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Chapter 1562 – Real dragon appeared (6)

Soon after, the real dragon left, and the dark fog dispersed. Dazzling sunlight poured down in torrents, quietly spilling on their bodies, casting off a tall and short shadow, giving off a tender atmosphere.

Grandmaster Rong Yun looked at these two figures, listened to their promise to each other, but a trace of worry flashed through his eyes.

Very soon, he feared… they wouldn't be able to fulfill their promise.

But the two people, immersed in this tenderness, were completely unaware of it.

Just when everyone thought the Roaming Dragon List compet.i.tion had ended, Grandmaster Rong Yun announced a news to everyone.

A month later, the top seven people from the Roaming Dragon List, would explore Roaming Dragon's secret territory.

"Roaming Dragon's secret territory?" Everyone cried out in surprise.

What the heck was that? How was it that no one had ever heard of it?

But Grandmaster Rong Yun had always been indifferent. He wouldn't be kind-hearted enough to explain things clearly, just this one sentence from him was already hard to come by.

The top seven people, their expressions differed, but clearly, their moods were all good.

These seven were: Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo, Li Haochen, Dongfang Xuan, Beichen Ying, Zi Yan, and there was still Luo Haoming.

Su Luo side's luck was pretty good, four of them entered the top seven.

After Grandmaster Rong Yun left, everyone was puzzled, and discussed this spiritedly.

"Roaming Dragon's secret territory, what kind of thing is that?"

"Don't know, never heard of it."

"Could it be a new place that was discovered for cultivation?"

"Not sure."

The rest of them looked at Su Luo perplexedly, but Su Luo helplessly shrugged her shoulders: "I don't know either."

Before, Master did not reveal anything. Suddenly tossing out this Roaming Dragon secret territory, how would she know? Also, last time, Master did not reveal anything.

Seeing they wouldn't learn anything from Su Luo, everyone just dispersed.

Emperor Jing was very delighted, he laughed heartily: "You two, are unbelievable! Ha ha ha——"

How could Emperor Jing not be happy? The top two people on the Roaming Dragon's List were both from Eastern Ling. Also, they both got an additional attribute at the same time. Moreover, it was the rarest dark elemental attribute and the light elemental attribute. Like this, what would the other three countries take out to compare with Eastern Ling? Eastern Ling could be said to have leapt straight into a super empire level.

"Not bad." Nangong Liuyun's face remained calm.

"Barely adequate." Su Luo remained smiling.

The calmness of these two people made Emperor Jing seem to be excessively excited, but Emperor Jing did not feel embarra.s.sed at all, and exclaimed loudly: "In order to celebrate this unprecedented moment in history that has surpa.s.sed everything before and since, Eastern Ling will throw a three day party, everyone in the empire can partic.i.p.ate."

As soon as he said it, all the people started to cheer and clap loudly.

Most of the people here were from Eastern Ling, therefore their excitement and happiness came from the heart.

However, at this moment when everyone was happy, Li Yaoyao succ.u.mbed to a mental breakdown.

Today, this was the seventh time Li Yaoyao vomited.

Ever since she was sent back from before, Li Yoayao was imprisoned in a room and not allowed to go out.

Li Aoqiong, her elder brother, originally would listen and obey her every word, clasping her in the palm of his hand. But after he brought her back, his gaze was filled with despise and loathing.

That kind of look hurt Li Yaoyao deeply.

Li Yaoyao lied on her bed blankly, her eyes vacant without spirit. Just in that position, lying for seven days and seven nights…

Afterwards, a strong hatred let her choose to confront it staunchly.

Su Luo!

Zi Yan!

If you guys don't die, I, Li Yaoyao, absolutely won't die either! Finally, there will be a day when I, Li Yaoyao, will make you guy try the taste of a beggar!

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