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Chapter 1605 – Leave the mainland (3)

Dongfang Xuan, having heard this, gave a sneer and didn't reply.

If the person here was changed to someone other than Grandmaster Rong Yun, how would Su Luo's group dare be late? Just because Grandmaster Rong Yun pampered her, so she would do as she pleased.

But only half of these thoughts was correct. Seeing Grandmaster Rong Yun's att.i.tude, if Su Luo didn't come, then this team definitely wouldn't set out. Talking about it back and forth, who told Su Luo to have such good luck to get such a good master. Impossible to get, even if you were envious.

Southern Mountain.

The lukewarm afternoon sunlight shone on the ground. Hundreds of flowers bloomed in the courtyard, beautiful and alluring.

Su Luo slowly opened her eyes, her eyes were clear and bright as if washed by water.

The corner of her lips hooked into a satisfied smile, as she mumbled to herself: "Finally reached intermediate ninth rank. Hope I can have a fortuitous encounter in the hidden Secret Dragon territory. This way, there is hope that I can advance to the tenth rank in a short time."

Gui Ci, this huge mountain, pressed down on Su Luo's head. Giving Su Luo a hard-to-imagine pressure and motivation.

Outside the door, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan had already made the appropriate preparations. All kinds of food and drinks were stuffed into their s.p.a.ce bags. There were even crystal stones for cultivation, weapons and so on.

"Let's go." Nangong Liuyun looked at the time, his lips hooking into a laughing smile.

If it weren't for Su Luo having gotten a very biased master, just arriving late, this part, wouldn't be so easy to pa.s.s.

As a result, the four people used their fastest speed to rush to the arranged meeting place.

Luo Haoming looked at them, his eyes full of naked provokation: "What time of the day is this now! If we continue to wait, the sun would have set."

The corner of Li Aochen's lips hooked into an icy sneer, and gave a humph in agreement.

Before Su Luo could say anything, Grandmaster Rong Yun's pitch-black eyes were like snow swords shooting towards Luo Haoming: "Don't want to go?"

Four words were enough.

Just these four words, the dissatisfaction and provocation in those three people's hearts was completely pressed down. Especially Luo Haoming, whose eyes hung down, not daring to say another word.

He knew, based on Grandmaster Rong Yun's temper. Say he won't bring him, then he definitely would leave him behind. Luo Haoming's heart was angered to death. But his face only showed a peacefulness like water. He still had to bow and apologize: "This person should not speak out of turn, ask great master to forgive me."

Grandmaster Rong Yun's ice-cold gaze swept by everyone's face, the surroundings seemed to be depressed by a heavy pressure. No one dared to say another word.

Grandmaster Rong Yun's gaze looked towards Su Luo.

Based on his gaze, he naturally could see that Su Luo's cultivation had progressed quite a bit.

"Girl, do you need to delay for another month?" The frigid Grandmaster Rong Yun from just now, when facing Su Luo, had a gentle and compa.s.sionate smiling expression of a master.

Luo Haoming and them were so jealous that they almost went insane.

Do you have to make it so obvious in the difference in treatment? Being so thoroughly biased? Asking them to come so early in the morning didn't matter, now, actually consulting Su Luo, that loathsome girl's, opinion. They were completely certain that if Su Luo said yes, then the time would definitely be pushed back by one month.

Momentarily, Luo Haoming's three people, three pairs of hawklike gazes all stared fixedly at Su Luo's pair of red lips. Very much afraid she would answer with something that would make them helpless.

"To delay another month ah…." Su Luo's finger seemed to accidentally tap her cheek, as she muttered to herself.

Great aunt, stop testing us ah!!! Luo Haoming's three people all stared anxiously at Su Luo.

"Then…" Su Luo only said one word, and the cheek muscles on those three people's faces trembled.

"Really don't need to…" Su Luo looked at their appearance and wanted to laugh. The corner of her mouth hooked into a ghost of a smile as she looked at them.

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