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Chapter 1581 – Master instructs (16)

Now he was in for it, not only was Nangong Liuyun present, even Luo Luo, who they hadn't seen for many days, was here too. Right now, she was enjoying herself in Nangong Liuyun's embrace. While fiddling with her pigtails, she smilingly looked at him. Beichen Ying felt his back go cold. Cold sweat directly flowed down from his forehead.

Zi Yan sympathetically patted Beichen Ying's shoulder: "You're on your own."

"You, this ruthless girl!" Caused a lot of trouble for him ah, she did it deliberately!

Beichen Ying glared very fiercely at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan was all smiles as she welcomed his gaze. Her mouth moved silently: This great aunt did it on purpose, so what?

Beichen Ying, in a depressed manner, grabbed his hair. He simply couldn't do anything about Zi Yan. This girl followed by Luo Luo's side, and she was also infected with a whole brainful of craftiness. Like a cunning little fox smoothly slipping away.

Su Luo looked at Beichen Ying with a ghost of a smile, as she unhurriedly said: "Little Shadow, what did you just say? It seems I didn't hear it clearly."

"No, nothing…" Beichen Ying forced out several laughs, it was as if the soles of his feet was oiled as he was just about to run.

But his figure had just moved when a golden vine shot out. It wrapped around Beichen Ying's waist and dragged him to in front of Su Luo.

Su Luo started to remind him: "Just base on the body's strength, mine can't be compared to yours. These are the words you said right?"

Faced with Su Lou's slyly smiling expression, Beichen Ying simply wanted to cry.

How could he not know Luo Luo's meaning? Her hands were itchy and wanted to use him as a practice partner.

But the problem was that he simply couldn't fight with her ah.

Although based on the strength of the body, Beichen Ying was confident he could beat Su Luo. But with Nangong Liuyun on the side glaring like a tiger watching his prey, Beichen Ying simply didn't dare to fight ah.

"Come." Su Luo flew to an empty s.p.a.ce up ahead, beckoning towards Beichen Ying.

If it was before, Su Luo really couldn't compete with Beichen Ying. But now, after nine days of Master using Burning Blood Medicine to raise her from second rank directly to the ninth rank, she went from a frail body that would fall at a blow of the wind, to directly to being able to withstand one blow from Luo Haoming using his full strength.

With such progress, Su Luo was already itching to find a person to practice with. Her luck was just this good, she just had this thought and Beichen Ying automatically delivered himself to her.

"Sister-in-law, this, this, let's just forget it okay?" Beichen Ying stammered, his foot remaining motionless.

He knew Su Luo body's strength, that simply couldn't be described using the word weak. He was afraid that in a moment of inattentiveness, the move he used would be too strong and injure her. At that time, wouldn't Nangong Liuyun just skin him alive?

"Come up." Su Luo's eyes were cold, the golden vine wrapped around Beichen Ying's waist, suddenly dragging him into the fighting circle.

Seeing Su Luo sincerely wanted to fight, Beichen Ying used his eyes to look at Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun's expression was indifferent, the corner of his mouth had a smile that seemingly wasn't there. His pitch-black as ink eyes were like a clear spring in an ancient well without a single ripple, profoundly mysterious. No one could tell what he was thinking of.

Beichen Ying bit his teeth: "Sister-in-law, you really want to fight?"

"Who wants to joke with you?" Su Luo raised an eyebrow in displeasure.

"Then, this time, let's come to an agreement, only compete based on the body's strength, can't use any weapons or spirit pets, will you agree to this?" If Su Luo's trump cards were added, then there would be no need to compete. Beichen Ying would directly admit defeat and let it pa.s.s.

"What this young lady wanted to compete with you this time, really is just the body's strength."

Based on the strength of her body, she could even block Luo Haoming's strike that alarmed the heavens, why would she be afraid of Beichen Ying? Therefore, the Su Luo right now was full of confidence.

"But since it's a compet.i.tion, then how about adding some profits?" Beichen Ying seemed to have thought of something, his eyebrows lifting up and down.

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