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Chapter 1556 – Talk about marriage, how to hold the marriage (7)

But everyone waited on and on and still those two people didn't come.

The time to start the compet.i.tion was about to arrive, could it be these two people….were both going to be late?

Just when everyone's heart was restless like ants, two figures leisurely arrived.

The man had black hair that draped over his shoulders and a face handsome as a G.o.d. The woman was an exceptional otherworldly beauty, icy, distinct jadelike bones were similar to an immortal fairy from heaven that came to the mortal world.

Now, hand in hand, they slowly descended onto the battle stage.

"Finally came!" The spectators all exhaled at the same time.

They thought both of them would be late.

"The match officially begins."

In the wake of this announcement, the stick of incense burned out completely. The referee announced the beginning of the match.

The first place of this match, after the match, will get a chance to get one more elemental attribute. While the second place winner got nothing.

But the two people on the stage——

These two people actually smiled at each other, immediately speaking in unison: "I forfeit."

Suddenly, the audience became absolutely silent.

Everyone stood in silence, unable to speak.

Su Luo forfeiting was understandable, but why on earth would His Highness Prince Jin also forfeit? He could defeat Su Luo with a wave of his hand okay? He actually chose to forfeit?

On the VIP seats, when the several elders heard this, they started to laugh.

"Interesting, very interesting." Elder Beichen stroked the several strands of goat beard on his chin, full of smiles saying, "These two people both forfeited. Brother Rong Yun, you say, what ought to be done?"

Grandmaster Rong Yun was the chief judge, naturally, he had the final say.

Elder Li coldly humphed: "Such a solemn occasion, because of a love affair, to actually forfeit is simply ridiculous."

Elder Luo also followed to agree with Elder Li.

The rest of the people also stood in either team.

"What does Brother Li feel ought to be done?" Grandmaster Rong Yun's indifferent gaze swept towards Elder Li.

This person from Jade Lake's Li family had deep hostility towards Nangong and Su Luo. This point, everyone present was very clear about.

Elder Li also didn't hesitate, cleanly and crisply expressing his thoughts: "According to me, this forfeit is simply not a decision a strong expert should make. A strong expert should always press forward, rather die than to submit, rather than to forfeit!"

"So?" Grandmaster Rong Yun's tone was faint, his expression couldn't be seen.

"So this time's compet.i.tion, there is no number one, only two number twos!" Elder Li issued a rousing call, "If this was on a battlefield, in the front line battle of life and death time, between human and mystic clan. When the great cause for humanity and personal feeling of love was placed together, there is a great possibility that Nangong Liuyun will choose the personal feeling of love. You guys say, does this kind of person have the qualification to be a champion? Does he have the qualification to sit in that position?"

The several elders present had their brows furrowed.

What Elder Li said was not without reason. A man aspiring to travel and make his mark, caring excessively about feelings of love between a couple was the biggest restraint to his heart. So, he couldn't do great things.

Grandmaster Rong Yun's expression was apathetic and non-committal.

Elder Li saw Grandmaster Rong Yun still remain unmoved and his eyes sank slightly.

Elder Beichen gave a sneering laugh. He disdainfully looked at Elder Li: "I say, Old Li. It's not because you fear Nangong that boy right?"

"What did you say?" Elder Li became angry.

"Don't tell me it isn't? Nangong Liuyun is a wind, water and lightning three elemental mage. His age is still young and was promoted to Commander rank, fully deserving of being king among the new generation. If he was to get another element attribute, when all the elements are fused, his strength would be what kind of evildoer! It's not like you aren't clear about this right?"

Not waiting for Elder Li to retort, Elder Beichen coldly laughed: "Jade Lake's Li family has hatred towards Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo. Everyone knows you don't want those two people's strength to increase. Everyone also knows, so you don't need to explain. Because to explain is to cover it up. To cover it up is tantamount to making up a story."

"You!" Elder Li pointed at Elder Beichen in a rage. He almost spit out a mouthful of blood from anger.

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