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Chapter 1572 – Master instructs (7)

"Just because your body's foundation is too lacking, didn't lay a firm base, so you would collapse at the first blow from Luo Haoming's attack just now." Grandmaster Rong Yun shook his head, "This time, going to the Secret Dragon territory, it's very dangerous inside. There are even traces of the mystic clan's movement. Just based on your body's foundation to go in, whether you can come out alive is uncertain."

"Hiccup…" Su Luo continued to want to cry madly.

"Take advantage that there is still some time, properly set your body's foundation. Then the future road would be smooth." What Grandmaster Rong Yun said today must be the most he had said in his entire life. Completely didn't agree with his immortal-like aura, he was like an old man that chattered on non-stop. It could be seen how shocked he was at Su Luo body's foundation being only in the second rank.

Grandmaster Rong Yun brought Su Luo to the refining room.

Inside was arranged very simply. Besides a medicinal cauldron, there was nothing else.

Grandmaster Rong Yun waved his hand, and on the empty table sudden appeared a….wooden cask.

The lip of the wooden cask was closed very tightly, Su Luo was completely unable to tell what was inside.

"Go in to bath in the barrel." Grandmaster instructed in a faint voice, "From now on, pour all the medicine inside the wooden cask into the bath, and soak for a whole day and night."

"This is….what kind of stuff?" Su Luo opened the wooden cask with curiosity. She almost vomited from being stung by the sharp smell of blood.

"Burning Blood Medicine." Grandmaster Rong Yun didn't conceal it from her, and after saying these three simple words, he turned around and left.

"Burning Blood Medicine?" What kind of medicine was this? Su Luo scanned all the medicine books she memorized once and didn't find any information regarding this Burning Blood Medicine.

Forget it, in any case, Master wouldn't harm her.

After Su Luo took a bath, she jumped into the medicinal cauldron Master left behind. Soon after, she poured the entire wooden cask of Burning Blood Medicine into the medicinal cauldron.

If people were to know Su Luo actually used Burning Blood Medicine to bathe in, they would definitely faint!

Burning Blood Medicine really stank, it had a b.l.o.o.d.y flavor that a.s.sailed the nostrils. But it also gave off a faint sweet smell. The scent was very unusual, Su Luo had never smelled it on any animal or plant life.

This scent made one feel sleepy.

Su Luo pinched her nose, and applied the bad-smelling Burning Blood Medicine on her entire body. She even applied it on her face. Not long after, Su Luo leaned against the medicinal cauldron's wall and fell asleep.

With the pa.s.sing of time, the Burning Blood Medicine gradually released its effect.

With a burst of a slight stinging feeling, Su Luo woke up.

But before Su Luo could collect her thoughts, suddenly, an intense pain like being shocked by electricity quickly flowed through her body.

Su Luo sucked in a breath of cold air from the pain.

So painful!

How could this Burning Blood Medicine be so painful? Master didn't say it in the beginning ah. But even if Master had said it, Su Luo would still apply this medicine on her body.

But it was still considered good, that pain flashed by in an instant and pa.s.sed. Even though it was painful, it was only for a very short time. Su Luo comforted herself in her heart.

But it was very clear that Su Luo had relaxed too early.

Because not long after, it was another two consecutive electric shocks. One started from the head and went towards her feet, another came from her feet and headed towards her head!

The two electric currents were like roaming snakes, quickly going through her body.

"Hiss——" Su Luo sucked in a breath of cold air. Really painful! That current from just now almost made Su Luo pa.s.s out from the pain. In an instant, cold sweat appeared on Su Luo's forehead.

Not waiting for Su Luo to finish silently cursing, another four electric currents pa.s.sed through!

"Eight electric currents!"

"Sixteen electric currents!"

"Thirty-two electric currents!"

A countless number of electric currents that covered the sky attacked towards Su Luo!

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