placed on Li Aochen's head. If she was even a little dissatisfied with his answers, the force in Su Luo's palm would attack Li Aochen's acupuncture point and she would let him breathe his last.

Li Aochen's figure became stiff as he forced himself to coldy humph: "That nine-armed hidden golden ape's strength was tyrannical, it only felt Nangong Liuyun was worthy, so its target had always been Nangong Liuyun."

It was also because of this that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to escape. Otherwise, their lives would have already been lost in there.

Su Luo's gaze swept towards Beichen Ying, on his back was an obvious footprint. Clearly, at the critical point, Nangong Liuyun kicked him out.

Su Luo's gaze once again landed on Li Aochen's body, her gaze was ice-cold as she vowed: "Since you dare to become a deserter, then go die!"

Su Luo's palm flashed with white light, and a strong spirit force rushed up, which was just about to smash towards Li Aochen's forehead.

Li Aochen was scared until his face became ashen.

Just at this critical moment, suddenly, a tiny sound aroused Su Luo's attention.

"Nangong Liuyun!" Seeing a black figure walking out of the teleport gate with large steps, Su Luo excitedly pushed Li Aochen away and, with quick steps, ran to Nangong Liuyun.

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