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Chapter 1609 – Master being partial (1)

After entering the transparent ball of light, Su Luo felt her mind become dizzy. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a long corridor in front of her.

The corridor was about two meters high and two meters wide. Enough for two people to walk side by side.

This corridor was very long, so deep that you couldn't see the end. The corridor wall was embedded with a countless number of night pearls that gave off bright lights in the darkness, therefore, they could see very far ahead because of this light.

"Where is this place ah?" Zi Yan curiously sized up her surroundings, turning around to ask Su Luo.

"I'm not sure either, Master didn't tell me anything before coming." Su Luo released her spirit force, sensing the surrounding environment. Only then did she let her guard down to say with a smile, "For the time being, there is no danger here. Since the road is in front of us, then we should go over there. Walking to the end can always find out its mystery."

Zi Yan nodded: "Let's go. Go to the front and have a look. This corridor seems to be very long."

"Just don't know if Nangong's group is alright." The unease in Su Luo's heart became more and more intense.

"Definitely won't be as safe as us." Zi Yan said in a matter-of-course manner.

"Why are you so certain?" Su Luo looked at her with misgivings.

"You just think about it, how partial is your master ah. Just now, Dongfang Xuan wanted to enter on this side, but he was directly tossed out. It can be seen that this pa.s.sageway is safer than the other one. Your master is thoroughly biased and overprotective of you. He would definitely set aside the best for you. Do you even need to think about this? I, oh, have good luck by touching your light." Right now, Zi Yan was very glad she was female.

"This is just your guess, maybe this pa.s.sageway of ours has hidden mysteries." Su Luo didn't believe it.

"Then just wait and see." Zi Yan happily laughed, pulled Su Luo along and walked forward quickly.

Don't know if it was because Zi Yan's intuition was accurate or Grandmaster Rong Yun already had arranged it earlier. Su Luo and Zi Yan walked hand-in-hand forward while being on guard. After walking for about four hours, along the way, besides quiet, it was more quiet. The night pearls still illuminated the road ahead.

The entire pa.s.sageway was as bright as daytime. However, the dangers Su Luo antic.i.p.ated didn't approach.

Another hour pa.s.sed, and the amount of night pearls gradually lessened.

"It seems we are close to the exit. Best make preparations to fight." Su Luo said in a low tone, and instructed Zi Yan.

"En, I know." Zi Yan's whole body was on guard, her hand gripped the weapon tightly and followed behind Su Luo. She slowed down her footsteps and quietly followed up.

The night pearls decreased one by one, in the end, none remained.

The pa.s.sageway up ahead became increasingly narrower. In the end, it was only wide enough for one person to pa.s.s through.

Very quickly, in the darkness, a light up ahead suddenly flashed brightly then suddenly become dark.

Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance, their eyes becoming more serious.

The two people silently neared it.

After getting near it, Su Luo discovered this wasn't the entrance to the tunnel, rather, it was a ball of white light. It was somewhat similar to the entrance from before. It can be a.s.sumed this ought to be the teleport door.

Also, as a s.p.a.ce mage, Su Luo had a natural familiar feeling towards this s.p.a.ce element ball of light.

"Come." Su Luo lifted a brow and smilingly said to Zi Yan, "Enter this teleport door, roughly, we'll arrive at the Roaming Dragon Secret Territory Master was talking about."

"Really is strange, along this road we didn't come across an ant. I didn't even have the opportunity to come across people to practice my fighting skills." Zi Yan proudly said.

"Want to practice, wait until we exit this teleport door. I dare to pledge, it really will let you practice until you have had enough." Su Luo, in annoyance, slanted a gaze at Zi Yan, who had an expression of having gotten an advantage yet still flaunting it. Soon after, she linked hands with her and slowly entered the ball of light.

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