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Chapter 1564 – Minor details (2)

But then, how could Yaoyao appear naked on the broad street, and Dongfang Xuan had the appearance of not knowing? Was there some mystery in this? Could it be that after Yaoyao was defiled by Dongfang Xuan, there was another person….

Although Li Yaoyuan felt this matter was unbelievable, however, he couldn't help think in this direction.

No matter what, the fact was that fairy Yaoyao was pregnant. The fact Dongfang Xuan had touched Yaoyao was also true. Moreover, he personally admitted the child in Yaoyao's belly was his, this couldn't be better.

Although Dongfang Xuan couldn't be compared to Nangong Liuyun, however, he was second only to Nangong Liuyun. Now, Yaoyao was already a waste, if she could be married to Dongfang Xuan to win him over to Jade Lake's Li family, this business transaction was really profitable.

Thinking of this, how could Li Yaoyuan let Li Yaoyao say those words?

With a bang, he used force to open the door

Li Yaoyuan, with a gloomy gaze, stared at Dongfang Xuan, full of a deterrence force: "Dongfang Xuan, this is the good thing you did!"

The corner of Dongfang Xuan's mouth had a light smile. He stood up and nodded towards Li Yaoyuan: "Honorable father-in-law."

Father, father-in-law? Li Yaoyuan's face turned into the color of pig's liver.

He as the father still hadn't flared up and Dongfang Xuan directly called him 'Father-in-law'. How could he flare up? He originally came to force Dongfang Xuan to marry Li Yaoyao ah.

Li Yaoyuan, panting in rage, tossed his sleeves. His gaze was very strict as he glared at Dongfang Xuan, "You know to take responsibility is best! Otherwise, humph."

Dongfang Xuan continued to maintain his smile: "Honorable father-in-law's teaching, I accept."

"Quickly complete the marriage." Li Yaoyuan forcefully said.

"This…needs to wait until Master returns." Dongfang Xuan smilingly looked at Li Yaoyao, "Without Master presiding over it, I really don't dare to complete the wedding."

Li Yaoyao and Dongfang Xuan were both the personal disciples of Purgatory city's master. If he wasn't present, then what could the marriage be considered as?

Li Yaoyuan was choked by Dongfang Xuan's words, suddenly, he had no words to say.

Li Yaoyao laid on the bed, with her whole body weak, and with a faint breathing as if she would faint at anytime.

She hadn't said anything and it was decided that she would be married to Senior Brother? Recalling that night Senior Brother forced her to do those things, a trace of fear and defiance flashed through Li Yaoyao's eyes.

"No….I…." Li Yaoyao hadn't finished saying her words of refusal, and was fiercely glared by Li Yaoyuan's knife-like expression.

"Shut up!" Li Yaoyuan said strictly, "You, this loathsome girl that doesn't know honor or shame. Simply lost all of Jade Lake's Li family's face. Here doesn't have a place for you to speak!"

Soon after, Li Yaoyuan turned around and left.

Li Aoqiong, with a complicated gaze, looked at Dongfang Xuan who was looking at Li Yaoyao tenderly. He shook his head and followed behind Li Yaoyuan to leave.

Li Aoqiong didn't know whether his father's decision was right or wrong, but at least with regard to the current Jade Lake's Li family, this couldn't be a more wonderful choice.

The matter of Li Yaoyao being pregnant, although Jade Lake's Li family concealed it tightly, but there was no wall that the wind couldn't penetrate through in this world.

Not long after the fact Li Yaoyao was pregnant came to Zi Yan's ear.

Because Su Luo handed this matter completely to Zi Yan. In the beginning, Zi Yan thought of this possibility, so she paid even more attention to Jade Lake's Li family's every move, so she got the news very quickly.

"Really pregnant?" Su Luo's eyes were opened wide.

"Yes, really true. Li Yaoyao tried to get rid of this child, however, this child could be considered very lucky. Li Yaoyao fainted from the pain and the child wasn't aborted and was stubbornly saved by Dongfang Xuan." Zi Yan smilingly picked up a grape and slowly peeled it, with a ghost of a smile taking joy in other people's misfortune.

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