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Chapter 1550 – Talk about marriage how to held the marriage (1)

Having heard Master's words, three black lines appeared on Su Luo's forehead.

"Master…" These words were rather too explicit ah.

Who knew that not only didn't Grandmaster Rong Yun's expression ease, on the contrary, his brows wrinkled even more tightly: "If it is before…it will only harm his body and not help him, understand?"

A streak of scarlet flashed across Su Luo's face as she immediately nodded her head: "This disciple knows." How could this kind of thing be said so clearly.

Grandmaster Rong Yun muttered to himself for a while before saying to Su Luo: "The situation in the future might be far from good. If possible, you must quickly upgrade your fighting strength."

"Master?" Su Luo blinked her eyes.

She didn't understand some of Master's words, but in the wake of these words, Su Luo's heart had a bad premonition. She had a premonition that not far in the future, the entire world would get caught up in a reign of terror.

"Go." Grandmaster Rong Yun clearly didn't want to say more. He waved his hand and made Su Luo leave.

Su Luo bit her lower lips, hesitated for a while but still silently left.

Master still didn't want to tell her all the facts, but at that time, Master clearly told Nangong Liuyun but refused to tell her. It was because her strength was too weak right….Su Luo lifted her head, a thread of firmness flashing through her eyes. She made a firm resolution to cultivate seriously.

Watching Su Luo's leaving back, Grandmaster Rong Yun smilingly shook his head as he sighed. Immediately, as if he thought of something, his expression gradually darkened.

Right now, Grandmaster stood under the cherry blossom tree, full of the light pink petals floating down one after another. But not a speck of dust stained his pure and holy body.

Don't know how long this kind of serenity would last, Grandmaster Rong Yun sighed.

Su Luo returned to Southern Mountains.

Today, the Southern Mountain didn't look very peaceful, outside the wall, several luxurious horse carriages could be heard. Seeing this show of extravagance, it was certainly because someone came from the palace.

Before Su Luo could react, she saw an eunuch with a horse whisker rod and a smiling face as he ran towards Su Luo: "Princess, you finally returned. This insignificant person has waited for you for a long time."

Su Luo unhurriedly swept him a glance: "Princess?"

If someone from Prince Jin's manor was to call her this, then it's nothing. But coming from this eunuch's mouth was quite interesting. If she didn't remember wrongly, this was the most favored Eunuch Lin by Emperor Jing's side.

"Princess, His Majesty asked to see you. You see…" The normally arrogant Eunuch Lin very carefully accompanied this with a smile.

"His Majesty asked to see me?" Su Luo unhurriedly walked into the great hall while Eunuch Lin almost had to run to follow behind Su Luo. He had lived for fifty years and was hunchbacked at the waist, like a little eunuch who had just entered the palace.

"His Highness Prince Jin and Princess made it to the first two places. His Majesty is very happy, since earlier, he had ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare a feast. Ask His Highness Prince Jin and Princess to do me the honor to go." Eunuch Lin's voice was very careful, afraid of angering Su Luo, to make her unhappy.

Su Luo carelessly took a look at him.

She remembered that two years ago, when she entered the palace, this old eunuch actually slanted a glance at her, refusing to look straight at her. He had his nose up and refused to acknowledge her, full of disdain and despising her. But a mere two years, his att.i.tude had really changed quickly.

Su Luo gave a humph and didn't speak. She lifted her head and entered the great hall.

Inside the great hall, Nangong Liuyun was sitting, leisurely drinking tea. Seeing Su Luo return, his handsome face blossomed into a brilliant smile.

But his smile was very stingy, was only given to Su Luo, her alone. So when he saw Eunuch Lin following behind Su Luo, his face seemed to be immediately enveloped by frost. He coldly humphed in annoyance.

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