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Chapter 1563 – Minor Details 1

Li Yaoyao vowed silently in her heart.

Afterwards, she started to persist to become stronger, she started to eat, started to let her body heal.

But when it rains it pours, because Li Yaoyao vomited violently.

As an Apothecary, she was very clear what this represented.

Li Yoayao felt for her own pulse nervously, and realized… she was pregnant!

Pregnant… this word, like a bolt of lightning, directly struck Li Yaoyao stupid.

Li Yoayao's body swayed, with an expression pale as paper, sat on her bed, almost forgetting how to breathe.

Her two hands stroked her abdomen gently, straightening the wrinkles again and again, her face depicting her unstable state.

What to do? What to do?

This was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how could it exist?

Time and time again, Li Yaoyao's head was full of that dirty ugly beggar leaning over her, doing that thing. Every time she recalled it, she would vomit in the end wishing she could strangle herself.

This painful memory was buried deep in her heart. But today's vomiting let her find this dust-covered memory, and the pain almost made her die.

That evening, first it was Senior Brother, then that other… Li Yaoyao simply didn't know who this child belonged to. But what she was sure of was that she simply did not want to have this child.

If it was before, Li Yoayao would easily abort this child. But now, she, as a waste, was locked up and didn't have any freedom, how was she to do it?

The method Li Yaoyao decided on was very simple.

She used force to hit her own belly, even used a sharp object to ram against it. The pain made her become soaked in cold sweat, but she did not cry out.

The thing in her belly, she must not let it stay!

Not sure how long had pa.s.sed, Li Yaoyao felt her belly go numb from the pain, her eyes flashed, as she slowly collapsed…. Then, she sunk into a swamp-like darkness.

Don't know how long pa.s.sed, Li Yaoyao woke up from a coma.

Lashes as thin as cicada's wings fluttered slightly, Li Yaoyao opened her eyes, and realized that her surroundings had changed a lot.

She was originally locked in the firewood storage room, her surroundings were simple and dirty. But now, when her eyes opened, Li Yoayao realized that had returned to her own room.

A dense shadow appeared in front of Li Yaoyao.

"Senior Brother…" Li Yoayao weakly looked at the magnified features in front of her.

Dongfang Xuan looked at Li Yaoyao, a trace of grief flashing through his eyes. His huge palm extended out, and rubbed Li Yoayao's head: "Foolish girl, such an important thing, why didn't you tell Senior Brother?"

A thread of pain flashed through Li Yoayao's eyes.

Dongfang Xuan looked at her with heartache and said in a soft voice: "You have Senior Brother's child, why didn't you say anything?"

"I…" Li Yaoyao's gaze was tangled, with difficulty, she opened her mouth.

"Foolish girl, could Senior Brother be such an irresponsible person?" Dongfang Xuan's eyes were soft, his big hand stroking Li Yaoyao's belly, "Do you know how happy Senior Brother was when I heard the news?"

Dongfang Xuan's tone was soft as water, gaze was deep, flickering with an indescribable and complicated light.

"I… " Li Yaoyao turned her face away, choked with emotions. Even she had no idea whose this child was okay? Compared to that beggar, the probability of this child being Senior Brother's was clearly lower.

But seeing Senior Brother's earnest face, Li Yaoyao didn't know from where to begin explaining.

Now, Li Yaoyuan and Li Aoqiong who were waiting outside opened their eyes wide.

Dongfang Xuan's words…

Could it be that night, the person who defiled Li Yaoyao was Dongfang Xuan!

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